Monday, December 31, 2007

Democracy is the best revenge YES! But not in a totally militarised Pakistan!

A Bazaar in Peshawar: Democracy cannot thrive in such places with abject poverty.


It is truly sad to hear Benazir Bhutto being shot dead, nobody deserves that kind of ending. When my someone text me a message saying she was killed, I wasn't sure if it was a prank. But then knowing the Bhutto family from what we know and have read, it was one full of tragic. You know the old adage that if you live by the sword you die by it.
I was once told, don't know whether it was in jest of for real, that Benazir's father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was killed at the behest of the drug lord of the world. We do not know who or what this drug lord was or is. Zulfikar tried to stamp the drug trade.
In the mid-nineties when I was a guest of the governor of Peshawar, General Bungash, and he told me that Peshawar and the whole of North West frontier is one uncontrolled provinces of Pakistan, where warlords reign supreme. Bungash actually burst out laughing when he was told by a United Nation body to tell the people of the North West frontier to grow spinach instead of poppy. The thing is, if Afghanistan and the North West frontier were to be free from opium growing the world will be plunged in a total chaos.
Yes! Drug trade is almost as importance as the weapon trade. While the civilised world abhor drug trafficking, but it is one of the most lucrative business of the world, and that I can see some foreign policy of any super power will help protect this "despicable" trade at all cost.
Already a senior Pakistan intelligence officer was denied his ambassadorship when the host country refused his appointment. This one, named by Benazir before she was killed, was involved drug trade and possible murder of several politicians in Pakistan.
Now back to Benazir, his son Bilawal who said in his most impeccable English accent that "democracy is the best revenge" for his mother's death, well this can be true if you live in Sweden, or Denmark or anywhere in Europe where democracy thrived.
But in failed countries like Pakistan, where sectarian conflict and opium rules, I just wish this young Bilawal has the best of luck in his quest to turn his totally militarised country into a democratic one.

No cheers today!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thank God! The animals weren't neglected!

They were saved by us, caring human species!


In any disaster, attempt must be made to save animals, and livestock. In Australia, in one of its great flood years back, livestock were rounded up and placed at higher points. In many of California brush fires, the National Guard were rounding up trapped animals, domesticated or wild, out of harms way.
I was relieved to know that in Pekan, Pahang, domesticated animals like cows and goats and even chicken were being rounded up as well by the local authorities and volunteers.
During the height of the flood in Pekan I saw hundreds of livestock taking shelter by the road shoulders. And these animals were given greens to eat, now this kind of humane act that will make me have more faith in us human kind! We have proven that as the one on top of the food chain we still care and will protect the helpless in times of trouble.
I was lucky enough to be at one of the disaster meetings, where everyone was taken by a HUGE surprise when Pekan member of parliament, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak said: "Those animals that I saw by the road sides must also be rescued and to be taken care off, at once!"
One committee member was overheard saying: "We actually never thought of it, my God he is right!"
So the fate of hundreds of helpless livestock was saved! My take is, we as a thinking human specie, we must not be selfish and to only think for ourselves. We are also sharing this planet with millions other species, so we have to care!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mat Kilau, Sitting Bull and Maori King Tawaiho were great people but......!

Mat Kilau

Chief Sitting Bull

Maori King Tawaiho

Lets us get certain facts straight here!

Mat Kilau, Chief Sitting Bull and Maori King Tawaiho were all great leaders! They fought the invaders without fear. Mat Kilau used the kris and spear, Sitting Bull used bow and arrow, King Tawaiho probably used his tongue and scary tattoo on his face to scare the invaders!
Well therein lies the problem! The invaders, namely the palefaces, were using gun powder and in no time hundred of thousands of Mat Kilau, Sitting Bull King Tawaiho were mowed down like a proverbial bowling pins, and in no time the vanquished became slaves and defeated people.
I have read how Malays revered their past warriors like Mat Kilau and their mind cannot move beyond the fact that, if it is true at all, while he might have lived until 122 years after revealing his true identity, he had done nothing else in between except telling stories of his exploits against the British!
I just want to point out that as a Malay, I am not going to allow my chequered past to prevent me from advancing through in life. I will not use Mat Kilau as my term of reference or a moot point in my life when competing with the rest of the world!
I want my people to master science and technology so we can have strong enough modern knowledge to withstand modern onslaught. I admire countries like Iran that has withstood modern onslaught with its scientific knowledge, I think Malays (I am sorry I did not use the term Malaysian for I am not sure it is appropriate anymore since multi-racialism in this country seem to have disjointed) should be more scientifically resilient and leave Mat Kilau story as just another one of our Aesop Fables, something we can learn from.
I just hope cucumatkilau who got detained is knowledgeable enough to fight for his race through science and technology instead of harping on the past.
Do you remember when a burly and fierce Berber who threateningly twirling his big scimitar at Indiana Jones?! Well Jones took out his small revolver and shot dead the poor bastard. The moral of the story is, I just do not want my Malay race to be a bastard, amidst the abundant of modern technology! But yes Mat Kilau can make a good story, that is all!

STOP PRESS: Pas is just another nationalistic Malay party which uses the religion, stories of past Malay warriors, to fight against the concept of a multi-racial party in this country, Pas wants to have a total Malay dominated party to rule the country now, and I do not think that is possible. In the meantime the Malays are easily duped. Pas should be prevented at all cost to rule anyone.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

A great big flood after three decades Part Two: Personalise the Disaster!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa
A campaign to love our river has taken a new twist!

This tom cat was saved from an attic of a house under water!

Was a nice house by a small stream.

These old folks decided to stay home and not go to a relief center, but they make do with help from flood relief workers.

Too old to move and he decided to stay at a relative home nearby, a medical teams make their round to help the sickly.

Not a five star dwellingbut will do for now for these Orang Asli families.

She has seen better days but she is not complaining, this beautiful lady is staying with some relatives in a house cut off by the flood.

Hi folks!

The flood in Pahang has caused a lot of trauma especially for children and old folks. For those who are too weak to leave their homes for the designated relief centers are well taken care off. Most of these folks moved to higher ground and living with neighbours and friends.
For those who have chosen to move to designated relief centers found the temporary living quarters a daunting experience, however, over time they have to come to a certain reality that they have no other choices. I have posted some more pictures of the flood and the victims and hope we can personalise their plight and help on which ever way we can. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A great big flood after three decades!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa

Brace ourselves! This is only the beginning!

No shortage of food supply, but more needed!

Najib: Their safety and well being are of paramount concern.

No, this is not a lake, it was a padi field.

Volunteers from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). They came with their "stuff" to help without being asked to!

Hey you have to travel right?! Every which way you can!

Imagine the devastation!

Now you can see it!

Hey what can I say, life's a bitch, eh!

Hi people!

I was in Pekan, Pahang, during the flood period which is still ongoing, and nothing could have prepared me for what I saw there! An inundation of an area of a Biblical proportion!

You have to be there to see it and to believe it. It is not even the second wave yet for the flood, but when I left the water was still rising and it will get even worse and least until January, according to the weatherman.
Except for one death in Pekan, the 9,000 people affected or being relocated to the higher ground are out of harms way and there's plenty of food being supplied. So far Pekan itself is cut off from the main transportation arteries, but supply of basic essentials is constantly coming in, by air and by boats
According to the Member of Parliament for Pekan, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, while people have to make do with a slightly cramped iving quarters their well being is taken care off. "There is no shortages of food and medical supplies. Come what may, Najib also said he will be spending his Hari Raya Haji in his constituency as a matter of tradition. "Except it will be a wee bit wet," he smiled.
The second wave of the big flood is expected to come and every precautionary measure is being considered to ensure the people's safety. However, more donation is needed, especially clothing, for the flood victims.
For those interested, donation or inquiry can be made directly to Balai Polis Paloh Hinai, in Pekan, Pahang (along the Kuantan-Segamat highway), by contacting OCS Sarjan Nordin at 019-9938957, or you can call the Dato' Shahlan Ismail, Special Officer to the Deputy Prime Minister at 019-2696011.

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The pseudo-bleeding heart liberals are making me sick!

Pix courtesy of AP

Hindraf complaint by protesting.

This is it my friends!

They came in their luxury cars, some with drivers, after leaving their posh condos and luxury houses after having their continental breakfast (some did confessed) because nasi lemak make them "gassy", then they took a deep breath and tricked and duped the masses into following them in a protest to mock the government of the day, by demonstrating.
Some even claim their respective community is being "ethnically cleansed" and that their "people" are being discriminated upon, but as we now know all of these allegations are not true. Some so-called leaders of their respective groups will stoop to nothing to get publicity, one even appeared on Aljazeera answering pseudo-intellectual questions from from heavy exaggerated English accented Anglo-Asian host who sometimes manipulated the questions without the guests knowing it.
Then our guest, a prominent former DPM will mimic the English language to give his answer to the Aljazeera host, not impressive anymore please! One leader allowed himself, or planned his interview with a newspaper tabloid from across the causeway and spoke rubbish of the bad treatment of his people and of his country of birth. I am saddened by the fact that our alleged friend, the Singapore government, did not even bother to exercise some kind of a moral suasion to the said tabloid not to print rubbish and lies regarding its neighbour.
All of these bleeding heart liberals, mainly lawyers, are just bored with what to do with their money and property and what best to do then to plan to overthrow the government of the day, now that is playing a very dangerous game.
To say the Indians are being marginalised and ethnically cleansed is to say after 50 years of independence the system does not work for everyone, and that is a sweeping statement. But to say that after 50 years that we need to change our mindset a bit the answer is YES, but NO to a racially (Hindraf) and selfish (egoistically inclined-lawyers) reasons!
I shall voice out my feeling and be damned if I, as an individual, will allow such thing to happen in this country where it is the poor Malays who really are at the bottom of this country's economic ladder and they are making do with life and not complaining and have no desire, YET, to get involved, in a big way, in a racially motivated gathering! Lets hope that will not come! If it does it will be bigger that anything else that anyone can ever imagine!

May peace be upon all of us in this country!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Write it! BLOG it! and Send it! Nice Ad!

Pix by: Pasqualensa

This is a very big Nokia billboard that I saw while in Singapore and I thought it is nice to share it with Malaysian bloggers. It is nice to know a secure regime like Singapore is not afraid of anything! The billboard is also a reminder that blogging is here in the world to stay. And the internet has made it possible for people around the world to communicate, or as a source of an independent news. Blogging has also made it possible for people around the world to know of any event anywhere in a jiffy!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I can't rule out violence! Says Uthayakumar, in an interview with a foreign newspaper, long before that so called peaceful demo!

This is the headline which appeared on Monday 3rd December, 2007 on the front page of Singapore's tabloid "the new paper".

The front page headline says "I can't rule out violence" and I was there to have a short break but instead I was a bit angry with Uthayakumar for saying that. With a picture of him with a clenched fist he gave the interview, which Rocky's Bru has explained in his blogsite, I thought I can reprint the pictures!

No cheers today!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

They have legitimate grouses and Samy and MIC have failed them, I am sorry!

Hi people!

We have a helper for the last five years and her name is Nalitha and she is a Tamil from Teluk Anson, and if I say she is like a family to us, I may sound like a condescending liberal prick to a lot of you racist bastards, but no she is more than a family to us she is a permanent member of our exclusive family club, membership by marriage or invitation only!

I asked her did she go to the Hindraf rally and she answered yes! I was shocked she could have been arrested or hurt! She was there with her daughter and husband. When I asked why did she do it, and she said her people have no jobs when foreigners are taking over the country.
She said, in direct translation to Bahasa Malaysia : "How come Bangladeshi, Myanmarese, Vietnamese and Indonesian can have a better paying jobs than us Malaysian. Now you get on a bus you see these people no more Malaysians. May daughter was teased by a Myanmarese on the bus the other day, how can they do this and yet they come to this country and not respect us?"

You see Nalitha, is not the most literate person I have ever known but she is by far not stupid like the rest of those who rallied and protested the other day. She is a person that our family will die for not because she is our helper. but she is also our soul mate. And not much that can be said about the MIC or Samy Vellu who did not foresee the displacement of Indians from their "green dimension" or hundreds of thousands of rubber estate in the country that have been shaved and converted to either housing estates, industrial areas or being converted to palm oil estates.

I was told, and I believe my friend who said this, that the majority or most of those who rallied and protested were BN supporters, and they were venting out their anger over empty promises made by their community leaders.

The displacement of hundred of thousands Indians from rubber estates around the country should have been anticipated and contingency plans should have been made to ensure these sector of society be looked after, and we and did not and Samy did not, and MIC is to be blamed for not looking after its community!

If they had been looked after. such "exploitative racially motivated" rally would not have occurred!

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To see them in action is to make me feel safe, for sure!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa

The proverbial work horse: Hercules C-130! The safest transport airplane that was ever
invented, and been carrying our boys safe anywhere and anytime!

"Don't tread on me" can just be the most apt motto for our Ranger boys!

They take orders without question!

Our most remote outpost: Terumbu Layang Layang in the China Sea! And this is how far our territorial integrity stretches and it is well protected!

Being trained by the best and they are our Navy Seal, their job is? To die defending the country and Bangsar!

Some of our valuable assets, two of the many small fast boats that we have!


History of the deployment of our armed forces personnel on our islands and territorial waters in the east coast of Sabah started when a group of terrorist kidnapped 21 tourists from a resort of Pulau Sipadan, on Aprl 23rd, 2000.
The deployment of our armed forces personnel is referred to as OP PASIR, which is an acronym for Pandanan, Sipadan Island Resort. Since its inception, Op Pasir has placed armed forces personnel in majority of the islands of the east coast of Sabah except for two. The operation is a joint effort between the three branches of the armed forces, the army, navy and the air-force.
Last weekend I, once again, had the opportunity to visit these islands and saw our boys in action, and to see these young Malaysians in action make me wonder how lucky some of our rich and spoilt brats in KL who tend to complain about how difficult life is for them in the city of plenty!
Here's a tip, if your quality of life is good and you sleep well at night knowing our country is safe from being attacked, just thanks our armed forces personnel for a job well done to ensure security.
Bloggers around the country should put a strip on their blogsites to say "thank you guys for a job well done", and this will be much appreciated. "We do not want to be acknowledge but it is nice if we are, like your visit to see us here is proof you guys care," said a Royal Ranger Regiment commander of Pulau Berhala, off Sandakan, Sabah.
Our last leg was a visit to Swallow Reef, or Terumbu Layang-Layang, about 350kms from Kota Kinabalu. Here any visit by anyone is much appreciated by the Navy Boys. For one whole day and night we were treated with the best that the island can give. From Layang Layang we visited another lonely outpost at Terumbu Ubi, another one hour fast boat ride from Layang Layang.
So I came back to Kuala Lumpur and I slept well knowing that while there those brats who whine and complain, there are more of those who stand vigil like an eternal sentinel of the Biblical proportion, watching and calculating for a possible invasion of a major plague. These boys are our first in line of defence, they are my heroes at any given time, and they should be yours too!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thierry Rommel and Belgium will always remind me of Belgian Congo during the dark ages!

Leopold the ll of Belgium, and also known as the Butcher of Congo!

Patrice Emery Lumumba, the first freely elected prime minister of Democratic Republic of Congo, later he was murdered by what many believed to have been ordered by the sacked "white power".

Thierry Rommel the outgoing EU ambassador to Malaysia who has foul mouth, and could just be the direct descendant of Leopold II the butcher of Congo or of one of the brutal mercenaries!!

May just also be Rommel great-uncle being carried by Africans of Congo!

Leopold the ll of Belgium also the Butcher of Congo!


Once in Brussels in the late sixites I saw a sign at a pub door which says "No Africans are allowed", and of course I was shocked, and I not a bit surprise if the sign still hold true today.
Sad to say that today's Belgians are still caught in a time warp when the combination of that country drab weather (summer or otherwise), and cold people, do not help them regain their respect when there are xenophobic Belgians like Thierry Rommel, the farcical roving ambassador representing the European Union (EU).
Rommel, who has a foul mouth, no pun intended he has bad breath I was told, and at one stupid press conference he may just have destroyed a small percentage of a positive impression that Malaysians may have for his country.
Looking at his picture, Rommel will always remind me of a face of any Belgian mercenaries and the butcher King Leopold II, who raped and plundered and massacred millions of Congolese, when the country was called Belgian Congo and under Leopold as a private company.
Leopold was so brutal that the Congolese Africans had no choice but to fight back.
IN the 60s we heard about how sad it was for white nuns being "raped" and "killed" by the "animalistic Congolese" and we just assumed the black Africans do not need out sympathy.
Well the truth was they did what they had to do because the Belgians killed, tortured them like animals.
So when nationalist like Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of independent Belgian Congo, was assassinated many believe he was killed by the Belgian secret service, or even the CIA, or the Diamond cartel De Beer, for trying to free his people and to control his country's resources.
So Rommel, let me get one thing straight here, Europeans, as a race, have no compunction about killing or taking lives of others, you people have done it for centuries.
So do not open your mouth and tell your European lies again when you said Malaysia is living under Emergency rule and that there is no free elections, I have to draw a line here and I do not know who you have been speaking to, but you are wrong! I will not wish you a good life upon your retirement, but I wish that you will think of our sunny Malaysia when you are retiring and living in a home for the age somewhere in a drab countryside of Belgium that was built by the misery, sweat and blood, and tears of millions of Africans that your king and government have massacred! Good riddance, you fucking fascist!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am not sure about a win-win deal with S'pore...let me say why!

Pedro Blanca, that stupid granitic outcrop that we will win back but at a cost of giving another big chunk of Malaysia to S'pore!


Singapore is desperate for space, its population is increasing, it needs more elbow room for infrastructure, it can only go sprouting up, only up to a point in the sky. Eventually, S'pore will have to come into Malaysia which ever way it can.
Iskandar Development Region (IDR) call it by any other name will be a grand metropolis for the republic, but I do not believe IDR will create " a new global metropolis that Malaysia can be truly be proud of", says the PM recently.
But with the amount of money coming in from the island republic into IDR, S'pore will ensure that it will have the control over the real estate, and I do not see how Malaysia can really get involve in running a very sophisticated metropolis created by S'pore money.
This is what I foresee, if S'pore sponsor IDR becomes a thorn in the the flesh of Malaysia, say twenty years from now and we want to eject S'porians out of the place, can we do it? No! S'pore will have to fight to protect its investment, with the moral support from the rest of the world.
In this case the rest of the world mean the US, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Europe (Indonesia and the rest of Asean do not count as the rest of the world, for they are and will forever be weak to assist Malaysia comes a head on collision between us and S'pore!)
My view is we should just develop IDR with our own money and for better of worse it will still be us if IDR flounder! Just my view.
As my father once told me to never had a wish to meet the Devil and think you can listen and out do him, for while he may appear benign, it is the nature of the Devil to take your soul at any cost if you are stupid enough to think that you can talk him out of it! Basically he was saying "don't play with the devil or you will get burnt".

Malaysia will win back Batu Putih from the International Court, for sure and I have no doubt about it. And did you know that S'pore designed it all along for us to win back that stupid granitic out]crop that will be underwater in ten years or so due to global warming and rise in water level, and somebody will come out a hero after that! And the bad news is Singapore will have even a bigger land mass from Malaysia, and you have already guess where!BTW! LKY is master at the game of chess!

Just a thought!

No cheers today!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who says Malays are stupid in the first place!

How can he allows himself to be quoted saying what he said?! I am so truly disappointed with him as my Prime Minister!


IN the first place who insinuated that Malays are stupid or weak, and a non-competitive group! We are gullible at best but never what the Prime Minister described us. Who said we have been afraid, may be we were a bit afraid of the police in the past, but that is because they were so fascistic and mentioned the Federal Reserve Unit or FRU, we will be shitting bricks. When I was growing up they were mean.
We are pathetic yes, that is because we are so loyal to our leaders and rulers and sometime we cannot help but to feel betrayed by the very people who are supposed to be looking after our interest. Malays have been misunderstood many times over, we have been accused of idolising nationalism, but that was not true because we have been idealising nationalism for our own benefit. To quote someone: "Since when is being a Malay and a Muslim is such a big problem for this country? Even to a point where our very own leaders (not all though) are also beginning to believe that being a Malay and a Muslim in this country is a big problem! Below is what being picked up by the internet for the whole world to read and those who do not know the background of the Malay race will now believe our esteemed Prime Minister on what he said about his own people! Now I am beginning to wonder whether if he is a Malay who should be in charge of the country biggest political party. FYI many Malays tries to be competitive but it is not easy to compete with the Umnoputra! Trust me I know a lot of Malays tried to capitalise on opportunities but that was just mere illusion. I am just fed up!
I am fed up because my race has been use as a punching bag by politician who love to put the fear of a psychological bogeymen into us, Malay politicians are still using that scare tactic to make Malays support them, but we have not been afraid for such a long time now it is just that you Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, you didn't know that, and still think that we are afraid and that we are a bunch of imbeciles, I do feel sorry for you sir!


"Malays 'not stupid or weak' and must become competitive: PM

Malaysia's majority ethnic group, the Muslim Malays, are not "stupid or weak" and should stop being fearful and learn to live without government handouts, the prime minister reportedly said Sunday.

"The feeling of being scared and apprehensive has dominated the thinking of the Malays for far too long... we are still scared even after 50 years of independence," Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

Abdullah said in an interview reported by the official Bernama news agency that Malays must not continue to rely on a four-decade-old system of positive discrimination which entitles them to a range of benefits.

"They must learn to stand on their own feet and learn to be competitive. We will help the Malays who are serious in wanting to do business and want to work hard," he said.

"I've said many times Malays are not stupid or weak," he added.

Abdullah said it would take a long process to change the mindset of Malays, who make up 60 percent of the population but lag far behind the ethnic Chinese community which dominates the business sector.

"I want the Malays to capitalise on the opportunities given to them," he said. "There are no easy ways to succeed in life. Only the educated, knowledgeable and the hard-working will succeed eventually."

The prime minister's salvo comes ahead of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party congress this week which is expected to tackle the issue of the positive discrimination policies that are criticised as ineffective.

Government data released in 2004 showed that 8.3 percent of Malays were still living in poverty -- earning less than 190 dollars a month -- compared to just 0.6 percent of Chinese and 2.9 percent of Indians.

After racially charged speeches at last year's assembly caused dismay among Malaysia's ethnic Chinese and Indians, Abdullah said the party must show this time that it was intent on benefiting all Malaysians."


Friday, October 26, 2007

Illegal immigrants: Among others, they are depleting our blood supply!

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, a respected senior Umno member.

Illegal immigrant in the USA have the audacity and temerity to demonstrate! But why not since there are many of them!

Malaysia sending back token illegal immigrants back to Indonesia due to public pressure!


"Illegal immigrants in Malaysia comprise a substantial portion of the Malaysian population, numbering as many as two million by some estimates. Most of them are from nearby Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Illegal migrants tend to take odd jobs unpalatable to the local populace, such as working in construction sites. Although their presence in Malaysia is against the law, the Malaysian government did not make a serious effort to deport illegal migrants until early 2005, when it was feared that displaced Indonesians affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami would swamp the country" source: Wikipedia.

ALREADY THE HEALTH MINISTRY people are grumbling over illegal immigrants threatening our blood supply destined for Malaysians! So what are we to do if the government is not addressing this major and serious problem.

Now that we have been in space, and have acquired submarines and sophisticated tanks to further enhanced our country's security we now have to deal with this festering illegal immigrant problem and to deal with it swiftly and as soon as possible.

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad was only half correct when he hit the panic button by saying "maybe the visa on arrival (VOA) will be revoked at the end of this year when Visit Malaysia Year is over".

Well, he is wrong! AND WE ARE NOT A XENOPHOBIC NATION! But the VOA should not have been implemented in the first place and we are not like Laos, Cambodia or Indonesia where we are really really hard-ups on tourists dollars, or Rupees or whatever the other currencies are.

We must abide by our law that requires those who need visa to apply before entering the country, this was non-negotiable until we started to become greedy to the point of compromising our security just for that mighty ringgit!

Malaysia is a different kettle of fish all together, while we are promoting tourism we are also discerning in our welcoming what kind of foreign visitors that we want for our tourism industry.Years ago in London I was told by the Greek Embassy there that I have to wait for two weeks for my visa,and I only had eight days to spare and they do not have VOA, and the gruff Greek official said I have to follow Greek immigration law, fair enough and so we went to Venice instead.

VOA implies we are so hard-ups for tourist monies, and meanwhile over two millions illegal immigrants in this country is creating havoc on our fragile infrastructure, such as blood supply, sewer systems and many more.

I hope at the upcoming Umno General I hope leaders will address this issue as one of our dire problems that we are facing vis-a-vis illegal foreigners who are not even afraid of our police and security forces. I was told our policemen are also afraid to apprehend big Africans that you can see loitering Chow Kit Road,and what chances do we have to have our security guaranteed! I will leave at that!

Just a bit of a trivia here. The problem in Lebanon which started in 1948, when civil war broke out, was when Palestinian refugees found out, or they thought they did , that they were more of them than there than the Lebanese and they thought they could just take over the country and unfortunately today, Lebanon needs to be professionally embalmed before being buried by sectarian bullshit there!

Here is another piece of information for us Malaysians to ponder upon from the comfort of their houses watching Astro that we never thought genocide in Bosnia-Heregovina, Rwanda, Darfur in Sudan, Timor Leste could never happened in our life time, well it did and what makes Malaysia so special?! No we are not!

No cheers today!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, you have made us proud!

Person of Highest Order!

The certificate says:" Know ye all that on 26th April 1997..........................defied all laws of physical science and common sense by hooking an arresting wire on board "Freedom's Flagship" - the oldest active ship on the United States Navy.
By exhibiting such fearlessness and composure, you are now awarded membership in the "The Order of the Hook". Signed by T.S. Fellin, Captain United States Navy.
The aircraft carrier's motto is :"Don't Tread On Me"
(I have to hide my name)

Hi people!

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar has changed the concept of merantau, or the Minangkabau version of walkabout, to a new height, pun intended!
I bet you when he was asked by his parents when was he going to merantau to see the world they didn't expect him to go gallivanting around the globe in a space ship!
One of the scary things that he experienced was that the 8.5 force of gravity that will render you helpless. Once I had the good fortune of being invited on board a moving United States Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Independence, under the command of Captain T.S. Fellin, somewhere in the Andaman Sea, that was one experience I could never forget.
As a journalist then I received a call from the the US Embassy official who said: "Your wish has been granted!"
So off I went to the Subang TUDM airbase and I was put in a US navy windowless Greyhound carrier and off we went and after two tries landed on the aircraft carrier via an arresting hook on a wire.
When we left we were told of the g-force that we will encounter upon taking off.
The G-force was only 2.5, but that was enough for me when we were literally catapulted from the carrier carrier for about a long brief moment I did not now where I was so it does not matter if the place exploded or I die for we would not know, and it didn't matter.
Hey! That was only 2.5 G-force, now imagine Sheikh Muszaphar will be experiencing 8.5 G-force, in a pub when you are totally drunk the G-force is only 0.25, and trust me if that Soyuz exploded he wouldn't know either. Its like you are floating in limbo and to me it was one of the most calming experience I have ever had, but quite scary!
Now back to Sheikh Muszaphar, the 8.5 g-force that he experienced is enough to qualify him as a real bona fide astronaut! When he went up he was riding on a controlled explosion of a megatons proportion.
Well done warih, you have also defied all laws of physical science and common sense and made it back to earth. Some people will be jealous of your accomplishment and success, they will call you all sorts, such as being gay and everything to make them happy with their unhappiness of your success but in my book you are one hell of a Minangkabau hero, gay or otherwise! So "don't let them tread on you" my man, you are one helluva guy who belongs to a very special Order!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ah! If only we have a strong leadership!

Top honcho of the little red dotter!

This could never happened under any other leadership of Malaysia! And no one form our side is hitting back!

Lee Kuan Yew had just accused Malaysian government of mistreating non-Malays by saying "if they would just educate the Chinese and the Indians, use them and treat them as citizens, they can equal us and even be better than us". A totaly false statement!

This Lee Kuan Yew is getting senile, and it looks as though senility dementia is creeping in on this number one red dotter. To begin with, unlike the Malays in Singapore who can only go as far as "not too far", here in Malaysia the non-Malays are part and parcel of the country. We have the highest non-Malays millionaires per capita in this country compare to any others in the region.

Secondly, we have no intention of being equal with Singapore, as being kiasu is totally not our culture and looked upon with total disdain by Malaysians. Thirdly, there is no time in future where Malaysia will allow Singapore to merge, although DAP stalwarts like Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang would love to see another day when their party will be again called PAP! Karpal, let Singapore bursts to the seams we will not be merging!

Dr Ooi Kee Beng is right , the thought of merger with or without S'pore's terms is definitely too appalling to all Malays, except for those who are on the payroll of Singapore government!

A note for us to remember here: Lee Kuan Yew retorts was placed in a very small column in the NST and I wonder why! And why did not anyone of our Ministers reply and to chastise Lee Kuan Yew over his insensitive statement, is also beyond my comprehension! Except for Gerakan making a token statement, which was okay! Dollah Badawi my Prime Minister! Where are you when Lee Kuan Yew is insulting us!

Selamat Berhuru Hara!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Never mind Malaysian or what not! The first astronaut from Malaysia is a Minangkabau! Yay!

How 'bout that, the First Minangkabau Astronaut!

Breaking News!

Forget about being the first Malaysian, Malayali, Hindu, or Chinese or what ever!! The first astronaut from this country called Malaysia is, guess what?!!......A MINANGKABAU FROM NEGERI SEMBILAN! Yes the first Minang! Utusan Malaysia confirmed it below:

"SEREMBAN 11 Okt. – Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan merakamkan ucapan tahniah kepada angkasawan pertama negara, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor dan berdoa semoga misi di Stesen Angkasa Antarabangsa (ISS) berjaya.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan berkata, pencapaian itu amat membanggakan dan seluruh rakyat gembira kerana angkasawan pertama negara itu berasal dari Negeri Sembilan...."

I was probably the first Minangkabau to hitch hike around the world in the late 60s, and congrats Dr Sheikh Muszaphar for being the first to go around the globe from space, you have done the Minangkabau sub-Malay species and the rest of Malaysians proud (Hey! My blogsite I can say it!)

PS. It is confirmed by three of his classmates, and was told he is not gay! Even if he is, so what he is still the first Minang to shoot up in space man, so much that you can say about yourself people! What a mind-boggling and mind-bending experience, eh!


Selamat Hari Raya!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nazri Aziz you lied to the people therefore you must go!

You are so arrogant and smug for an MP elected by the people! Why?!

This is very serious!

A Malaysian cabinet minister without portfolio, Nazri Aziz, who is a defacto minister in charge of the law of the country has lied to the Malaysian public and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must remove him from his portfolio.
Nazri Aziz said there is such thing as a Witness Protection Act, when no such Bill was being tabled by our Parliament and passed, so he is lying and he cannot plead ignorant over the matter and Malaysians demand that he be removed for trying to pull a fast one and to lie on the rakyat.
In other similar parliamentary democratic system such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada a minister responsible would have been asked to go!
So Nazri for a start please apologise to the rakyat and then you must go when the PM tells you to go or come this general elections, if we are not very careful, we can see BN with reduced majority and then some irresponsible people will create racial problem and we will all suffer. So I am a staunch government vanguard and sentinel, trust me if I can get seriously angry over this episode others will and can too. So arrogant Nazri do the necessary!


Thank you.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Rumour mongering spread by our enemies!??

Hi people!

The pictures above is my cell phone text message that I received just now and the sender is from an overseas numbers and the content is in the accompanying pixs that I took from my cell phone. I had to produce three shots since my phone screen cannot show the whole message so I took them in sequence! Give me some theory here as to why!
Even if it is true a finance minister from one of the Asean countries seeking psychiatric treatment so what! And why sent it to a Malaysian!