Saturday, March 10, 2007

Real Conspiracy to RE-Control..Women!

Hei! What a load of shit eh!

Women in my society are being held and placed on the highest esteem and pedestal that you can find! As I said before I am pro-woman, my daughter is doing her doctorate and her professors in Canada jokingly asked me, on her being smart, did she get struck by lightning when she was small! You see, even though it was meant to be a joke the professors (happened to be my friends) did come out as a chauvinist pig, such as woman being smart has to be an anomaly!
It is a throwback from the stone age where women are made to cook when men hunt, nowadays it may be the other way around and you can ask Kent, my friend.
Tengku Adnan originally came from Acheh and perhaps his perception on women was possibly based on his archaic social background, but then what business a person from Acheh to be made a Minister and let alone politician! In a real parliamentry democratic system, he would have been asked by his Prime Minister to make a public apology over his remark on women, since they are the voters, many of them in fact! IN a real democratic system, over such a statement, he would have been chastised and declared a "pariah" by his peers. But the reality is, this is a tin-pot fake democratic system where even the Prime Minister does not know which way is up or down! Dollah Badawi ask your cabinet minister to apologise or else be prepared for the shock wave come the next general elections!


Anonymous said...

Islam in this country treated women as second class sitizen that is for sure!




some women out there may just be seeing the other side of you!

Tunku Adil said...

Look here - don't get your knickers in a twist. Adnan had a bad day - it was that time of the month for him, OK? Usually when he talks, he is just his stupid self.

In a normal country they would have given him a pension to help him go away but this is Malaysia - the Never Enough Policy makes it mandatory not to discriminate on the basis of brains.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 9.05PM, dont blame it on Islam. Blame it on the stupid Minister.

Where the hell did you get the notion that islam is anti-women.

Havent you heard the saying that "Syurga di bawah kaki ibu?"

Read up man, dont just come out with stupid statement.

You're just as dimwit as that Minister with the pea-sized brain!!

Hope it doesnt also reflect the size of yr manhood ie if you were a man!

nstman said...

this is the Great NSTman (my brother was the Great Gatsby). Nothing much to say since i am visiting your Give them Hell blog for the first time. Cheers, keep up the good work. Give them hell.

Pasquale said...


Thanks for your unsolicited observation on Pasquale, but I assure you while women are considered to be precious and there is a need for men "to protect them", but they are the tough ones! They have high threshold of pain, they give birth! If man can give birth a family will stop at three: woman, man, woman than man will say no way! Women are the most sophisticated species and the most perfect holy grail, the most perfect vessel ever created , since time immemorial. Without these vessels life as we know is meaningless, life as we know it is non-existent and whats the point! Having said that I have to tell you many of them too have serious problem and severe personality bypass. They are confused, some are also dimwit, pathetic, uncaring, self-righteous, with the high and almighty attitude that they are pushing their I-am-special-so-therefore-treat-me-well-or-else attitude! The world is about equality but it has to be equal between man and woman, even in feelings! So this is my view Nuraina, nothing against women at all, but just against some self-centered and self-absorbing members of the opposite sex! Otherwise I do like their smell, well only some of them though!

Anonymous said...

Inilah akibatnya bila Menteri (with already suspect IQ) kahwin an Indon ex-soft-pornstar.

I apologise to Datin Seri... (sorry, can't put her full name here) and I am, in no way, attacking her integrity as his wife and a mom to her kids. I'm sure she's doing very well in both departments.

But after reading in the papers what the Minister said, I can pretty much guess his general opinion on women.

And I can also guess how he treats his missus. She's just a trophy - to be an enviable object to his peers - an ornament on his arm in public and not much else.

Yeah, yeah, she got the wealth, looks, nice kids, good home and bla bla bla, but still, I pity her for having such a clown for a mate...

- Kucing Kecik.

zorro said...

Brother, Zorro rides with you. Welcome.

Pasquale said...

Hey El Fox (Zorro)!

Thank you and nice of you to drop by my humble abode! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous 9.05 to anonymous!

I said Islam in this country dikcriminate against women, if cannot see than you are an idiot, or like Pasquale said you are moron.

"Jedi Hopeful" is the ambitious young lady.... said...

Why have women, suffering greater subjection and having greater cause of despair than most powerless of men. Still, women are stronger than any of those men...

many women doesn't even ask much up to the point of being an equal to men. we just love to be heard, and let people notice that we got brain too..

Anonymous said...

Inilah akibatnya bila Menteri (with already suspect IQ) kahwin an Indon ex-soft-pornstar.
pi blajag dulu!tak layak pimpin kami nanti kami salah lak ajag anak buah kami.