Sunday, November 09, 2014

Read what Mother Teresa said and try to understand!

Some one sent this to me I thought I share it with you all!

Friday, November 07, 2014

After RAHMAN then will come the RAZAK equation.

The Malay-Patani seer!

Last week at a very isolated village somewhere in this region I was talking to a seer, a predictor of the future, and old man respected by Buddhist and Muslim alike for his ability predicting the future. He is of a Malay-Patani race and also a very respected religious man.
He said, not to worry, after the RAHMAN theory there will be the RAZAK theory and after that, I asked, he said at the end of the RAZAK equation it will spell the end of UMNO as a political party as we know it now.
After Najib there will be another Malay prime minster with and intial R, whomever that might be.
(The man said Najib will rule (akan memerintah) for a long time.)
And the last prime minister under RAZAK equation as you can see will be a person with the initial K.
The seer said fear not the country will not be ruled other than the majority "Malay", not necessarily a Muslim-Malay group (gugusan Melayu), for a long time to come and the country will be ruled justly for everyone.
Soon, very soon (the meeting with the seer was last week), Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, he said, will no more on the political scene of Malaysia.  He will be totally humiliated and a broken man and that his wife and entire family will accept the fact that he is in fact a deviant and a very sick man in need of psychological help.
His estranged son who lives in the US will eventually forgive him for what he is.
By the way the K in the  RAZAK equation will be the prime minister at the age of 69, said the seer.
It was a very strange meeting with this seer, but he did predict that Thaksin Shinawatra, the deposed PM of Thailand would order the killing of hundreds of Muslim in Narathiwat, and that Thaksin would flee the country and that his sister would take over as the next Thai PM, six months before it happened.  So there, I am just reporting.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

In New Zealand: Paid live-in prostitute to act like husband and wife.

I suggest the NZ authority should check her background.

Prostitution is legal in New Zealand, even a policewoman was found out moonlighting as one.  Read here. 

A short story here.  Many years ago a friend who was doing a stint in NZ said many live-in prostitute in NZ are for hired that could be hired to stay with you as long as you want, to live like a husband and wife, a boyfriend and a girlfriend, anything that strikes your fancy.
This just my theory, may be, a naive person could have hired such a service and at the end of it got emotionally entangled and besotted, smitten or falling in love with these professional women.
They say it is so easy to "fall in love" with these women.
A besotted person could have done many crazy think like stalking etc just to again "win" the heart of his "wife" or "girlfriend", after a quick "divorce"?
I am just saying.  May be the NZ government should look into such an activity of a live-in prostitute, if there is such a thing.
It can cause a lot of anguish to many men otherwise under a normal circumstance are just a normal person.  


In other news:

Check his lifestyle and financial background too please!

 "In his bid to initiate a new phase of "reformasi" among the country’s youth, Universiti Malaya (UM) Students' Council president Fahmi Zainol now faces the threat of suspension and, in the long run, the risk that he may go down the same path as convicted youth activists Safwan Anang and Adam Adli Abd Halim.  But the 23-year-old Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship student is undeterred by the threats from his university and even the prospect of a future behind bars, if that was what it took to wake Malaysians up to Putrajaya’s alleged abuse of power."

My take: I am wondering how much was paid to this UM Student's Council president Fahmi to "stand high" as a hero in defence of BABI.  The same way I believe  another student activist  was
paid.  Every weak ones has a price. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Deepavali to everyone!

I still remember my happy childhood Happy Deepavali celebration, it was happy then and still is happy today! Cheers!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Bleeding Heart Liberal" Muslims in the country missing the point!

If you think these chauvinist non-Malay politicians are stupid, think again, they are good actors and are using BABI for their own vile agenda!

Let's not get into details as to how I got a chance to get into Israel in the late 60s.
When I was a hippie everyone wanted to work in any kibbutz in Israel.  I worked in a kibbutz called Rosh Pina.
Chance to talk to many Jews from army officers to ordinary prostitute with one question: "Do you eat port and why don't you."
The answer was bloody simple: "We don't eat pork because our religion forbids us from doing so, as a good good Jew we just follow the religious rules and tenets."
Even the most advanced and progressive and scientifically savvy and advanced racial group that could have easily find some scientific reasons to eat pork, the Jews do it so simply because their religion forbid them from doing so.
The Jews also have rule about dogs and the interpretation is the same as Muslims, as stated in their religious book Torah. Read here....
My personal view is everything about the "lets touch a dog" initiated by a Muslim boy is not an issue here, the issue is some group very powerful group knowing and perceiving what they thought to be a weak government decided on a malicious and nasty path to bring this government down by being "naughty".
To bring down the Malay majority government and its Malay institution, as we all know and aware, is to break up the Malay unity.
It appears they have succeeded but not a one hundred percent success.
UNLESS, the Malays will insist on being made use of by the likes of the DAP and other chauvinist political elements within the country!  Meanwhile the shallow and uninformed bleeding heart Malays will forever be made use of by the "enemies"
Having said all these I personally think that Islam as practiced and being protected by the "so-called-gate-keepers" need to lighten up.
As perceived naive and easily-influenced flock, the Muslims in this country are also your average human beings with sensitive feelings, be gentle with them.
For example, I personally do not see  what good will come out of banning Oktoberfest except it is being associated with beer.   So don't drink the beer!
Like the Jews, who believe in their religion, the Malays are not that far off in respecting theirs. They will and must be allowed to experience the festival but they may not necessarily be in a state of a drunken stupor and I do know young Malay-Muslims can have fun without getting high.
So we need to lighten up Muslim gate-keepers let us not get to obsessed with controlling, for the more you control the more they rebel!  As the saying goes "its in the nature of the beast"!
No JAIS, MAIS, MAZE, MAIZE or any other mechanism of control can stop a mind from expanding, all that is needed is love and understanding.
As for "I want to touch a dog" we, like the Jews, just have to follow the rules then, eh!
If I have my ways I also want to have tattoos on my bodies, and have a pet dog for for my jungle home, and many other things that I would like to touch.!!
"But rules are rules they are there for a reason." said a Jewish girlfriend many many years ago.
I still go by that.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The audacity of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!!

You will be found guilty for what you have done!

It appears that thus Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is born without sense of shame and born with a very thick skin and a natural pathological liar.  He is of a split personality.  He's the type if given a chance to give a sermon in a mosque he would lie as lying has become his real nature.
He would have no qualm in equating himself with the present or past great world leaders, he would have no qualm in convincing others that he is as good and dedicated as Nelson Mandela, and having the sanctity of the Dalai Lama, and the sainthood of Mother Theresa, and the pureness the great Mahatma Gandhi we in reality he was and still is a sodomist where witnesses and the court could attest to this.
He sent a team to lecture around the world to do his bidding,,,that he is a great man that he does not bugger anyone. That the charges against are trumped up.
He has the audacity to equate Prime Minster Najib Razak asking for international assistance and help to boost our county's image, to his (BABI) similar attempt to rally international support for his impending guilty verdict for rape and sodomy.
Malaysia's campaign asking brothers countries to help secure a non-permanent UN Security Council for example, while BABI tries to force Barack Obama, Tony Abbot, David Cameron to interfere with our judicial system into forcing Malaysia not to prosecute this vile person named Anwar Ibrahim.
The recent opposition members that went around the world recently saying bad things about Malaysia they should be charged under treason. And yes once again
I believe the evidence against him is so great that he will be found guilty and jailed.  Let us close this chapter once and for all!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Keep this piece of legislation a little bit longer until.......!

If keeping the Sedition Act  intact to prevent non-Malays or non-Muslims from insulting everything Islam and Malays in this Malay-majority country by all mean keep it a little bit longer.
If keeping the Sedition Act to prevent further invitations for the Malay-Muslims to a Bah Kut Teh buka puasa, knowing bloody well that by doing so you angered and insult the Malay-Muslims, by all mean keep the law a bit longer.
If by keeping the Sedition Act intact to stop the ill-intention chauvinist Chinese and Indians to question the Malay rights knowing bloody well that will make the majority Malay race in the country get uptight  enough that want them to burn Malay-edition  of the Bible which uses the word Allah to refer to the Christian god by all mean keep the law.
If they can insult the prime minister, ruling party and the monarchy even before they want the Sedition Act repealed, imagine if that law was scrapped.
Unless and until the chauvinist elemenst of the country racial make-up stop their haranguing and taunting of the Malays, whom they believed have grown weak and weaker each day and they still keep on the haranguing and taunting the Malays, well we keep the law and since we are still in charge we will keep the law for a while.
Prime Minister Najib Razak tried to empower the people to think rationally and thus hoping to make us more civilised, appears to have failed, well for now we hope we keep the deemed-Draconian piece of law called the Sedition Act a bit longer!
Other wise it will take fanatics from all sides to try to shed blood. To prevent bloodshed  we must have mechanism of control otherwise are we really ready to face the 1969 hell again?