Friday, March 02, 2007

Real Conspiracy to Control!

Small sophisticated countries like Singapore with a hungry population, hungry in a sense that they want more elbow room, to quote Daniel Boone, have no choice but to expand. Initially S'pore just go about reclaiming the shore, then the sand started to stop coming. So in view of this, the highly charged and powered Singapore Cabinet headed by LKY decided unanimously to expand upwards, meaning up to Malaysia, starting with Johore for now, and depending on how desperate they are, the island republic will decide in the future to move further up or not.
The Nusajaya, an ambitious multi-trillion Ringgit project involving hundreds of thousands of hectares of Johore land, means Malaysia, will be an extension of the Singapore metropolis, where Singaporeans will and can move in and out to this area freely without passport. Malaysian will be denied free movement into this specially designated economic, industrial, and residential areas controlled by Singaporeans.
This can only happens at the behest of Malaysian political leaders lead by Abdullah Badawi. I believe it is like this, Malaysia has been arm twisted into succumbing to demands made by Singapore, with the help of th republic strong ally, the USA!
Too bad for Malaysians the reality of any super power foreing policy also included blackmail, I for one believe and convinced that AAB was told in a very specific term that if you dont we will charged your son for behaving in a way contradictory to the US fights on terror!


shanghaistephen said...

Get real man, this is a survival test for any small countries... why are we being jealous of their hunger for spreading their wings into a country(ours) with our ever-willing leaders selling their sovereignity to the higgest(sorry it should read first bidder!) bidder !And that is why WE soon have to travel with our passports if we want to visit Johor and like they say, as long there is a willing buyer, Malaysian politicians and wakil rakyats and guardians of this nation (read morons- your word ! ) will sell.Just look at the corruption first at the nation's entry and exit points ! Why do you think we have so bloody many illegals mingling in our society, how did they get into this country ? You think they just "vapourised" into this country ala "Terminator" ???And that is only a start, once inside this country, we have government agencies dabbling in corruption just so these illegals remain here in our country.

Come on magpie,lets not pretend... who allows this shit in, in the first place ? And now we point fingers as to why our pricky friends from the south(Singaporeans) are encroaching into our country,when nothing is said (under the pretext for jobs or higher learning), about Indons, Banglas, Myanars, Indians, Pakis, Chinese,Philipinos.
Are you not being prejudiced of ONLY Singaporeans when our Johoreans brethren are waving their arrival with olive leaves in welcome $$$$$$ ? the way ,Where are you from ?... you write/speak very good english ?

shar101 said...

Magpie? Pasquale? Alright! Now I know where to go for the really, really 'deep' stuff. Especially on RDC i.e. RedDotCom.

Keep 'em coming, bro.

BTW There's a tunnel beneath the causeway. That's why RDC was dead set against building the bridge. The initial piling works did quite a bit havoc with the imported French chandeliers and Italian upholstery. Apparently, it's LKY's super secret nuclear fallout shelter in case someone drops the big one. There's enough room even for his friends from across the Tebrau.

Notice: This T.I.C. posting should be read with an open mind. You do know what an open mind is, don't you? Nuff said.

harmdone7 said...

Nusajaya will be Johore's version of Putrajaya. I'm sure the state won't easily give in to Spore...

mek said...

First, thanks to Nuraina for revealing the magpie's nest.

Shar101, tunnel beneath the causeway... that's a new one!

But I've heard that there is no length the neoimperialists would not go. To them, their proxy's dominance is their dominance. Geopolitically speaking.

So you may well have to dislodge that tongue from your cheek. ;D


Chindiana said...

The Singaporeans are coming yes its true. I know for a fact smaller Singaporean businesses are already investing here. Its the only natural extension when they've exhausted the resources there. But the're not ALL the big bad wolf. Normal folks out to make a living just with stronger credit ratings then us. However I'm not sure when the Singapore government gets involved though. They have set the standard of legalised sheep hearding down there.They always seem to have an ulterior motive. Only way to survive I guess when they are so small.

Hey Pasquale my guess you must be with the Malaysia special forces PASKAL?

ahirudin said...

hey bro pasquale,
what i want to know is where temasek gets the billions and billions of dollars to invest. try compiling the companies temasek has put money in and do a tally.
they have the money to buy up the whole of malaysia in a sec if we allow them to.

congrats on the blog.

Anonymous said...

To chindiana:What is the special msian forces PASKAL? Wd u care to enlighten me. tks

pasquale said...

To anonymous!

Let me answer you PASKAL stands for Pasukan Komando Laut, a special elite force in the same vein as the US Navy Seal and just as good, and no Pasquale is not Paskal!

Anonymous said...

Dalam 50 tahun, Singapura sebagai Landlord or Owner dgn Malaysians jadi tenants.

Tapi kalau takda kronism, korupt Wakil Rakyat dan Malaysia negara semaju Korea/Jepun - why not?!

Hidup LKY! Singapura Boleh!

baba said...

Kekalkan hak Bumiputera, perkuatkan dan pertambahkan hak Bumiputera. Kedudukan Singapura dalam WPI adalah setaraf Perdana Menteri dan ini adalah Haram. Singapura tidak boleh ada apa-apa kaitan atau suara dalam WPI melainkan sebagai pelabur seperti pelabur-pelabur lain dari India dan Cina yang menurut tatacara pelaburan.

Akhir kata, kami mesti menyuarakan

"Kami boleh memikirkan diri kami sendiri tetapi kami memilih untuk memikirkan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara kami"

"Wahai umat Melayu yang percaya, pada hari ini Allah s.w.t telah menganugerahkan kepada kamu satu peluang. Peluang untuk mempertahankan hak kamu. Oleh itu bangkit dan bersuara lah atas nama Agama, Bangsa dan Negara"

"Wahai umat Melayu yang tidak percaya, yang tunduk kepada nafsu syaitan, membenarkan Singapura mencampuri urusan kamu di tanah air kamu dan menyerahkan hak Melayu atas nama agenda syaitan kamu, kamu adalah sebenar-benar Pengkhianat Agama Bangsa dan Negara. Bertaubatlah"