Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The audacity of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!!

You will be found guilty for what you have done!

It appears that thus Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is born without sense of shame and born with a very thick skin and a natural pathological liar.  He is of a split personality.  He's the type if given a chance to give a sermon in a mosque he would lie as lying has become his real nature.
He would have no qualm in equating himself with the present or past great world leaders, he would have no qualm in convincing others that he is as good and dedicated as Nelson Mandela, and having the sanctity of the Dalai Lama, and the sainthood of Mother Theresa, and the pureness the great Mahatma Gandhi we in reality he was and still is a sodomist where witnesses and the court could attest to this.
He sent a team to lecture around the world to do his bidding,,,that he is a great man that he does not bugger anyone. That the charges against are trumped up.
He has the audacity to equate Prime Minster Najib Razak asking for international assistance and help to boost our county's image, to his (BABI) similar attempt to rally international support for his impending guilty verdict for rape and sodomy.
Malaysia's campaign asking brothers countries to help secure a non-permanent UN Security Council for example, while BABI tries to force Barack Obama, Tony Abbot, David Cameron to interfere with our judicial system into forcing Malaysia not to prosecute this vile person named Anwar Ibrahim.
The recent opposition members that went around the world recently saying bad things about Malaysia they should be charged under treason. And yes once again
I believe the evidence against him is so great that he will be found guilty and jailed.  Let us close this chapter once and for all!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Keep this piece of legislation a little bit longer until.......!

If keeping the Sedition Act  intact to prevent non-Malays or non-Muslims from insulting everything Islam and Malays in this Malay-majority country by all mean keep it a little bit longer.
If keeping the Sedition Act to prevent further invitations for the Malay-Muslims to a Bah Kut Teh buka puasa, knowing bloody well that by doing so you angered and insult the Malay-Muslims, by all mean keep the law a bit longer.
If by keeping the Sedition Act intact to stop the ill-intention chauvinist Chinese and Indians to question the Malay rights knowing bloody well that will make the majority Malay race in the country get uptight  enough that want them to burn Malay-edition  of the Bible which uses the word Allah to refer to the Christian god by all mean keep the law.
If they can insult the prime minister, ruling party and the monarchy even before they want the Sedition Act repealed, imagine if that law was scrapped.
Unless and until the chauvinist elemenst of the country racial make-up stop their haranguing and taunting of the Malays, whom they believed have grown weak and weaker each day and they still keep on the haranguing and taunting the Malays, well we keep the law and since we are still in charge we will keep the law for a while.
Prime Minister Najib Razak tried to empower the people to think rationally and thus hoping to make us more civilised, appears to have failed, well for now we hope we keep the deemed-Draconian piece of law called the Sedition Act a bit longer!
Other wise it will take fanatics from all sides to try to shed blood. To prevent bloodshed  we must have mechanism of control otherwise are we really ready to face the 1969 hell again?

Friday, October 10, 2014

For only RM100 you can now utter profanity to our policemen!!

Our boys in blue must be protected if they were to keep the country safe...they cannot be a subject of ridicule!

A very worrying and somewhat disgusting news headline in the New Straits Times on page 22 which says "RM100 fine for rude words", about three guys who were actually rude to our boys in blue and they were later charged and fined RM100 or seven days jail if they could not pay the fine...if I read the news correctly.
Now then, where is the the deterrent factor in this case fined RM100 ringgit or jailed for days if the fine could not be paid.   I was more worried about where these three were to find RM100 or risked jail?!

The headlines should have been "RM10,000 fine for rude words" or jail one or two years.
In this case I think the law pertaining hurling profanity or insult to our policemen ought to be changed, or forever be a mockery!
Hey, try insulting policemen in New York or Moscow you will be thrown in jail without bail!

Monday, October 06, 2014

BABI is no where near the political stature of Nelson Mandela...not even close!

A great man like no others!
A convicted felon and an accused sodomiser he will have his day of reckoning soon.  He is no where close to Mandela's stature!

I burst out laughing when I read Cina Apek Bukit (CAB) Tian Chua who equated Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) with the one and only the great Neslon Mandela.
This PKR vice -president said like Mandela who empowered South Africans to overthrew apartheid regime of South Africa even while in jail, CAB Tian Chua said BABI would do the same.
To begin with Mandela was incarcerated for more than 3/4 of his life trying to dismantle the heinous apartheid regime separating Black and White to live together.
Mandela was thrown in jail for his noble belief, while BABI has been and will be thrown in jail because he was charged with forcefully sodomising another male person.
Well I don't care about the non -Malays supporting BABI which to them would helped them destroy what they perceived as a country ruled by an evil empire rules mainly by Umno which to them is equal to being ruled by the Malays.
I am more concern about the Malays who are stupid enough to allow themselves be tricked, cajoled, seduced and conned by a politician who has only his own best interest at heart.
Reject this sodomiser named BABI and let us move forward!
He is no where near or anything like my hero Nelson Mandela!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A scam they believe will lead them to a"political asylum"??! Yeah! right!

Alvin Tan and his girlfriendd must not and cannot be granted an asylum any where, they both must be extradited  to Malaysia to face the music.  The US government is also smart enough to see a scam when it sees one!

There was this sad story of an accidental Malaysian-Tamil political "hero".  All he wanted in his life was to migrate to England to start a new life.

He told the British immigration feller at Heathrow airport that he wanted to seek political asylum because the "dreaded" Malaysian government has committed genocide on his people!
The immigration feller poo-pooed his allegation by saying: "Mate we know Malaysia and it is nothing like what you said".
So this sad and pathetic Malaysian-Tamil was sent back to the country where he was born....Malaysia!
Since his scam did not work he tried to do other way, he formed a political party and tricked his uneducated follower to believe that his people's descendants were forced by the British to come to Malaysia as slave.  By now you have already guess whom I am talking about.
Then there is an another ugly female Malaysian-Indian activist lawyer who tried to apply for a permanent residence permit to more than two Western countries citing repression and persecution well she was turned down.
Also another Malaysian-Malay lawyer  who claimed to be a Christian and not a Muslim.  He has also been making hundreds of thousands of dollars (not ringgit ya) yes, from donations from charitable people and organisations to fight evil Umno and its Malay leaders.
Quietly he had been pursuing a green card to flee Malaysia using his political diatribe, with charges of unfairness committed by the government on those opposing the government, he was unsuccessful.
All he wanted was to take all his money to America or England which ever country accepted him.  Of course he was rejected.
NOW THEN, the scam goes on and on.  The latest is about this Chinese-Malaysian-or-Singaporean dubbed as a sex-blogger.  He insulted a community and its religion that could have created havoc or even bloodshed.
He fled the country and appears to be granted a political asylum by the United States and I hope in a spirit of a good bilateral relations, US will not grant such asylum.
For everyone can see that the scam is create situation and convincingly shows the world that you are in danger and hope that you will be granted an asylum.
Well, the government of the USA is not all that gullible.

The 26-year-old is seeking asylum in the United States but told The Malaysian Insider that his decision to flee his homeland was to escape the government's "tyranny" as well...Read more here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Since there is no death penalty for this crime...just make them pay!

Give these perpetrators the maximum as an example!

We have heard so much of corruption and wrong doings and those perpetrated these crime, we have this sneaking and sinking feeling, alway seemed to get away with just a slap on a wrist.
They can insult religion, community and tear to shreds all of what Malaysians hold dear to heart but yet again we have this sinking feeling that they will always get away with lighter sentencing.
Take the examination  papers leak, I think it is about time the authority imposed a deterrent sentences on those committing the crime that have caused major mental stress to our children who were taught to study hard and study hard they did but in the end feel betrayed by a system that was supposed to take care of them.
The re-sitting of the examination will create a lot of confusion, money lost by hotel bookings, airlines and many more business related venture involving school holidays that were unexpectedly cancelled...just because some corrupt people trying to make money out of other people's (children) misery.
We can also sent out exam papers to the moon to be printed to ensure security and that no one can leak them, but back on planet earth so long as we have corrupt people it ain't going to work.
Make an example for those involved so it will act as a deterrent for future leakers!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sedition Act must not be repealed.. since "freedom"has gone awry and haywire!

Cannot and shall not be repealed!

Sedition Act (1948) must not be repealed at all cost since "freedom" in this country has gone awry and haywire!
Thus led to one very ugly Indian woman whon says Malaysia has gone police state, well I beg to differ!
I say Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole need to be controlled considering they cannot seem to value empowerment granted to them by the government of the day under Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Under Najib, the perceived draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) was abolished.  Personally I would have liked it not to be abolished.
Austrlia, New Zealand the Great Britain and Singapore, almost all of British ex-colonies retianed the "draconian ISA".
We abolished it because we thought Malaysia has grown into a matured "person"
To our chagrin we found out too late that Malaysia and Malaysians are still an infantile!
Give "them" the freedom they went berserk insulting the established norms and constrains and mores of the country and the multi-racial society.
Lets go back in time a bit : When a group or individual saw the "perceived" weakening of the system or government "they" will spew their most venomous insults and rhetoric's to other races or religion.
Again when the Internal Security Act (ISA) was abolished by act of parliament Malaysians went ballistic throwing insults and creating havoc after that to a point of where our delicate moral and social fabric were torn away beyond repair.
"They" believe they can do it because the laws that prevent them from doing otherwise an unthinkable deeds are not there anymore to control them.
Well, they are wrong! When you insult the rulers, the government of the day, the religions the majority of the race you expect lash back.
Tun Mahathir in an interview even said if you are not nice to people do not expect people to be nice to you.
Those who utter stuff that can disturb the sanctity and the workability of the Malaysian values, norms and constraints and mores, well they should be made to answer for their warp sense of freedom at the expense of destroying the country.
I vote for the Sedition Act (1948) not to be repealed, just to satisfy the likes of Ambiga, chauvinist DAP, and the moronic Malays who worship a convicted rapist and cheater as their leader!
Daulat Tuanku, Hidup Melayu dan  Hidup Umno! (For Better or for Worse).