Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Enemies are already in our Compound!!

Let's cut to the chase! The FTA with the US is a done deal we will be on the loosing end with US weird economic clauses to be inserted and will become law that will probably telling us Malaysians we must be a good neighbour with Singapore, or else! The enemies are not at the gates they are already inside just waiting to plunder and pillage. Billions from Singapore will be a false semblance of our country economic upswing, when it is just an illusion, Nusajaya as I said will be managed and owned by Singaporeans, namely Temasik! So we all have to figure this one out, eh!


pasquale said...

Mat Rempit Hubris, I am sorry to have deleted your posting meant for shanghaistephen, thousands apology, but can you send another one SVP!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale, Thanks for tellling what PASKAL is. I am glad u have your own blog now... use to read yr comments elsewhere. Though i must say i sometimes find u a tad xenophobic. But u do come across as intelligent person and u do write well. Did u say, in some posting somewhere, that u once worked as a journalist too? Ps, not averse to a bit of name-dropping are we? U know Nelly personally? wow. Pps, I can't decide on your age tho... u know nelly but you also like Guess Who. That makes u not a young person. Regards/ okzein

pasquale said...

Dear anonymous!
Yes I am very "mature person", yes I know Nelly through her cousin and Nelly is a real person! As for the Guess Who, I also kow Burton Cumming the lead singer and he is now so pot bellied that all he does was to sit and play the slot machine all the time if he is in his hometown in Canada. If I tell you the hometown some of you might guess I I might be! So enough already and you must get on with your life Anonymous without saying WOW!

Penarik Beca said...

Saudara saya Pasquale

Kerana pembangkang tidak cukup kuat (dan terus terbelit dengan pandangan "masih belum bersedia") untuk mendebik "ada serupa tiada", bolehkah saya mengharapkan orang-orang Umno melakukannya?

Jika, katakan, mereka telah berjaya mendebik "ada serupa tiada" dan evil genius yang yang merantai kakinya, bersediakah pula mereka dengan satu lagi agenda menyelamatkan negara dengan mendebik born loser yang ditambat akal dan apa saja yang dia ada oleh apa yang sering dicemuhkan sebagai penguin cacat?

If you care to reply to this kutu, you can write in English if you have any problem writing in Melayu..


pasquale said...

Penarik Beca!

If you are a real person just say what you want to say because I do not understand your bahasa let alone to decypher it! Just say what you realy want to say and may be we can have a meaningful repartee!

Anonymous said...

Yeeee haaaawww!!!!

Does this mean I can finally buy a Harley for much less than before?

Oh, what about Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler? Will they be easily available at, say, MPH, Times, Kinokuniya and my nearby Kedai Buku Raju & Sons, by then? I really like reading Playboy's articles, you know...

Umm, will KL get its very own Hooters bar? I heard they serve good food...

- LAN.



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