Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't be a MORON! Excercise your rights, don't forget to vote!

YES! if you value a good quality of life just excercise your voting rights. I am registering myself as a voter as I do not want to be a Moron ever! To quote Rocky Bru's "as a journalist we just cover elections." But no more! The problem with Malaysians, Malays especially, we are so both pathetic and apathetic and we are also unclear with this voting principle in a system like Malaysia, I did say our system is a sham, democratic system that is I do apologise! I was chastised over my sweeping remark by someone respectable!
In Australia you are breaking the law if you do not excercise your vote! I think Malaysia should do the same. People of Shah Alam don't be an indolent and a moron! You have to stop the barbarian at the gate or it will be your lives! Malays by nature are lazy, they want others to do the job for them, just as general elections is. They will say "Ah! It will take care of itself" but then it will be too late! Look at May 1969, the chauvinist Malaysians cast their votes and when Tan Chee Khoon was elected as MP the Malays got really miffed and they fight! A very moronic behaviour. Had they went out to cast their votes, they are the majority anyway, situation would have been different!
So Morons! Go register and don't allow "the rice to turn into porridge". You want to know something I am sick of you people, the Malay-Morons that is, they are a bunch of winnies, crybabies, whiners, of course Morons, and sourgrapes! Go out there and be a true human being or Gerakan will be in power again, so will SIL! At last count, over 10 millions eligible voters are registered as Morons, go out and do yourselves a favour by reverting this once proud country to its original name MALAYSIA! I am tired of being identified as a person coming from a country called Moronasia!


Chindiana said...

dude, not sure if you will deem this comment fit to post THIS TIME, but from me to you - as a non malay malaysian i have never voted. i was very anti mahatir. A LONG time ago i went to a a DAP talk just to get familiar with the folks I WAS going to vote for.I left KNOWING that these guys are not ready to run a country. the're just there to make things tough for the ruling party. fair play in the big picture but its politics which thrive in the grey area between black and white. I want to make a difference but my flag bearers have to prove to me that they are WITH me. I WILL defintely vote at the next election.

Pasquale said...

Chindiana let me ask you to do something for me! Go and check the city and make a survey who owns what in real estate and other property and to your surprise you will find out they are all own by non-Malays,If you bother to see for yourself who owns the high prize real estate and other property n Kuala Lumpur, or in any little town in Malaysia you will also find the same. Unless you have somewhere else to live in this country than go by all means if you think this country is actually being controlled by Malays! But, that is not true. I would like to think, I know I am right, that this country is ruled by Malaysians and to ensure that is to excercise your rights, voting included. As for the DAP! Well originally DAP was called the PAP, so when Lee Kuan Yew was kicked out of Malaysia for trying to be chauvinistic, he told some of his people, headed by Lim Kit Siang,to stay and fight until Singapore and Malaysia become one but under the republic control, so DAP becomes PAP, just a difference of one alphabet, but same old same old! So be a patriotic Malaysian and vote! Hey if you think this country really own by the Malays than you are indeed a Moron! If so you do not need to do anything just wait untl you expire! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian, no other choice, proud to be malaysian, patriotic, etc??? Not to a government of corrupted Total A-holes (TA) by corrupted TA's for corrupted TA's
moron for not voting, hmm... idealistic moronism still moronism.
Voting profile here is moronic democratism, you vote a party drenched in ethnic bigotry for a corrupted TA, the voter moron has no say over who becomes what in the government, no moron can vote in a minister of whatever corrupt excrement portfolio, all that decided by secret handshake etc. Moronic not to vote or moronic to vote.
Democracy just means that a corrupt TA has the same vote as an ustaz as a mental retard, as an imbecile, as a cretin, as a moron, thus democracy is tyranny of the majority who by definition must be not the brilliant or the just or the incorruptible or etc. I.E. neither the best or the worst of the population, just the lowest common denominator - in this case = corrupt, rationalising as sane good people.
Moronic voter = Moronic nonvoter, TA elected as usual

Chindiana said...

chill dude. i AM going to vote.for ME and my rights plus can't have magpies calling me a moron right? : )

KLite in Perth said...

hi pasquale,

I have a situation here. I live in Perth, Australia (BTW, Pak Lah's brother's nasi kandar place is nothing great lah, teloq rebuih pun tak dak). I heard the GE is going to be within this year (Nov kot?) I am a registered voter and i want to make sure that i vote. Tapi masalahnya, if i'm not in KL by that time, how can i vote from Perth? Is it possible?

Pasquale said...

Hei! KLite in Perth!

Unlike the Americans, Polish or Canadians, or Australians you have to be in the country to vote! Sorry! Hey Moron balik lah kalau dah jadi registered voters, or should you care now that you are not living here anymore.
Cheers! Enjoy the nasi kandar!


Pasquale, What a Moron,

At least I can vote next election.

Do you know that even if you registered today, you would still not be in time to vote if elections were this year. Moron.

Pasquale said...

Wdell Nuraina what can I say!

Wait! Wait!At least this will teach these morons a lesson about their rights!

Anonymous said...

Just a chilled comment :)

A rose by any other name... except the local version of M'sia Boleh permits total control of what the majority of imbeciles see/hear
Without access to opposing views as all views are invariably bigotted to an extent or other, this country survives continously in guided democracy that our leaders (sic) are so proud of. For the majority, moronic, imbecilic, etc they get sold on good news, however pathetic it is, so they vote happily as it is. I am quite aware that I'm abnormal i.e. outside the +/- 2 S.D. of the Gaussian curve, and in the process of democracy, therefore have to bow to this tyranny of the majority. My vote as a mentally retarded, voyeuristic, anal-retentive illegitimate offspring of a female of the canine species, or otherwise as the case may be will not and cannot prevail over that of the majority.
We do not have a culture of social justice which is the prerequisite for some form of effective democracy. The birth of democracy was preceded by and attended to by the midwife of social justice and equality. In Boleh-land of mega kebabs and multiple A1's, democracy is stillborn, smothered by personal gain, defiled by greed, mothered by corruption and fathered by lust. This inbred democracy is something so opaque that the only viable response to such an overwhelming abdomination is not to exercise one's right to vote but more subtle, to exercise one right to expression by not voting. A government which is voted in by a minority of votes cast (e.g. <20% of total eligible voters casting their votes) has less moral and ethical legitimacy as it can never claim to have the popular vote. This is all humility may be a more mature utilisation of one's right to vote.
Moronic to vote > moronic to abstain ??

A Voice said...

Its time we turn Politics into k-Politics!

Our PM is Father of k-Economy, its time to turn everything into k-s.

I dunno what Pak Lah's understanding of k. I think its not knowledge. Likely to be kata kerja.

So many times, he said ...

...masa untuk kerja,
...kita kena kerja,
...sekarang kena tumpu untuk kerja,
...jangan buang masa teurs kerja,
...dah masa untuk kerja
... etc etc etc some total of 16 permutation over 40 months

Maybe kerja he meant as ...

....kerjakan ECM Libra dan oleh Scomi, or

I will vote on the person with brain, energy and capability. If none of the above, I will .... (undi rahsia).

Pasquale said...

To Anonymous on 19th March at 10:57am!

It is so refreshing to read an eloquent posting from someone who does not mimic the English language, I believe you think in English. The imagery is strong, your semantic and rhetoric in your writing is superior, although I cannot help but detect such sadness in your writing as someone from a tortured soul! Yes, there are so many in this country but we must not give up hope!

P.S. Too bad Rehman Rashid cannot write the way you do, you express your self very simply and well, rather than writing to impress like Rehman! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Pasquale
Me again, anonymous on 19th, maybe should adopt a moniker to avoid misrepresentation. How about March16, date of first post?
Thank you for your kind words which I take at face value, but perhaps a little too rich for my simple post.
It is sad that our rich country is retrogressing while our 'leaders' compete to out-ostrich each other in a sad and pathetic constant display of head-burying and Ar** sticking delusions.
Hope! hope lies eternal in the human breast, but this can only be sustained if only by the slimmest hint of impending improvement. It will be gratifying to know that at least some of these ostriches have heard of Rousseau and the Social Contract much less read, and praise the heavens and thank the earth that some possess an inkling of the conceptualisation of social justice in the fabric of good government.
The modality of governance is not all important, the morality of governance is.

Pasquale said...

Hi! March 16!

March 16 you will be!


Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


Hey moron, mana kau punya post "I yam what I yam!"?

It was a brilliant post, a very interesting topic, the best in fact that i've read on our blogs for quite awhile- so pls man repost it.I was thinking on commenting about it, that its Anwar Ibrahims fault when he tried to create a political platform that differd from the orthodox nationalist theme and compounded a problem that British colonialism left the Malays with- (a cultural inferiority complex and an uncertainty on our identity, history and its worth)...but just havnt had the time to think it over yet...

Or dont tell me u accidentally deleted it?

Man, oh man, that'll be rich

Mat Rempit Hubris said...


Kalau boleh janganlah ada policy macam tu.. ur postings I must say are very interesting though abit unorthodox for most peoples palets, esp those who are more incline to give comments while saying nothing.

But they are worthwhile issues and regardless of whether they elicit comments on not, your postings purely by themselves have alot of educational value.

Postings such as 'I yam what I yam" requires abit of of reflection thus I'm sure come the weekend when more people have the time and space to engange with themselves in an internal dialogue and ruminate abit on what you wrote, the comments will come.

So if i may suggest, even if you are adamant in retaining such a policy, maybe you can lenghten the time frame from 3days to 5.

Anyway, that's just my two cents worth.Whatever it is, u are doing a great job and i must say thank u for providing me with another opurtunity to think things thru.

Cheers bro

Pasquale said...


Sorry, no actually I am not. But I will take your advise. You see I am operating on the concept that life is too short to be wasted! I am so angry with Melayus especially, they are so oblivious to the fact that they are weak in so many aspects, spiritually, mentally and their threshold of pain is very low! They suffer from serious personality bypass while others shine!
You pun jangan lah lama sangat berfikir macham Melayu Moron!
I just two other postings let see how long does your moronic minds react to my postings! Cheers matey!