Monday, March 12, 2007

We should at least make one thing very clear!

This is especially for Nuraina who posted a comment saying that now women can see the other side of Pasquale!

Well Nuraina!

It was never my intention to constantly crave for praiseor to get feel-good comment everyday on my character I am always what I am. Since my favourite line is in a movie "Oliver Cromwell" when Richard Harris (RH) who played Oliver Cromwell (OC) who cursed King Charles and later talked his peers into executing King Charles for being insensitive to the feeling of the rakyat. RH who played OC said: "gentlemen certain issues are beyond good manners" and the "this arrogant king must be taught a lesson this king must be dealt with" so they chopped off Charles'd head!

So Ina thanks for your unsolicited observation on Pasquale, but I assure you while women are considered to be precious and there is a need for men "to protect them", but they are the tough ones! They have high threshold of pain, they give birth! If man can give birth a family will stop at three: woman, man, woman than man will say no way! Women are the most sophisticated species and the most perfect holy grail, the most perfect vessel ever created, since time immemorial. Without these vessels, life as we know is meaningless, life as we know it is non-existent and whats the point!

Having said that I have to tell you many of them too have serious problem and severe and acute personality bypass!

They are sometime confused, some are also dimwit, pathetic, uncaring, self-righteous, with the high and almighty attitude showing that I-am-special-so-therefore-treat-me-well-or-else attitude! The world is about equality, the world is not about your flawed personality, but the world is about real equality between man and woman, especially in feelings! If we cannot do it institutionally at least we all, male and female, should have that unwritten understanding to like one another. The world is not only about women with Obssessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). So this is my view Nuraina, nothing against women at all, but just against some self-centered and self-absorbing members of the opposite sex! Otherwise I do like their smell, well only some of them though! (Ina! BTW I like yours! Keep it up)

PS. Having said all of the above I proposed we should also chopped off TA head for being insensitive to the feeling of women in this country, women also spelled Rakyat!

March 12, 2007 12:29 PM



Hey Pasquale, I think I got your message..

Anonymous said...

I still cannot decide whether you are a jerk or just plain weird or a nice guy! But I must get on with life!

Pasquale said...

Hey Moron! In reference to anonymous on March 15 at 12:15AM!

At least tell me who you are! Do you know Pasquale!