Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hollywood, Morons and the Frail Minds!

IRANIANS were portrayed as savages in the new Hollywood blockbuster "300"? Well, depending on who is interpreting it! Iranian President Ahmadinejad said this about the much talked about new released movie being shown world wide.

(Sorry cannot download pic. of Ahmadinejad so you have to settle for Brutus and Bluto)

He may have something here but before we venture further Hollywood is part and parcel of the American foreign policy. Movies produced by Hollywood have been known to be totally biased beyond recognition. Good example in the days of the yesteryears when we loved to play cowboys rather than Indians. Indians have always been portrayed as the bad guys this is to perpetuate the myth that the land taken over by the white settlers from Europe was taken with God-permission.

Back to 300 Ahmadinejad said the movie release was probably in tandem with American going against Iran nuclear ambition, and imagine, to the mind of the world citizen that the nuclear bombs will be in the hand of these exact savages.

After the second world war, apart from "kidnapping" nuclear scientists and rocket experts such as Werner von Braun, who helped Nazi Germany built the V-Rocket series that bombed England, American also absconded with Nazi propaganda film experts back to the USA. These Nazi film experts found their ways to Hollywood and became big names, they were pardoned and were spared the international court at Nurenberg where other Nazi were being tried and sentenced. (Von Braun was a pioneer of USA space and rocket program and was very successful in being the primover of US sending people to the moon!)

These famous German directors "kidnapped" to the USA after the war as part of the war spoils included those who produced propaganda film for Nazi Germany, they produced film the portrayed Jews as lecherous blood sucking "low life", 20 years before the German people accepted that fact that killing 6 millions Jews were just a a matter of routine.

It took about 20 years for the frail minds of the German people, after being exposed to Nazi propaganda, to accept the fact that Jews in Germany then were "sub-human"! This is what movie land can do!

The German people after being exposed to Nazi propaganda actually slowly begin to believe Jew should and can be exterminated. The power of film making as a tool of propaganda and foreign policy is so strong that even the Japanese, decades or more so, before economically expanding throughout South East Asia started to show Japanese television series such as Shintaro the invincible Japanese Samurai. Shintaro can kill 10 people at one stroke of his samurai sword, and he is very powerful. Then the frail minds of Asian people and leaders then, and probaby now, could be easily cowed and intimidated into any economic or political deals.

Years before 9/11, true or imagined or coincidental, Arabs have been portrayed as terrorists, so probably when Iraq was invaded no body really give a damn! After all Arabs are terrorists!

Back to Iran and the movie 300 and comment made by Iranian president, if the USA and its allies were to invade Iran tomorrow, I bet you, except for me, no one will bat an eyelid or give a damn! After all Iranians were and possibly are indeed savages that deserve to be destroyed!

So while we think it is a simple act of watching anything, Hollywood movies especially, always remember our precious minds are indeed frail can easily be subjected to subtle conditioning! Because deep inside all of us we are all morons!

Anyway thats how I look at the present world with a depleting resources!


Chindiana said...

Hey Pasquale, I think after the the US and British governments sufferring from the public backlash from Iraq, any invasion of Iran will be seen as what it is - oil and lucrative subcontracts for Bush's dad's buddies. But you may be right that folks who know won't really care because better Iran than us right? The ones who will believe the terrorists route will be the folk too poor to give a hoot about life outside their own problems. Different strokes for different folks - the guy who reviewed 300 for the Star said it was a facist movie. For me I can only call it the best Jantan movie in a decade(mindless adrenalin rush). Hey by the way check out my take on the American Media machine at

Pasquale said...

Okay Chindiana I will check it out! Cheers!