Monday, April 23, 2007

Malays are master conspirator just watch Malay movies!

ONCE UPON a time not only was Anwar Ibrahim was charged for sodomy, but I was told then an attempt was also made to implicate him in a "murder" of his wife's driver's wife who died in an unfortunate accident near Rawang!
It was an attempt to fix the then Deputy Prime Minister that's what my thinking power led me to believe and I was right! Fortunately for Anwar that attempt was never made, just as well because when I checked the Rawang police station I was told it was a clear cut an unfortunate accident that saw a pregnant women succumbed to injury and died!
I believe then that someone or some group saw this as an opportunity to implicate and to make a stronger case against the then DPM, since the woman who died was the wife of a man that claimed the then DPM had sodomised him!
Unfortunately for me I am now seeing what appears to be that same tactic used by certain group of people trying to "fix" Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak by implicating him with a murder of a foreign national, in spite of his denial!
But then had the conspiracy to fix Anwar with a murder charge being followed through I am sure many people will easily believe that he had indeed "ordered" the "killing" of the wife of a chief witness against him!
Let face this one unfortunate fact, people are really afraid that if Najib were to be the Prime Minister people will, as it is now they do, believe that his wife will be in control, what a load of crap! I dont believe so! But, I do believe that good wife will consult each other over many things, as Najib, as a leader, will in the privacy at the dinner table will probably ask some one very close to him for unsolicited advise! But, I do believe his wife is smart, and truly an emancipated woman that can think for herself, so what is wrong with that!
All the innuendo and suppositions and allegations against her are just that, so she divorced her husband, I was told upon checking, quite amicably and marry another person so what, at least Najib did not have mistresses like the rest of the buffoon that I know, in or out of the government! She did not tell people not to attend her daughter's wedding as reported, although I was told she was disappointed about the choice of the son-in-law, in which every parent has the rights to be disappointed about that! Then the most disturbing aspect of the attacks against the wife of the DPM, is that those making disparaging remarks about his wife did not even know or even have a chance to speak with her personally, that says a lot about Melayu.
Why am I writing this? Well! I am a Malay and I am disappointed with the ability of my people to now fully entrenching conspiracy, innuendo, allegation and supposition into their already deteriorating and weak mental psyche! At the rate that we (the Malays) are going I will give it less than 20 years before they will lose their birth rights of this country to others! At the rate that they are going I will now apt to support the others to save this country from destruction!

pix top left: Rosmah and wanita and puteri Umno
pix top right: Najib and his daughter in law and son


carimakan said...

You must be working for Najib, his wife, or Michael Chen. Or all of the above. Own up lah! If you are working for one or all of them, please be more subtle. You are campaigning for Najib right? Nothing wrong with that, really. But just own up!

Pasquale said...


No, I am not working for anyone of those I have mentioned in the posting. I was merely trying to share something to level minded people about the virtue of maligning other people. I am writing about Najib Tun Razak who will be the next prime minister as long as Umno is still a force to be reckoned with, since there is no one worth my time to wrote about as to who should be the next Prime Minister of this multi-racial country. Just as I admire his late father Tun Razak Hussein, I see there is no one remotely close to qualify taking over from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, I cannot imagine Muhyiddin, I cannot imagine Ali Rustam, I cannot imagine Anwar Ibrahim (who once said S.Samy Vellu always asked from Mahathir for more Indian temple, and he told Samy enough already)and I cannot imagine Khairy Jamaluddin (who is he), I have my reasons for all of the above!
But seriously why are big numbers of Malays, especially, trying very hard to malign and to smear others and for what! Hey wait the minute actually it is for power right!?
I am sure it is! Anwar loved hsi power once but blew it, now he is doing it probably out of contempt for what had happened to him, I don't blame him, but as the Malay saying goes "do not burn your mosquito netting just to kill one mosquito".
If we gave in to Anwar Malaysia would have been the 51st state of AMERICA!
Mahahtir for all his shortcomings, including not being able to judge character, decided to hold steadfast on to his nationalistic economic policy during the monetary crisis and we have to thank him for that! Anwar Ibrahim, had he succeeded would have been an ideal "mandur" for the American interest, and Al Gore would have the finest bungalow in Langkawi! Abdullah Badawi, let me be honest with myself! He knows me but whenever I wanted to shake his hand in public places he looked at me and he just turned away, I do not know why and I am just a nobody but his conduct as a Prime Minister is very unbecoming and childish, and too much to be desired! Once upon a time he was my idol for a perfect leader, but just now I found out that he is in fact a dud! To my disappointment!
Back to Najib, I have yet to hear him bad mouthing anyone, he is well brought up and why shouldn't I write nice thing about him, and thus far his wife has never indicated to me and to many others that she is one stuck up lady, except she is a very strong Minangkabau woman! As for the story about Michael Chen and Najib, well open up you small mind and think very hard as to what message I am trying to convey!

alex said...


Wah! For someone claiming not to be working for the man, you sure sound like his mouthpiece.


Why must you make Pasquale sore with your comment? If he want to suck up to the man, let him be! You find someone else to suck up mah!

Pasquale said...


I know you and carimakan type very well, you depend on others to buy you drinks and probably have less than RM2,000 in your saving account, and how to describe you well, let me brutal you are all pretenders, pretending you are all doing well, yes a lyric from a song! But true!
Sorry to disappoint you but I am no sucker to anyone, and I have about RM2.6 million in my account at Scotiabank, and I know what and how to think! BTW I buy my own drink and always pay for my own bill!

BTW again, I suggest you read and digest well of what I have written may be you will learn something! Good day! I am going out now to spend my money!

lerap said...

Powerful stuff, my friend. I hope they don't use this in Ijok.
Or it'll be the end of DSAI and KeAdilan!