Monday, March 12, 2007

Cameron Highlands: Our precious heritage and green dimension is now a plundered asset! As far as I am concerned!

IT is not a pretty sight that I saw while being driven through from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highland. The entrance to this green dimension is like a scene from a devastated planet with dusty environment and a totally marred what was once a beautiful limestone massif. I supposed the Perak state government has to collect taxes even if the environment has to be destroyed during the process. BTW one can also making money prostituting one self and the same can be said for any government.

If I am a foreign tourist being driven through from Simpang Pulai to our exquisite and precious green dimension called Cameron Higlands I would be put off and miffed because my first impression of the country will be the destruction of a beautiful natural landscape just for the sake of commercial venture! Then after a while we were actually driving through a beautiful mountain road and at this point in time the hills are like a gigantic mural of a great colour painting where trees are turning red and orange in colours just like Maine, in New England, in autumn.

Alas! My joy was short lived as we were driving up the mountain I saw rubbish being dumped indiscriminately along this beautiful jungle road leading to Cameron Highlands. It may appears the environment is now an open a dumping ground by irresponsible people or perhaps by local council. [inset top left. Pix by Pasqualensa ).

If you care to look down at any hill slope you can see more rubbish. When we almost reach the Blue Valley I can clearly see one hill being turned into a dumping ground of unprocessed rubbish! Why is this allowed! Pahang state exco member incharge of Tourism Datuk Maznah said recently the people of Cameron Highland must be responsible in maintaining a clean and good environment! I think her statement is naive and wrong! The enforcement agencies looking into after the state of health of Cameron Highlands is to be blamed they are not doing their job, plain and simple! Unbridled cultivation of state land is the order of the day up here n the mountains near Cameron Highlands! And yet the authority is bitching about changing in climate up in the highlands!

Then as we descend through the mountain road heading for Gua Musang I was shock to see a whole hill being torn apart, gouged, raped, destroyed beyond recognition!
Surely someone must be answerable to this carnage! Then I saw "hundreds" of logging trucks ferrying logs and logging station where thousands of felled timber being stored! So it looks as though Malaysia is an open season for illegal logging, corruption and hey! I want to know who is in charge here in this country! {inset right: devastated green dimension near Cameron Highlands. Pix by Pasqualensa}


"Jedi Hopeful" is the ambitious young lady.... said...

I was raised in Cameron and I have seen the changes. Unfortunely, not many local people there are aware of the importance of it. Why? They are more concern in how to survive in the growing world. Would you belive me that those illegal loggings are actually legal...the truth is for you to find out, if you manage to get a snitch from the district & land office. However, the simpang pulai and gua musang road, are actually legal logging, and i believe it was part of the authorized act under contract for the construction of the road. I had a study visit to their site office when I was a student back 3 years.
actually the thing that we should really worry is the matter that tourist that goes for jungle tracking in the forest of camerons, they litter and some destroy or steal endangered wild orchids..

Pasquale said...

Dear "the ambitious young lady thats about to become 26 in 2007" can you have a short "handle" will make it easier for me to reply?

So,okay can you find me a snitch from the land office, for all I know you could be from the land office your self, there is no way the massive logging in Cameron Highlands be legal than it is proof that someone should be sack from his or her job! As for trackers I thought they have to get permission from local authority before they can go tracking? Even if they have, the authority should have sent rangers to check! As for protection of protected flora and fauna corruption at the level of the local authority has made enforcement difficult, you as a local resident there should also bring awareness that this shit is going on!

"Jedi Hopeful" is the ambitious young lady.... said...

educating ppl of cameron is like trying to educate the ignorant...

the system the goverment created there..never really works...

my mom works at the district office, and there are times she's not proud to be there...but she said, as long as she keep it straight and do her job...she would be fine, but if the BPR comes over, she said she will be grad to perform her duty as a good citizen..for now, she just mind her business..

As for my dad, he and my grandpa, were a victim of a corruption case in cameron back 15yrs. they became the scape goat... for some devil that was anonymous to every1..only we know who that person is..

so what i can say here, many spirits here have died.....or diluted, of what the world have done to them..

now leaving me...thinking that i can still change the world, while other thinks of me as the educated brat...that thinks she's better than any1 else...

i'm happier living in KL, and only come back to cameron for holidays..

Pasquale said...

Well young lady who is going to be 26 in 2007, we all have to fight our own battle it is just that we should not give up on what we really believe and care! Good luck with your future! You seem like a good person, oh! may be you can have your own blogsite dedicating it only to the environment of our beloved Cameron Highlands!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is one big rubbish dump! Remember reading in the NST how mounds, big ones, of rubbish dump being planted grass on top and turned into playgrounds and places for jogging! Remember what an Australian newspaper journalist wrote about Malaysia! The title of his article is "Malaysia Bodoh" if not mistaken. Rubbish dump is dangerous and hazardous to health!!!