Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do we have to wait for ultra-conservatives to die before a dawn of new society?

I was reading Rockbru and Big Dog blogsites about Jed Yoong, do not know her but I am familiar with the species! Here's a profile: she is young, passionate about the country, many multi-racial friends, love ethnic food, suffering in silence about the state of being of the country: socially rotting away as we speak because each thinks he or she is racially and culturally superior over the other! Crap and beeswax!

The young Jed Yoongs, the Syafinazs and the Gayathrys of this country are just like the young Amish, the Hutterites of North America who want to "get out" but sadly bound by traditions and codes of conduct, to never venture out of your commune for you will not be "safe" actually to never, heaven forbids, to learn new things!

Lets us for once catch the bull by the horns and for once conquer our fear and really live like a warrior, dispense our fear of each other and to begin with lets get rid of the chauvinists in the DAP( aka PAP whats the difference eh!)

The old b@%#*@*s of the DAP, beginning with Lim Kit Siang, who has also brainwashed his smart son into his clone, must be gotten rid of so the newer generation like Jed Yoong can truly be Malaysian!

Just because Jed suggested something constructive about the state of being of her country that she lives in and now she is being forced to succumb to DAP ethno-centricity! This is unfair!

While we are at it we must also tell UMNO to do the same, although UMNO as the main party of the United Front (BN) is a very accomodating party it must also rid itself of the neo-conservative within the party or suffer the fate of Japanese LDP, Taiwan KMT and many more political parties that have gone politically awry! Supporters of MIC are a bunch of indentured slaves you really have to do something about your top leaders, who are behaving like a Tamil Zamindar!

Finally I wll say this, for as long as I live I will fight racist b------s like Kit Siang and others in other BN component parties! The time is now, and the time is right!

P.S. Did you morons know that when former PM Tun Razak Hussein left the country for official visits he would ask Datuk Michael Chen, only him, to be a minder for all the children? Today, in private, Najib will motion to kiss Michael's hand when they shake hands for Michael Chen is a father figure to them, especially to Najib, that tells a lot about a man! He kiss his hand not because he was subservient to a Chinese, but because he is a kind human being who is a father figure to him and his brothers! Contrary to a book about a former Deputy Prime Minister that insinuates Tun Razak was only a pro-Malay PM, Michael Chen who was a long life friend to Malaysia most illustrious Prime Minister, and I am sure, can attest the insinuation is sheer conjecture . Of course Najib cannot kiss Datuk Michael Chen's hand publicly because the conservative Morons in Umno will not understand!
Okay! For a start lets hug each other when when we see each other regardless of our ethnic identity! Hugging can heal many things! Trust me!


m.i.h. said...

you should write a book on najib, man. that singaporean wrote a book on tun dr ismail and he's now famous and making loads of money, and he didn't even know who ismail was!
now, how many people know what michael chen is to najib? that najib is so respectful he would kiss the man's hand when they salam. with this kind of insight, you must start writing about najib. when he becomes prime minister and mark my words he will, the people will know him as the human being he is.
well, the book might even help him become prime minister sooner, if you know what i mean.

p.s. no amount of books is going to help the current prime minister, man. he's a goner.

peace not war!

Chindiana said...

Pasquale, seriously, have you considered publishing a book on your take on history, Malaysia and it's future? In your own 'fuk the world' style of course.

Pasquale said...


Of course I love to if anyone is willing to give me a financial backing upfront say about RM250,000.25 sen (why should I spend my own)and I will do it in one year and I will tell the world why Shamsiah Fakeh is still a nationalist, and Aishah Ghani was a turn coat, why Mustapha Hussein must be given a post-humous recognition (a Tan Sri at least), so should Aziz Ishak, so should Lawyer Maarof (Jalan Maarof is named after him). Many many more!

Chindiana said...


Looks like you've done your calculations down to a T. Ok will keep in mind if i get a windfall. The literary scene here needs a kick in the ass anyway...

Pasquale said...

Ditto, chindiana! Also we do need to kick ass, any scene that is,in this great and pathetic country!

freelunch2020 said...

hi pasquale,

we finally met @ the npc.

tks for the post on me. :D am encouraged.

existing political parties have too much political baggage.

should a new one emerge with a refreshing agenda, there may be hope for the country.

also, it was educational to read about the truth about najib. there is so much "smog" out there with all the conspiracy theories and counter-conspiracy theories. LOL

hope to catch u again soon.


Pasquale said...

Dear freelunch2020!

Did we meet? Have we met! Really! I dont remember, seriously! NPC? Whatdat! Najib? Who he! Michael Chen? A Chinese towkay?! But the smog of conspiracy theory and counter-conspicary theory are real though! Yes we do need fresh agenda! But, have we really met?!

baba said...

Ehh, I recently read Farish Noor's comments about Najib - when Najib wanted to bathe his keris in Chinese blood back in 1987, do you think he would have spared Nichael Chen?

... at the very top of my list of must-see pics is the photo of the abovementioned politician (and his other UMNO mates) present at a rally of several thousand Malay ethno-nationalists at the TPCA stadium of Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur in late 1987, a location loaded with symbolic meaning because the 13 May riots of 1969 began close by. Najib Razak was then deputy leader of UMNO Youth, whose members were present in large numbers at the meeting. You may recall that at the time the ruling UMNO party was in crisis (as it always is) following the election of the party leadership and the break-up of UMNO into the so-called camps A and B. That was also the year when the UMNO party was declared null and void, and a major political crisis ensued. That also happened to be the year when the government faced another crisis over the thorny issue of vernacular Chinese education, and when racial tempers were flaring.

At this rally in Kampung Baru, the politician who is now the Deputy Prime Minister was seen with the crowd that was already hot-tempered. We will recall that the banners and slogans shouted then included warnings such as ‘May 13 Will Happen Again’ and vain boasts such as ‘This Keris Will Drink Chinese Blood’. As a young scholar in England at the time, I recall watching televised images of this event where the leaders of the ruling party was seen standing in the middle of the crowd while all this bloodthirsty demagoguery was going on. Odd, to say the least, that a man who was present at such a racist rally could now occupy such a position of power in the country. (Or perhaps not so odd, considering the nature of Malaysia’s divisive communitarian racial politics…)

Now if anyone out there has any of these photos, this historian of modern Malaysian politics would dearly like to have some copies; un-doctored, thank you. I would also like to have all the newspaper cuttings of that period when shortly after the government launched Operation Lalang, that led to the arrest and detention of more than a hundred opposition politicians, academics, human rights activists and religious leaders. In particular I am still looking for the newspaper headline where another upcoming UMNO leader (then) justified the crackdown and the use of the ISA as a necessary security measure, ostensibly for the public good. (Despite the fact that the 1987 crisis, as we all know or should know by now, was really an internal crisis within UMNO and the ruling BN coalition that finally spilled out into the public domain.)