Monday, March 12, 2007

It is not just from Perlis to Sabah anymore, now the whole world can know in a jiffy!

Hei yo!

Remember the song "Dari Perlis sampai lah keSabah" it means it will spread like wild fire, in this case the song was about the country being free from the yoke of colonialism and impreialism! It means every one now know this and should be proud!

Well, any fuckup my our leaders will be known by the international community in a freaking seconds or a jiffy! Example is when our Prime Mnister's alleged buying of sail boat in Turkey, that was a good example how it is no more the case of "dari Perlis sampai keSabah" anymore, the news of him allegedly buying spread like really bad (BTW what happens to this one case huh!). It is more a case of "dari Perlis sampai Turkey, keCalifornia, Finland, the White House press oficers' offices, Finland, the whole of fucking Europe especially Holland (where Dutch comes in drove to Malaysia, ke Berlin (I can go on and on)" in other words any fuck up statement by our leaders the bad news will reach Kamchatka, for example, in no time!

People around the world will now actually believe what the Tourism Minister has allegedly said: "Malay will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indian will kill everyone" can be true, that is Malaysians are really stupid enough if we "are trying to destroy 50 years of achievement in this great country"! Fuck this minister if he said what he said, who gave him the right to shoot off his bad breath mouth about lies which has spread to the whole world like Mozzila Firefox! Without our permission! Apologise or we will not stop the pressure!

Abdullah Badawi you had better come out with a statement as a leader chastising your cabinet minister for making a grave statement or your fate will also be sealed alongside Tengku Adnan!

Umno Youth leader Hishamuddin Hussein what about you as leader of the Youth Wing you should say something, or your Deputy KJ! Come out and say something and paint yourselves as heroes, we do need them!


Anonymous said...

Hi pasquale. Read your comment on rr over at rockybru. Indlish reminds me of a noted columnist (when i was growing up) of The Times (of london) called bernard levin. I never could read him, never could understand what he was writing abt. But Mr Levin is true blue English, not someone from the subcontinent.
Regards, okzein

Pasquale said...

Hi! Anonymous at 1205am!

The battle between the American English and the Queens English has been brewing for over two decades, it appears the American English is getting the edge! These sanctimonious English bastards think if we cannot string a proper sentence in English that we are a buch of idiot and indolent! So Rehman Rashid I was told could not anchor Aljazeera, and therefore had to quit, and the job instead given to Timor Nabili (sp?) was because he has a very bad Indlish, never mind English!

Anonymous said...

Hi pasquale, don't gasp at the time. I am a certified insomniac.


Pasquale said...


No problem I just took sudafed and now I cannot sleep myself! So are you a Malay, Chinese, Indian or others! A male or female!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pasquale, Another white night, beyond the reach of diazepam. Thank god for the internet (and boo to that Msian Luddite). And so here i am wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, blog-hopping.
Sudafed? You have a cold? Or is it the sinus, a Premier Problem, so we are told. Funny, decongestants shd make u sleepy not wakeful. But you have to be contrary, no?
As to yr query, i'd prefer not to.
Zorro unmasked and Superman disrobed make dull copy, n'est ce pas? Only connect, Pasquale. Nice visiting with you again. So now to sign off in the best Indlish... I remain your humble servant, okzein.

Pasquale said...

Okzein (sounds Turkish!)

You are right! I understand! Lets just connect I am not here for the ego tripping! Drop a line to discuss any issue if you wish! Yesh! Sudafed while it works for me but it makes me tense and jittery for about half a day, then I will be normal again!