Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lawlessness in this country is due to the absence of deterrent!

I DO NOT KNOW if the media in this country is intentionally trying to make our people scared, unhappy or to live under a siege mentality!
There appears to be this serious lawlessness being pointed out, one in Sibu, Sarawak, where gangsters have taken over the whole town, the other is in Kedah where a moron fired his rifle in jubilant ala Hamas after listening to a religious speech!
Initially, in Sarawak, a senior police officer denied it as nothing, then the Inspector General of Police went there and confirmed the lawlessness and suggested action be taken, but we, the rakyat, do not know what.
Then there was this incident in Kedah where a Moronic-Muslim-Malay shooting his rifle in the air after hearing a speech by a religious leader there, he was apprehended and I am sure he will be set free.
In both cases the government must have a very strong resolve to take charge of the problems. If we can fight the communist and win, do not tell me we are afraid of gangsters taking over the rule of laws and turned it into a mockery! Be as vicious as them catch them and sent them to our own "Guantanamo" or "Gitmo". Unless the police are also protecting them, and unless our system is really corrupt then no wonder these gangsters can steal timber, extort businessmen right under noses of "corrupt" authority! Well, what else do you want me to think! Either the police force is weak or it is corrupt, they are supposed to uphold the sanctity of this country, be it the security of the country and the safety of the citizens!
In the case of the shooting in the air in Kedah, make a Federal case out of this Moronic Trader who fired four shots in the air in jubilant as ala the Hamas, this will stop further action by others. This is not the Middle East, and you Morons are not Arabs. Make this case known and publish it well in the news media to show the government is serious and that deterrent is the best companion.
In the case of Sibu, arrest the whole lot and show some deterrent otherwise we will be another failed society!

P.S. I will also not surprise if Bernie Ecclestone will not renew the FI contract with Malaysia, because we are uncouth, rubbish-rousers (I coined this phrase), and getting to be worse than Singaporeans! Our kiasu-ness is getting bad! For whatever said and done Singapore is still a safe city to live in! I am very sure of this!
Or is it about getting rid of Mahathir legacy? If that is so than the Melayu is mean, mean SOB!


Chindiana said...

Hey magpie man, i got back from singapore a month back and some friends of mine who used to come over to JB or KL to shop and just chill have now said that Malaysia is not safe anymore. Besides people in SIngapore plated cars being harassed by cops and customs at JB it seems that there is a lot of violent crime in Malaysia that is reported over there. Not sure if that is more propoganda by the S'pore gov though.

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


Cakap tu biar kemas sikit!

Assuming that there are people who are trying their utmost to dimantle the Mahathir legacy, how does that make the malay a mean SOB?

Do u honestly beleive that all the Malays approve of such a thing or are in a position to do something about it, if they dont? In fact are the majority of the Malays even aware of such a thing happening?And if they are THAT STUPID who's fault was it?After all do u honestly think that UMNO wants the Malays to be intelligent?Hang cuba compare the quality of majalah Salina or Mastika in the 70's, the issues that they talk about with the issues that dominate the Malay mainstream media and popular magazines today- and tell me if there wasnt a clear attempt to dumb down the Malay minds.

Infact if you are ever in a position to read articles by Yusuf Ishak or Syed Sheih al Hadi, you would be thinking that they sound more contemporary and relevant to 2007, than many of our writers today.

Nixon said that the ultimate test of leadership was in the passing of the baton,which was also echoed by Kuan Yew. Safeguarding his legacy requires abit of brains, so if Mahathir wasnt careful in selecting his successor than HE is the one who was not serious in making sure his legacy was maintained.In fact if i remmember correctly, his resignation announcement was greeted by initial disbelief. Rafidah even said "Why?There is so much more work to do?"People were screaming for him to retract. Partly because we all love him, BUT partly because no one had faith in his deputy.

If it was Ku Li or Rais who was going to be no1, do u think that there would have been such apprehension?

YET, being true to his recalcitrant nature, he decided to carry thru his intentions with a delay of 18months.And like many people suspected,nay, expected, our good Dr was on course to make the biggest political blunder of his life.( notice i used the word BLUNDER because i wont dignify it by calling it a political miscalculation- that would imply calculation, and that would be giving the old man to much credit)

Stop blaming the average Malay fella,for things that he has no control of! Do a bit of justice to your intelligence pasquale by doing them a bit of justice.

It is just a tragedy, that for the Malays, Mahathir has been both their position and their cure all at the same time.

Pasquale said...

Mat Rempit Hubris!

Actually I do not know who you are or where you are coming from, I will not apologise for calling Malays SOB this is my space and you are welcome to comment but just watch your self-righteousness okay! AND why cant I blame it on the average Malays, why are they so special! Once upon the Malays SOB in Singapore were ber-kugiran and woke up one day being "ethnically cleansed" and then ruled by the Chinese under PAP!
No sire! Trust me the Malays should and ought to be called worse than SOB for not knowing what they have and what they are giving away as we speak.
When I am saying Mahathir's legacy being etched out from the country I was clinically speaking, based from what I see, and I see SOB mainly Melayus running the country at their own whims and fancies! And I do not really care about Pak Sako or whomever, for what have they done lately eh! to the Melayus then and now!(methaporically speaking that is).
So you are not to tell anyone in these days and age to "cakap biar kemas sikit" as the way I see it at the state of being of the Melayus today ber-Akademi Fantasia dan ber GangStarz "certain issues are beyond good manners", and trust me they have to be told!


Mat Rempit Hubris said...


Just because the Malays have been colonized and are the worst for it, does that mean they deserve to be insulted over and over again?

So many other societies have been colonized by the West- the indians, the arabs, the berbers, the blacks, the afghans, the koreans- does that mean they deserved to be insulted over and over again?(Yes, the malays have made mistakes but do you know that in comparison with other indigenous societies that have been colonized our performance is amongst the best?)

Even if they do deserve it, how does engaging in it help the situation?Wouldn't our energies, if we truly care that is, be better served by searching for the solution rather than the blame?

In fact no society in history has managed to build a civilization based on national humiliation so i will further add that indiscriminatory insults like urs are more part of the problem rather than part of the solution.( kerana dihujani sentimen- sentimen seperti yang terkandung dalam insult hang lah ada orang melayu, malu nak mengaku melayu...and this manifest itself in statements that u yourself have criticize "i am a muslim first, a malay second/later" )

BUT if u must engage in recriminations, why dont you blame the leadership? After all, the direction of any society(not just the Malays)especially at the beginning of the developmental ladder, is determine more by their leaders than the ordinary bloke.If the Malays have problems today, i'm sure you agree it is more due to incompetent leadership rather than anything else.

Thus, the reason I disagree with you making sweeping GENERAL insults to the Malays is simply because your insults make it sound as if our problem are racial in nature, when it is not.I'm not against insults per se, just sweeping general ones.

After all ITS NOT A RACIAL PROBLEM per se, ITS A PROBLEM OF LEADERSHIP or the lack of it.

(n Pasqule asking me what has Pak Sako done for the malays? well if it wasnt for him and others like him, we may not even be independent today or at the very least our Kemerdekaan would have been later.N to ur question what has he done today? Well that is as silly as asking me what has Muhamad SAW done for the Malays, today)

So i want to ask you what is the purpose of all the insults? To correct the situation?Or to simply let off steam?

That is why i said "cakap tu biar kemas sikit" because even if you must insult that be lah abit more specific.Tapi suka hati kaulah, as u said this is your space.BUT if your serious about wanting to lift the general level of discussion, rather than just letting of steam, than you would know the importance of being more specific.

Anyway, within the parameters of decency, i will comment as i please.If you dont like it, just tell me so and i wont be posting comments anymore.No need to ban me, i will ban myself.Anyway, i wouldnt be suprise, because as u said previously, bloggers mana boleh kena critize kan?Just thot youd be differant.Sorry for making such an assumption.

PS- BTW so many Malays i know hate Akedemi Fantasia..If they had their way it would be banned.And i am not talking ulamaks here...BUT, in the here and now, what can we do about it?

And for your information, the Malays in singapore are ruled today by the PAP not because they were berkugiran but more because of ONE INCOMPETENT DESCISION BY TUNKU ABD RAHMAN.Again a leadership problem.

Anyway, i have a headache right now. So pls ignore any gramatical or spelling errors.


pasquale said...

Dear MPH!

If the Malays, this include the leadership, make the same mistake over and over again yes they deserve to be insulted over and over again until they come to their senses! The Malays in Singapore were berkugiran because they thought the Malay leaders were looking after them, they were morons way back then! Sorry my friend, but after 50 years all I see is Malays becoming Arabs and Malays becoming Mat Salleh, dyeing their hairs blonde or brunette! What gives dude!

Mat Rempit Hubris dari Carthage said...


Aha! So there is a method to the madness!U insult the malays not for its own sake but rather in the hope that it will the Malays from their slumber.

Previously u may have misunderstood me. Permit me to be clearer.

Pasquale, that the Malays deserved to be insulted for being so daft is not in question. What i am questioning is the wisdom of doing so in the context of finding a solution…especially insults that are so general and sweeping in nature.

Read again ur last reply , and the answer to my question is already there.

If after being insulted for the same mistakes over and over again they still commit the same mistake over and over again, obviously, INSULTING THEM AS A METHOD of making them come to their senses is NOT effective is it? And to insist in employing a method (vehement insults) that has a decade’s long track record of being ineffective is an EXACT EXAMPLE of us committing the same mistake again and again right?

And that would make u sound exactly like the typical Malay that u castigate above.

Thus, in making the Malays come to their senses, insults ALONE, are not the answer. In making the malays understand the complicated problems facing their community in the areas of economics, politics, education, law, globalization, media coverage, finance, religion, culture, privatization, NEP, NCP, national unity, bla, bla,,bla…..neither is blaming them helpful

The root problem in all the areas that are highlightd above is because they are ignorant of where their interest lies. Make no mistake, these are complicated issues my friend. The solution lies in having a nation wide bahagian to bahagian if not zone to zone, explanation cum education program about the issues above and the Malay political philosophy in it. It has to be consistent, professional and prolonged and have the wherewithal to weather changes in political personalities. In other words it must have continuity.

One should also remember that monocausal explanations will not work simply because the determinants of complex processes and problems are invariably plural and interrelated. Additionally, navigation through these rapids demands constant adjustment and correction which will be especially difficult without losing focus, considering the fact, that it is the nature of policies to be constrained by domestic politics.

The challenge is whether we have the focus( or to borrow yr phrase, to not lose tangent ), stamina and sincerity to do it month after month and year after year. In short, the nature of the challenge is one of political will.

PS- apa nak herankan apb Melayu tukar warna rambut, beb? Bahkan bukan warna rambut aja nak tukar bahkan nama melayu pun segan nak pakai..lebih baik pakai nama spt Farah, Nadia, Elvira, Myra, Jennifer, betul tak..hahaha? Pierre aundrey pun nama yang sedap asalkan bunyi tak Melayu. After all lepas asyik kena kutuk day in day out tentang betapa buruknya si Melayu, siapa nak jadi Melayu? Siapa tak segan beb. Lebih baik jadi Muslim first, Malaysian second, asian third, human race forth and Malay last lah....hahaha.Ofcourse for the sake of flexibility and fidelity to Article 11, the first and the second is interchangeable.Infact tak payah jadi Melayu pun takpa.. Hina jadi Melayu beb, hina!

Cheers bro. Again another great posting.TQ

Pasquale said...


Remind me not to have beer with you then have a "normal" conversation! Good thesis though from you,we may even think alike!


Anonymous said...

Mat rempit, such profoundness. I do think you both have the same views on your race and what ails them. Maybe you are saying it in different ways.
When paqsuale is ranting, it's tough love, isn't it? That's how i understand it from reading what he has written in the past. Woe betide the non-melayu who criticises pasquale's race or religion. Betulkan pasquale?
Say it is so.

I like pasquale. I like his honesty. Who else wd dare blog, so candidly, abt the first meeting to form a bloggers' association. I dont think it's sour grapes. He gave a different perspective, and again there is a msg to the leaders of the band to not become the untouchables. Tough love again.

Shine on Paquale, u crazy diamond, u barking maDpie! (wth apologies to pink floyd).
Okzein/ hi pasquale. Long time

Pasquale said...

Hei Okzein! ?Que Pasa

Long time no hear, nice posting thank you! You know what, I found this neat blogsite 'the razzler' and it is really a nice blogging where there are a lot of pictures and commentary about life, love and friendship, just the mundane and touching subject try it! No anger no signs of unhappy childhood just about comradeship.


Mat Rempit Hubris said...

Thank u Okzein(Oke).

I also appreciate Pasquale's brutally honest approach.Thus, it also deserves a brutally honest reply....Or if not brutal than at least honest.BTW Oke, can i make a request for you to comment more often?


If you have the time, can you post something about the book on Tun Ismail.Love to read your take on it.

Thanks bro.BTW have a good wkend

Pasquale said...

The thing I dreaded the most is when people ask me for my frank opinion, waiter and waitresses always ask me "how the food" some turned pale and some cried when I answered! Of course I can comment on the book, but Malaysians especially the Malays, cannot take constructive criticism! Too much sugar level in their system!


Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


Dont mention too much about blood sugar level...your begining to sound like a certain RM!

Constructive criticism is necessary for growth but bashing is not. Anyway, truth be told, to me that book( i havent read it YET and probably wont) or rather the way it has been marketed, seem to have a surreptitious agenda behind it- to trigger a reinterpretation of the social contract, by making innuendos, insinuations and juxtapositions that it has deviated from its original intentions.

Anyway, drink well.

Pasquale said...


I guess I came from that old school of thought and being taught that anything that come from across the Selat Tebrau cannot be all that good! You have articulated very well on what I would have said about the Book! The eldest son is the type that can be easily swayed and talk into things by the Republic, the eldest son has no backbone and does not appear to be a man with great substance!(Can he still contest for the Umno Youth post? Too old!)So sorry to say that! Indeed, "surreptitious agenda" in this case is part of the bigger agenda, is correct! Touche MPH,C!

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


Whether we take what comes out of the Republic as something good or bad, will be determine by our philosophy of nation building.If we perceive our philosophy of nation building as a continuation and perpetuation of colonial development (and colonial injustices), than there is no model better to follow, than the Republics.But if we want to have a philosophy of nation building that is truly 'National' in character, than there is no model more necessary to avoid, than the Republics.

(Note to other readers: I am referring to philosophy of nation building and NOT culture of effective governing and administration)

Pasquale said...

I agree totally with you! So what is the message from the goverment of the day on what kind of Nation Building that we are pursuing, truly national in character or just be th perpetual hinterland of the republic where they can buy sand in malacca, buy our animals for their zoo, buying our politicians when and if it suits them, steal our water for cheap, and run our newsmedia as though we are already a total and extended part of the Republic, so let the government tell us by actions not to Bullshit as to quote my good friend Veera Pandiyan from the Star in his column!

shar101 said...

Pasquale and MRH,C

I'm about halfway through TRP by K.B.Ooi and thus far, it appears like an effort in re-writing our history.

Anyway, I will reserve judgement until a) I've finished reading and b)there is a book review discussion this Friday, 20th April organised by some bloggers with the author attending as well.

Will update you guys later.

Pasquale said...


As I have been taught that history is written by the victor at the expense of the vanquish, well if TRP is an attempt to re-write the political history of Malaysia, or any history for that matter, than we the Malays, and Malaysians, are the vanquished for allowing many newer generation of Malaysians to go ga-ga over a memoir about a dead politician written in Singapore, and nobody has ever questioned the fact why the memoir was never published in Malaysia by Malaysian in the first place, if indeed TDI was a GREAT man! Well he was not a small man, but just an accidental politician at a right time at a right place!
TDI, LKY and Tunku were some of the "well planned" product of the British Colonial Office churning pro-British leaders to be ready for leaders of post-Colonial governments of independent British colony who will work for the British interest!

British trained leftist lawyers, like nationalists Lawyer Maarof,( a road is named after him in Bangsar), and later murdered by British Special Branch, Pak Sako, Mustapha Hussein of KMM , were persecuted until they die! Apart form Jalan Maarof, I would like to challenge the government to name any road or complex after these "leftist" personalities!

While at it the government must also give due recognition to other non-Malays who fought the injustice of the British colonialist and the Japanese by naming road or anything after these unsung heroes!They die for this country!

Having said all of the above we must not allow anyone to re-write the country history!


Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


In Malaysia, we have yet to realize that the highest form of politics is played not by politicians by by academics.Those that walk the corridors of power are usually a slave to some intellectual's or academic's idea.Thus, the direction of this country's politics, regardless of who ever is in power, will, to a large extant be determine by whether the indigenous(national= in other words trully Malaysian) definition of our history prevails or a foreign dominated one does.

For instance,on the basis that they fought the Japs and the Brits, we have seen insidious attempts to elevate the status of communist from insurgents to patriots.Now, before we can establish whether or not such claims are legitimate, we must first address a nomber of issues:

1. Can or should a patriot be define simply because he fought the British or the japs? If that is so, how do we define the roles of the British who fought the japenese?Are they patriots too?Indeed, by the same token, how do we define the role of the Japs when they fought the Brits?...After all they did accelerated the demise of British Empire( and in a sense hastend of indepandence)-does that make them patriots too?

The answer to whether or not the MCP were patriots can simply be answered by asking a couple of questions-

1)were the Malayan communists in the main legal citizens of Malaya or not?

2) AND were the MCP fighting the British and japenes with the intention of ending colonial rule and returning it to the rightful rulers of malaya, ie the malay kings?

IF THAT WAS THEIR INTENTION, THEN THERE IS A CASE TO BE MADE IN THEM BEING PATRIOTS. BUT, by most accounts, they just wanted to turn Malaya into a satelite state of China.Or to put it in more banal terms, the MCP were just interested in changing one foreign master(British or Japenese) with another( Communist China).

Thus, the MCP were not patriots, but merely interested in the usurpation of power to serve NOT the interest of the Malayan people but rather, another foreign master.

I used the example of the MCP to highlight how political and politicized the writing of history can be, esp in this country.All done very professionally of course.AND rightly so...the legitimacy of the social contract and by extantion, our constitution, will be determine by the historical perspective that we have.So, regardless of however professional and alluring it is,be very careful while listening to the book discussion, my friend.

PS- Shar101, since you have made the offer, then i will indeed be looking forward to your updates.

shar101 said...


Thus far, I have certain reservations about TRP and the author's purpose in compiling and having it published by ISEAS. This part alone re-affirms my own suspicions as you have contended in para one.

On the other hand, to be fair to the author, and since I have the opportunity of actually reviewing the book with other people in the presence of K.B.Ooi, I'd like to get a better insight on this matter.

Regarding the MCP, were they not around prior to the arrival of the Japs? Their activities then will provide the answer to your point of argument including PKI's activities.

More later, bros.

Pasquale said...

Dear MRH,C and shar101!
Just a request and don't get sensitive like a moronic Malays okay! Next time when you want to post something on my blog regarding anybody but me just out of courtesy please say "Dear Pasquale (or anything to acknowledge my blog this is for MRH, C, as I always did to Rockybru when I am commenting on something about Pasquale by someone on his blogsite!)
So I know for sure, otherwise I will think you have a wrong blogsite, Merci!

Now then! My take is while MCP was not around prior to the Japs and this is true, the Bintang Tiga or the Kuomintang stragglers were around then and the 14 days or 15 days they were "controlling" Malaya, thousands of Malays were massacred. Document from the former Foreign Minister Tun Ghazali Shafiee indicated (if I recalled now and the document is in my deep deep pile in my cupboard) a group of KMT stragglers or Bintang Tiga were laying an ambush near Maran to kidnap and to kill the late Sultan Sir Abu Bakar of Pahang. Lucky for the Sultan, a group of American OSS (predecessor of the CIA, and yes the American were around for that along also in this country) officers waylaid the sultan and took him to safety and was handed over to the British Special Operation Executive (SOE)officers.
The KMT stragglers were later ambushed and killed. They are the remnants of the defeated Chiang Kai Shek's nationalist army that were defeated by Mao Tse Tung and some managed to make it to Malaya in an effort to control more land in South east Asia as the KMT did to Taiwan! For your information when the defeated KMT landed in Formosa they embarked on a masive ethnic cleansing killing the Malay inhabitants of the island, the remnants of the Malays are given an aboriginal status until today. Taiwan popular singer Ah Mei and she came from this "aboriginal tribe" of Taiwan who are from the Malay stock, and the aboriginal people of Taiwan have the same lingua franca as the Melayu moron today! They spell the same as us "satu, dua, tiga....".
Back to the KMT stragglers they later became MCP, now get ready for this humdinger! As far as I am concerned, many more agree with me,that MCP stands for the Malayan Chinese Party! Never Malayan Communist Party! But then do we Morons want to know all this? I doubt it moron will always be moron they will never learn!

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...


Hahahaha..truth be told, initially my comment to Shar, did begin with "Dear Pasquale"but after rereading it and realizing that it was actually responding to Shar, i deleted it...Sorry bro.

And to Shar101,

Bro, i think you might have missed my point or maybe i'm missing yours BUT will respond to your last comment later- right now am dastardly in a hurry

Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage said...

Dear Pasquale,


In the context of defining whether the communist should be seen as patriots or insurgents in the offical writings of our history,the issue of whether they were here prior to WW2 or the Japs(be it in the guise of the MCP, or the various other organizations that they managed to infiltrate like the Kuomintang or the labor unioins, etc-etc) is not really relevant.You see, the current insidious attempts to redefine their place in our history as patriots instead of insurgents, was in the main, predicated on the fact that they fought the Japanese during WW2.Now this raises a number of questions such as:

1.Is it fair or accurate to define someone as a MALAYSIAN patriot simply on the basis because he/she fought the Japanese? Even if they were already in Malaya prior to WW2, were the communist legal citizens of the country?After all, to be considered a MALAYSIAN patriot, one should at least be a MALAYSIAN first right? Kalau rakyat Malaysian pun bukan, agak susahlah untuk digelar Malasyian patriot(If not even the askar sepoi and the British seperti General Templer who fought the Japs would also be eligible to be considered patriots)

2)NOW, even if we were to ASSUME they were citizens, in attempting to categorize whether the arm resistance of the communist against the Japs qualified as an act of patriotism , shouldnt we also take into account their OBJECTIVES FOR DOING SO?If they fought the Japanese(a foreign master)with the intention of reinstating the right of self rule to the sovereign people of Malaya , then there might be a credible basis for defining the communist as patriots.BUT by all accounts that was not their intention.Rather, the MCP's politics was in the main foreign in nature, largely influence by the politics of mainland China, of which, one of their objectives was to turn Malaya into a Communist Republic.In this regard, the opinions of the malayan people( the sovereign people) were neitherd solicited or mattered.In other words, at the operational leval, the MCP fought the Japs with the intention of changing one foreighn master (the japs)with another(themselves and thru them China).

Thus, one cannot catogerize the MCP as patriots simply on the basis that they fought the Japanese.Their intentions for doing so, the methods that they employ, their legal status both as an organization and as individuals, and whether the nature of their political philosophy was legitimate or otherwise within the context of our sovereignty, must also be taken into account.

PS-shar101,the purpose of me citing the MCP( this comment & the previous one) was merely to highlight how easily history writing can be politicized especially in the area of "centricity".Its loaded with political & policy ramifications- benda yang halal boleh jadi haram dan benda yang haram boleh jadi halal.The subtle attempts to suggest changing the role of the MCP from insurgents to patriots in the writing of our history, is a classic case of the latter. By highlighting you this example, i thought it would help put you on high alert when attending the book discussion.

If perchance i appear presumptious in the process, then pls accept my appologies.

PSS- Bro shar! So how was the review & book discussion?

Pasquale said...

MRH,C and shar101!

The MCP, as I ascertained stand for Malayan Chinese Party, and yes they fought the Japanese but not to preserve the Malay states or the rulers, and since you both are having a dialogue in my blogsite you morons can at least comment on my comment about the matter, the MCP were in fact the defeated Kuomintang stragglers out to usurp power in the Malay states at that time!

Mat Rempit Hubris dari Carthage said...


I agree with what you said.And it was so well said that i didnt know how or what to add especially within the framework of my response to Shar101.

Sorry for me being a moron pasquale.