Thursday, March 08, 2007

Malacca Zoo, may be a warehouse for Animals to be smuggled to S'pore!

Hei! Ever wondered why Singapore zoo is the "best" in the world, or at least in this part of the region? {inset: herd of wild elephant near Banding. They should roam free not in the zoo. Pix by Pasqualensa}
A little magpie told me, most of the animals in Singapore Zoo, such as tapir, gibbon, assortment of snakes, pangolin, tigers, yes, tigers, and they all came from an "animal warehouse"otherwise known as the Malacca Zoo. This black market trade of animals from Malaysia to be smuggled to Singapore should not come as a surprise to Morons in this country, it is done in the most "military precision" operation which involves even the underground elements, from the triad to the tong! Animal smuggling has become one of the most lucrative venture which also involves sophisticated networking and equipments. We can't really hide some lowland gorillas displayed at Taiping Zoo, these gorillas were found to have also been smuggled from Africa but have since been safely repatriated, after some legal tussle, back to South Africa until they were sent back to their respective villages Rwanda. Hundreds of Orang Utans were also rescued and sent back to their respective "villages" in Kalimantan, North Borneo and to other parts of Indonesia.
Lets get back to the Malacca Zoo as a clearing house for prized and rare animals sold to Singapore by black marketeers. Apparently this illegal practice has been going on for a long time. Not only animals smuggled to S'pore but also gravel stone from shores of islands, in Johore and Pahang declared as national park! Rattan and manaus, some of our protected species of plants also found their way quite easily to S'pore, many sophisticated means are used by the smugglers.
Here is a story told to me by my nephew: "This very old chinaman from S'pore always cross the causeway from Johore on a bicycle with a bag of sand five days a week for the last ten years. Malaysian immigration officers just said "ah, one bag of sand what the heck" they always let the man through".
One day after fifteen years, actually, their Singapore immigration cunterpart called the Johore side to tell them they have arrested the old man for smuggling, and said: "Did you know you have allowed a Singaporean smuggler out right under your nose for fifteen years!" The Malaysian immigraton officers said: "Haiya!Why arrest the man for one small bag of sand lah we have a lot!" The S'pore immigration officials said:"Oi! Melayu Bodoh (the word Moron did not come about yet then), the old man was smuggling bicycle lah!". So the story goes. The moral of the story is: We Morons we will never learn. Or may be they are part of the sophisticated networking!
On another note IN a real Parliamentry Democratic system if a politician is seen and perceived as being guilty they must resign in order to protect the integrity of the rakyat, yes the rakyat not the politicians, thats the way it should, if we betrayed that trust even our children will one day be part of that blackmarket smuggling to be sold to the right buyers from "right under the nose of our esateem government servants" I rest my case!


Anonymous said...

It was the Customs Departments of Malaysia and Singapore, actually (not Immigrations)... and it was not known exactly how long the old man had been smuggling the bicycles... 15, 20, 25 years or more...

And they realised (too late by then) that they only saw him leaving JB on a bicycle (with a sack of sand every day). No one had ever seen him coming into JB. Why, he took the bus every morning! Muahahahahaaa!!!

- LAN.

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk... kesian those poor animals...

The worse part is the current Malacca Zoo's director is like a friend to me. From now on, I will look at him very differently.

Anonymous said...

Even if a zoo doesn't do such outrageous & horrible things, zoos are basically places for us to look at pathetic and depressed animals.

Imagine a tiger that used to prowl around, say, a 30 square km of jungle (just a figure, I'm no zoologist, ok).

Now, it is in an enclosure no bigger than a football (soccer, to my Norte Americano friends) field, or a few tennis courts, in some 3rd world countries' (like Malaysia) zoos.

It looks lethargic, depressed, flabby and very un-tiger-like... a shadow of its former self, resigned to the fact that it will slowly rot to death, while being gawked at by people.

Yes, 'experts' and zoo PRs tell us that he will outlive his wild counterparts. What a load of tiger shit!!!!!

OF COURSE LA!!! They pump him with God-knows-what bovine-extract hormone shit or something like that, vitamins and other proteins cocktailed by shady 'pharmaceutical companies' and feed him with carcass from some supplier who rear chicken and cows which were also equally dripping with those aforementioned crap!!! (No different from the baby fomulas and other craps that make 7-year-old girls grow breasts, menstruate and even have sexual urges, in some 'developed' nations. Eeekk!)

Heck, even a brain-dead person can be kept 'alive' forever, right?

'Outlive its wild counterparts', eh?

Late last month, the newspapers reported that in Jeli, Kelantan, the Wildlife Dept's cage-trap got a panther, when the intended target was a 'rogue' tiger', instead.

Ok, fine. So, release the panther then.

But noooo. What they did really pissed me off (I still am, dammit!). The non-'rogue' panther was sent to Malacca Zoo! What the fucking hell is happening here? I thought they wanted to catch a problem tiger.

Well, Pasquale, I think I now know what will happen to the magnificent dark cat...

Anonymous said...

In the Feb 22, '07 NST report, there was this line: ..."The panther, weighing 36kg, was sent to the Malacca Zoo for health checks."...

So, 'health checks', eh?

Pasquale, I promise you I will find out what will happen to the panther after that. I still keep in touch with the Malacca Zoo director, on and off.

For the cat's sake, let's hope for the best... and prepare for the worst.


I had never liked zoos. I loved animals.... but i never liked them in zoos. ever since i was a little girl.... never did, not now,and never will.

and now, this story!

Haiwan Malaysia said...

It is well known that when there are no Singapore animals available, a work permit or a professional pass will be issued to Malaysian animals. So I don't see what is the fuss about. If Malaysia wants to keep the animals, just treat them right. That way they won't migrate. You can't blame Singapore if pagar makan padi.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think we should be too harsh on zoological parks/zoo-s. Yes, it might seem like the animals are kept in an enclosure smaller than the wild but the fact remains that they are alive and well. I'm not sure how zoos in Malaysia are like but I can assure you that with the current deforestation problem which is occuring so rampantly, these animals might have a higher chance of survival living in the zoo than in the wild. If they were caught in the middle of a forest being 'harvested', they would have been either caught and smuggled illegally to another country or shot dead. Otherwise, they would just die from starvation. In this case, wouldn't it be better for these animals to be in a zoo? It really depends on how much the zoo invests in making sure that they are doing conservation and at the same time, providing appropriate enclosures with the right foliage and environment that will help the animals kept in these enclosures to have somewhat a similar habitat as they would in the wild. I reckon this is the biggest challenge zoological parks in Malaysia are facing. They lack the proper funding from the government and also support from the people. Mentality of the people is another problem. They are not brought up with the mentality to conserve the environment. I'm not surprised that eventually, the only 'wild' animals we'll be seeing are animals in the zoo. When that happens, we only have ourselves to blame for not conserving nature's beauty and the last remaining hope to witness it is through a glass barrier.