Saturday, April 28, 2007

In the olden days there were public hangings and whippings!

Dear everyone!

All is not well in this country judging from what I have read in the news! Three news items caught my attention this morning: one, the death of a migrant from Tamil Nadu, India. Apparently, according to report, this migrant worker was enslaved and starved to death by a family of fellow Malaysians. He was chained and forced to work and denied basic sustenance, FOOD! He was bundled up put in a car then thrown in a bush, and was later discovered by passers by and taken to hospital, 24 hours later he was dead! His name was R.Ganesh (he had a name you know!) and I am very sure he had loved ones back home and let us just try to imagine the anguish and sadness of someone close to you in far, far away land being enslaved, starved and then died! My only wish as a human being is to remind the authority to take serious action against the "murderers", there must be "public canning and whipping" to ensure a stern message is being driven through the rest of the population that if you break the law of common decency you must be punished, and to be punished so that the public is satisfied with the sentence being meted out!
Then there is this moron from Johore Bharu who cut down a very rare species of trees that lined a street in Johore Bahru and the local council was stumped (no pun intended) as to who might have done it, later it was discovered a moron Chinese shop lot owner who had done it because of some cock-a-mamy fengshui! The law must teach this moron a lesson not to take the law into his own hands.
Then there is this motorcyclist who went on a road rage rampage when he smashed his helmet on the window of a car almost injuring the driver of the car, well I am sure the car driver was emotionally damaged that I am very sure of that.
My point is perhaps no one respect the law of the land anymore! I cannot say the police are not being respected by the public, neither can I say the perception that the police can be bought that had allow individual to flaunt the law or not to take the law seriously!
But then what do you expect a citizen to say after seeing and reading about all of those crimes being committed and the criminals appear to be getting away with it! I have yet to be told by the police that it has yet to solve the many murder cases that we have read and do not know the outcomes!
At the end of the day we just want to have that feeling of being safe in our own "home" and that the law should really punish those who have committed heinous crimes so the public will get a strong signal that no matter how big or small you are the law will protect!

May the force be with us!

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tokasid said...

Salam to pasquqle:
Why most Malaysian doesn't respect( what more to follow it)is we are looking at bad examples everyday. Our leaders and politician doesn't give a damn about the law. Some head of dept/administrators doesn't give a hoot. Teachers are giving bad examples.Parents too.
Apa yg kita tanam itu yg kita dapat sir.Its sad but its true.

This problem can be changed but it will take a lot of time,energy and money(hopefully well spent).Fighting crimes and disrespect to the law must be genuine and not lip-service like now. Leaders must in the first place change.No bribe for or by them( ni yg susah).Leaders must not pressure the local police to 'close one eye' if their supporters go into the wrong side of the law.Then,I think we will hwve a chence.