Monday, August 15, 2016

Idiotic and insensitive Umno politicians make the party look unpalatable!

The stuff that came out of his mouth!!!!???
 Take the curious case of former cabinet minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal, he is one of those Umno leaders that fall under the category of an "insensitive idiot".
During the opening of the Lembah Pantai Umno division meeting he was quoted as saying under the rule of  Mahathir Mohamad it was easier to get business, and this is not so under Najib Razak.
He was quoted as saying: “I would like to be frank with Datuk Seri Zahid. My sustenance (rezeki) was much better during Tun Mahathir’s time. (Zahid officially opened the division meeting)
“I got more business during Tun Mahathir’s time, but now it’s more difficult to get business. However, for the sake of party discipline, this Umno division, regardless of a win or not, will stick by the leadership of Datuk Seri Najib and Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,” he said.
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The impression he gave was that politics is all about business and making money!!!
To me, intentionally or otherwise, he is saying to be in business or to make money or to amass fortune politics is the best way to do it.
I got a message from someone saying Nong Chik gave the impression that Umno is all about business and making money.
Nong Chik gives the impression that politics is all about that instead of looking after the interest of the nation and its people.
No wonder Umno and the coalition fared miserably during last GE because of insensitive simpleton of a politician like him.
No my friends politics is all about looking after the interest of our beloved nation not about cari rezeki or using your position to look for business.
Dear Prime Minister Najib Razak you do not need someone like Raja Nong Chik even if he said he is loyal to you.  I think it is a veiled threat of "if you don't help me I will go some place else".


Thursday, August 11, 2016

US A-G Lynch: It was an international conspiracy to launder funds stolen from 1MDB”. © Provided by The Edge 
IN our reporting of the troubles at 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) over the past 18 months, The Edge had several times highlighted the role played by flamboyant deal maker Low Taek Jho (Jho Low).  We even called him the Puppet Master. The 34-year-old has denied  that he was involved in 1MDB dealings and claimed he played the role of adviser only for a brief period in 2009 when the company just started as the Terengganu Investment Authority.
Last week’s move by the United States’ Justice Department (DOJ) to file a civil suit to seize US$1.0 billion of assets that it said were purchased with money stolen (estimated at US$3.5 billion) from 1MDB has laid bare many facts.
Details contained in the 136-page DOJ document show clearly that despite not having any official role at 1MDB, Jho Low was the central figure throughout all the dealings. More importantly, the DOJ provided facts, figures and dates on the large amount of money that originated from 1MDB, which ended up with Jho Low and his relatives and associates — cash that they used to indulge in a life of luxury and high-powered dealings.
Why this was allowed to happen is anybody’s speculation. But as US  Attorney-General Loretta Lynch said bluntly last week, “it was an international conspiracy to launder funds stolen from 1MDB”. Read more here...

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Bangsa Melayu bangsa akan cuba ditipu sekali lagi!

Sepandai pandai nya Melayu kena tipu jugak...oleh Mahathir...
Sepandai pandai nya LKS kena tipu jugak oleh Mahathir or vice versa.....
This is an old posting published in 2013 on the subject of how easily duped the Malays are, since time immemorial Chinese opposition members in Malaysia who used everything and anthing to trick the simple Malays to vote for them. To a greater extend it woked.
Now Mahahtir Mohamed, a non Malay who disguise himself as one, is employing the same tactic as to garner or at least trying to garner Malay votes to support his Pre-Historic Malay Party to topple a tested government under Barisan Nasional led by a progressive and real Malay leader.
When will the Malays ever learn!!??

LKY berkempen di kawasan Melayu di Singapura dan bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu...

Speaker Negeri Selangor berpura pura sayang Bangsa Melayu...

Untuk DAP moto mereka yang baru "Berkorban Apa Saja" untuk DAP walau pun kena pakai baju Melayu...

Sewaktu Lee Kuan Yew cuba membentuk kerajaan PAP di Singapura beliau berkempen memakai songkok, symbol Melayu, dan bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu sewaktu berceramah.  Kesemua Melayu dapat di pengaruhi untuk mengundi Cina.
Pengkhianat negara Tian Chua juga memakai sewaktu berkempen juga menyambut orang Melayu di sabuah surau juga memakai baju Melayu.
MP Cina Serdang memakai baju Melayu lengkap seketika melawat keluarga Melayu semasa Hari Raya.  Dan Selangor DAP speaker Hannah Yeoh memakai baju kurung bergambar dengan perempuan Melayu.
Kesimpulan nya, Cina cauvinis DAP ni semua nya tahu bahawa bangsa Melayu memang senang di pengaruhi emosi mereka sebagai contoh, orang asing macam Cina DAP dan PAP pakai baju Melayu orang Melayu semua lemah dan menyokong.
Bangun dan sedar lah kamu Bangsa Melayu yang kamu dtelah di gula gulakan oleh Cina chauvinis jika tidak keturunan kamu akan pupus di negara sendiri!


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Najib, punish all the identified treacherous SOBs and take no prisoners!

Well, as been reported the CIA and all secret agencies of the USA will not brief republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on any classified information.
The practice has always been all presidential nominees will be slowly brought to the system by first being briefed on classified info making them familiar with the workings of the inner sanctum of the US government.
Trump was declared a traitor when he urged Russian Vladimir Putin to hack democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton's email.
His act has been considered treacherous and there has already been calls for Trump to be brought to justice for his un-patriotic behaviour.
So what has the story on treacherous Trump has got to do with the price of belacan in Malaysia?!  Well a lot!
Lately an ex-prime minister and other Malaysian politicians have allegedly been leaking sensitive classified  information on Malaysia to foreign spy agencies, foreign governments and foreign newspapers.
It was already reported that a retired top civil servant of one government agency has been leaking classified information to the US Department of Justice. Apparently he even inadvertently admitted of doing so!
He tried to see the PM but was not entertained. Well Najib fight the war and take no prisoners.
A tough example must be made as a deterrent, or your chances of being "killed" politically will always be there lingering.
Remember this, as there are many who are against you, there are many, many more loyal supporters who are still rallying solidly behind you!
Also there are no doubts in my mind that  many moles are surrounding  you, and you just have to find a fool proof mechanism to flush them out!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Protect our peace and harmonious all costs!

The government does not nationalise other religions' house of worship.The government protect them!
Well news flash folks...Turkey under Recep Erdogan just did the opposite! Phew!

The problem with us Malaysians is that we don't think bad thing can happen to our multi racial and multi religious country, well shit happens at anytime and any day if we, the community leaders, behave  like jingoistic Donald Trump.
Turkey Erdogan already seize Churches  to be regulated by the government, did we think of this that can happen in "democratic" Turkey?  It just happened folks. Read here
I am not saying such thing can happen in Malaysia, unlike Turkey our country has a proven record of protecting religious and other minority rights  in this blessed country.
If anyone of you think they are being short  changed and being persecuted in Malaysia they can take a lesson from Venezuela where people are dying due to lack of medical supports, people literally died if hunger and zoo animals died in the hundreds due to lack of food.
I implore all the bleeding heart liberal Malaysians to stop their jingoistic sabre rattling and to protect the peace that we have, by the way peace in the world is a scarce commodity, we have it we must protect it at all costs, together!
Have a good day!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Yes, revoke Mahathir's privileges as exPM!

You can't have your cake and eat it too, man!

My pet peeve is when  someone who believes he is the smartest of them all, and everyone else is stupid.  Take the case of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad who thinks everyone else is a moron and stupid but him!
Only he can rule the country well. Bollocks!
In other parts of the world either country's leaders just fade away or are respected as an ex. However, our former prime minister is behaving like a spoiled child in constant need of that proverbial attention!
A spoiled child can either be in control or not, and in case of Mahathir is clearly out of control.
This is a man, who is not really a Malay, who helped to declare UMNO, the premier Malay party,  illegal and the court  decided to dissolve it according to the laws of the country.  You see he has no compunction about annihilating anything Malay.
He tried to destroy the monarchial system of the country,as he tried to get rid of the royalty. Failing that, he destroyed UMNO, fortunately the party was revived.
Today, he is again trying to destroy the Malay institutions which he detests, with the help of that despicable chauvinist Chinese party the DAP.
He clearly went against the sacred norm of campaigning for the defeat of the ruling party during the recent two by-elections.  The results were astounding and the government victory translates to rejection of Mahathir!
Yes Najib by all means revoked his privileges which also included the use of a private plane accorded to him by the government as a former PM, which he has had the audicity to use to travel and to campaign againt the government.
Yes Najib, get Mahathir out of the Perdana Leadership Foundation, stop giving money  to the foundation to be used against your government.
May the force be with you Najib Razak!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mahathir is using chauvinist DAP to screw Najib, the Malays and Umno!

I can understand Sarawak chauvinist Chinese like former sympathiser of the North Kalimantan Communist Party (NKCP) who is now Sarawak DAP member Hew Kuan Yau who asked Sarawakians to vote for a Malay DAP candidate so if this Malay bugger wins he could then screw the Malays in the ruling party! See here, 
I can understand why the entire chauvinist and racist DAP members trying to destroy Malaysian racial unity!
But I for one could not fathom the hatred espoused by Mahathir Mohamed, a former prime minister who ruled the country for 22 years with iron claws, and his Malay gang for seeking the help of chauvinist DAP leaders to screw the Malays and Umno!?
Must be very desperate for them to do so.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in the latest television interview said, he cannot be bullied into giving in to every whim and fancy of the former dictator Mahathir ..
Najib said his main detractor was angry because the former refused to give in to the later on many nonsensical project demands.
"The buck stop here," Najib told this blogger.
"I will not succumb to ridiculous demands made by him," he said, before leaving on an official visit to London.
Well, he may look soft but trust me, Najib is walking with a big stick, again trust me on this!
Here are words of advise: Mahathir is doing what he is now doing not because he is doing it for the Malays (he is not a Malay in the firts place) or his love for the party or the country, but he is doing it for his own private agenda and for his business cronies.