Friday, April 06, 2007

Self-aggrandizement can only serve few people!

Below is what was posted by Chindiana in my other comment over why I am not commenting on anything new and it is kind of nice being dubbed "indignant conscience of the Malaysian public" thank you, Actually I am not. I yam what I yam!

"Hey magpie dude (U don't have to post this) you've been quiet for some time. where's the idignant conscience of the Malahysina public?
April 06, 2007 3:32 AM"

Actually, Chindiana I do get fed up sometime when I see how things are done in the country by the ruling parties, government of the day, politicians, shop-keepers, the Datuks and Datins, the royalties, friends, bloggers and others! Just plain SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT!(pix top right titled narcissist)

The other night at the Press Club, it was SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT AT ITS BEST. The other night I was at the National Press Club to attend a meeting over the formation of the Bloggers Asociation (BA) or something like that. Well, Rocky, who was elected as president of the pro-tem committee, told me to register a blog so I can be a committee member. Well, I was not nominated, I was told the elite group within the blogging world headed by Rocky has pretty much decided who should be appointed. Even when the show by hands elections were conducted and when there was a protest the result was also pretty much decided.

At the end of the day it turned out that the formation of the Blogger Association or BA turned out to be just a formation of just another elitist club, where the committee members are just the same people, or the "untouchables" (don't get me wrong not that kind of untouchable we are talking about) , who cannot take criticism as good, when they cannot take Rehman Rashid's off-side remark about bloggers.

(I have re-read Rehman's column and the part about bloggers was just to make a point over something complicated. But, you see as with the bloggers election, it appears as though bloggers is a force that is to be reckoned with, "if you mentioned anything about us" "we-will-destroy-your reputation-at our mercy". Its not fair!)

I would have like to be nominated as a committee member since I thought I could be useful in many things not that I am crazy about position everyone knows that, including Rocky, and Rocky could have "whispered" to someone or two people at least to mention my name and I could have been a committee member, but alas it did not happened and now I am deleting my other blogsitel, whats the point then!

On another note I would have like Jeff Ooi to be the president of the Bloggers Association (BA), since I feel that Rocky is getting to be too over-rated (sorry Bro nothing personal), if he is not careful, he would suffer the "Amber Chia's Syndrome" this is in reference to Amber Chia in every billboard including anything!

To you my friend Rocky, you have to manage your image and to manage it well, you are everywhere and for your sake I hope it is good for you, and I wish you all the luck in the world, and I mean it!

Well Chindiana, that is why I am not commenting for a while, cause if I do I will comment on subject like the perceived "invincibility of bloggers" that if they are not careful they will be misguided and be swayed from their goal, that is to find the truth!

But if they become too elitist well they will be no better that the government of the day that cannot be touched and be told! Having said that, as for the bloggers I will always be with you all my friends and be there in form and in spirit! Cheers!

Well Chindiana that is all!


nuraina said...


i like you. because i cant make you out. You merajuk? That's such a moronic thing!And you are a real joker too!
Hope nobody believes what you have posted......

Pasquale said...

Nuraina and Anonymous!

Merajuk is way past my time, I was made to believe, and was given the impression by your beloved ones that we are fighting the same war and battle, and thus the same game plan! But now I have no idea what he is fighting for, I am truly sorry. What I wrote is what I feel and very sorry to hurt your feeling and thus I rest my case that bloggers cannot be criticised, just like any suppressive system!


Pasquale said...

BTW Nuraina!

Do not be too self righteous!The same feeling here, that I hope nobody also readily digest what you, and everyone else, has written....the operative words here are "open mind". We, the bloggers now, should lead the way!

Chindiana said...

I have realised recently that the blogging scene has 2 obvious groups - the Social and Political Commentators considered the serious and social conscience of our society and then the rest of us (where I'm parked) the folks just blogging on our day to day life and passions ranging from blogs on fav eating spots to how to make a lightsaber.
And then the magpie comes flapping in with a 3rd option and creates a Stone Cold Steve Austin Scenario - unpredictable loner (sorry i used this reference on Rocky last week but i think its more suitable for you dude). After today's comments we have the wild card blogger who comments as an outsider but has no loyalties or affiliation to either side.
I'll be honest I read your blog because it's like peeping into the barrel of a loose cannon. I do admit the merajuk statement does come across in your comments UNLESS there was some indication from the parties concerned that you'd be in beforehand. Anyway, I hope you keep blogging magpie man. It'll be boring without your unrestrained rants!

Chindiana said...

sorry i miss read, he did offer a place on the committee. My bad...

Pasquale said...

Chindiana thanks!

Actually the whole comment I made was for you and I wrote what I thought your query meant!
Its true that I am wont to be a loner but I do real friends that I can count on! I am also not wont to peer pressure, you know the type where you have to pretend to interact but at the end of the day it comes to nought! But the friends that I have is enough to keep me going and alive! Acquaintences there are many though. But yes there must always be the third options for anything!


shar101 said...

Well, Pasquale,

I did propose J.O. for the post of NAB president but he himself immediately declined the nomination, in full view of all those present during the meeting.

Cheer up, bro. There will always be other means to an end. Meanwhile, keep the passion alive and..uhh... kicking.

amir said...

Hey, Pasquale, why don't you set-up your own alliance and make yourself the only member?

I just started mine, and it's only for me - The Brotherhood of Evil Writers. Destined to destroy the world.

But I'll also be part of NAB as well. Ordinary member only. I always thought posts in clubs are stupid cause then I'd have to go to meetings.

I walk alone. I die alone. But I'll give them some degree of support.

But I will follow no code of conduct. Except my own - The Code of Bukkake.

KerinchiGuy said...

When Rocky says that you have to register a blog to get on the committee, could he have meant that as a requirement for nomination and then to be voted in. And not really promising you a nomination. I do not think it is his place to promise anything.

KerinchiGuy said...

pasquale said: could have been better if I had been nominated, for Rocky knows why I should have been!

Pasquale, would you care to enlighten us why it would be better if you had been nominated and presumably elected to the pro-tem committee.

And what is that Rocky knows that would have made you a good candidate?

I am curious.



i will not go down your road.
criticise me or anyone --- but be fair. have substance.

and, bro...look at yourself first.

further comments and criticisms will be made "in your face". man and woman! man to woman!
See you, Pasquale. And say all you want to say to my face.

Anon. Fm Miri said...


I was being nominated by zorro, but due to Geographical reasons I’ve to declined it ‘cos in this initial stage all the brains need to be physically there for the better of the NAB.

Cheers brother.

Pasquale said...

To Amir Hafizi aka Malay Male! Thats why I like you man! I will take your advise, I will form my own Blogger Association (BA), kinda like Barisan Alternative eh!, but I will support the recently formed BA. Yes we will all die alone, and on this millennium, sigh! But I am sort of looking forward to it when it comes, another set of great adventure! I was told that some of us will come back as a back-stabber untrusworty Capuchin monkey, cockroaches, and worms. Hypocrite will come back as spermatozoa perpetually be ejected out by a wanker body into a toilet bowl!

Anonymous said...


Dulu saya fikir anda sangat kasar dan suka mencari pasal...(kerana suka me"moron"kan orang lain.
Tetapi sekarang, saya fikir lebih fokus, terang, berpandangan jauh serta jujur.

"At the end of the day it turned out that the formation of the Blogger Association or BA turned out to be just a formation of just another elitist club, where the committee members are just the same people, or the "untouchables".."

Saya cukup setuju.

Kemanakah tujuan Blogges United? Menyerang sesiapa yang mengkritik mereka? Membuat andaian dan menelanjangkan sesiapa yang menegur?

Memperjuangkan Freedom of Speech? (Saya tidak pernah percaya ungkapan ini). Kebebasan untuk siapa? Untuk bloggers? Untuk semua? Untuk sesiapa yang menyebelahi kita?
Kita ada hak menyuarakan pendapat begtu juga mereka yang mengkritik kita. (tidak kiralah Rehman Rashid , Shaziman, Pasquale atau Rocky sekalipun). Jika tidak boleh ditegur elok sahaja kita tubuhkan Kelab Blogger's Umno.

"To you my friend Rocky, you have to manage your image and to manage it well, you are everywhere and for your sake I hope it is good for you, and I wish you all the luck in the world, and I mean it!"

Satu nasihat yang ikhlas!!
Inilah nasihat yang ikhlas dan tulus dari seorang SAHABAT. Tepuk dada tanya akal anda.Ini bukan untuk merendahkan Rocky tetapi untuk kebaikan semua. Jika selepas ini keperibadian Rocky ditelanjangkan, anda semua akan menyerang orang yang berbuat demikian. Tetapi dalam masa yang sama anda memperjuangkan Freedom of Speech? Perkara sebegini akan bersambung dan berpusing lagi dan lagi tanpa henti. Kritik, serang, kritik serang. Penyokong akan bersorak dan bersorak. Mereka fikir mereka telah ke depan tetai rupa-rupanya berpusing dalam bulatan.
Saya malas mahu menyambung..letih mahu menerangkan kerana saya percaya mereka tidak akan nampak kerana mereka semua MORON!!

Saya undi AMIR HAFIZI menjadi UN Secretary lagi baik....

amir said...

Amende la.

Constitution pun belum diumumkan. Korang tak pasti lagi apa sebenarnya yang NAB nak buat dan macamana. Dah main tuduh-tuduh.

Ko tuduh yang NAB akan tuduh dan maki orang sesuka hati. Kalau ko berani cakap diorang akan serang orang tak tentu pasal, cerminkan la muka tu dulu.

Kasi la can. Bagi diorang gerak dulu. Kalau pandai, pandai. Kalau bodoh, bodoh.

Pasquale said...

Amir! We all should heed your advise, kalau pandai pandai kalau bodoh bodoh, I hope pandai lah, but we all must not be too sensitive kan!

amir said...

Not too sensitive? That goes to ALL.

Mat Rempit Hubris dari Carthage said...


With regards to expressing your grouses i agree with the timing- better say something BEFORE it happens and risk sounding alarmist rather than say it later AFTER it happens. As they, say better to prevent rather than to cure

BUT with regards to the contents of your grouses, I am not in a position to evaluate- i wasnt there so i wouldnt know whether it was just an impression that you got or was it the reality.

Anyway Pasquale, there are so many ways to contribute with or without positions (unless of course it position nomber69) thus I am sure that a person with as much vaunted wisdom as you, will always find ways and means to be useful.


Anonymous said...

greetings from March16

Just rather curious about this Bloggers Association, Bloggers United.

Have always felt a reactionary response is usually less well thought out then a measured one. The BA or BU bouquet has a faint whiff of siege mentality, circle the wagons against the Injuns of cowboy bigotted lore, me & u against the world, us against them, etc.

But seriously, unite against what. What fierce clear and present danger threatens the well being of all that a defensive shield has to be raised instantaneously. What threatens imminent annihilation of all bloggers that we must subserve freedom and integrity of the indivdual for the safety of numbers?
Like sheep, shall we be frightened into a coagulum, simplifying the kill for the wolves?

Have we lost sight of the very independence so savoured?

Association/Union necessitates conformity of a certain order and thus sacrifices of certain individual liberties?

Go back to immediate aftermath of 9/11, and forward to current - does it not sound chillingly familiar albeit on a much larger scale...

Are we so bereft of neuronal function not to see the wood for the trees, the trees for the forest??
The strength of the blog is its very individualistic nature, the spontaneous roar of a million voices in unison is far and beyond the "official press statement of an official spokesperson of an official organisation/association/union"

The single voice of an association claiming to represent the distillation of a million voices is a compromise at best, a statistic at worst.

Are we actually being suckered into forming an entity that can be grasped, cajoled, fooled, compromised, corrupted, into thinking that it can be a partner of the executive in dialogue, surely this is their ultimate objective. Is it not remotely possible that this is the Art of War?

Self-appointed 'leaders'?, already the foul broth of inbred ingredients soils the taste of subjective independent opinion - subjective yes and always BUT independent first and foremost.

...the Social and Political Commentators considered the serious and social conscience of our society...

surely and truly the poison of "SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT AT ITS BEST" or worst, is upon us.

Are we raising Caesar onto a pedestal of symbolic righteousness??
Et tu Brutus

Just me two sen
from March16

Pasquale said...

Hei! March 16!


You articulated well on the subject matter, there was no malice intended on my part, at best a clarion call to ensure the association will not be diverted into whatever other than the whatever!

the sentinel said...


get this straight. Rehman did not criticise bloggers. he attacked them, ok. and because he attacked them, of course, bloody hell, he gets attacked. so whats your problem, Pasquale?

And many little birds have told me that you lied about this whole thing. being critical is one thing but lying about it is somethineg else, man!

March 16! Shit, Crap., you dont make any sense.

Anon 1:40:
sememang nya semua orang akan di telanjangkan, termasuk Pasquale. Rocky sudah lama orang dah telanjangkan dia. Jeff pun. orang nak sue dia orang, beb! pasti nya nak masuk alliance tidak boleh jadi pengecut macam kamu.
Pasquale sudah bersalah kerana menipu mengenai perjalanan pemilihan anggota JK pro-tem.
ini bloggers alliance-lah.

Pasquale said...

As for you Sentinel!

You sound like a loser and so pathetic! You appear as someone who has no friends and no one wants to be your friends, except for your mother!
Even she might hate you! Life is not about exposing and maligning people you know, just so to make you happy! It is about finding solution to make you a better person! I will reject your posting so do not bother sending any! The reason why I accept your posting is to show how really a sad person you are!

April 12, 2007 8:59 AM

Anonymous said...

hi from March16

Don't really feel like dignifying spittle spewed but its - cyberspace "where I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to speak" -

sentinel said :
- March 16! Shit, Crap., you dont make any sense -
Fair comment that my post may have eluded your comprehension, - but 'shit' & 'crap' is provocative and repetitive seeing as to how they are slang referrals to the same.
The use of repetition is to emphasise a point, and consolidate its worth. However I fail to see its argumentative persuasion in this instance and its use is rather juvenile and serve no more than to embellish the poverty of thought and opinion.
If you have a disagreement, state it precise and concise to precipitate a discussion of views.
Anyway, nuff said.

I actually revisited to inquire of Pasquale this:
- the use of honorifics in the name after the registration ones name at birth or in the Mykad - e.g. xxx bin/binti, a/l, a/p Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, Dato' somebody .

Self aggrandiosity???


Pasquale said...

Hei Mar 16! Don't worry about it!

There are those who speak the English language and there are those who mimic the English language san slangs from watching TV et al!

As for your query bin/bte/al/ap, well unfortunately this is part of the antiquated British system that we have to retain, originally it is to differentiate between the indigenous and immigrants, I am not crazy about the system but unless someone is willing to die to change it I will follow, well until then. For having honorific on your MYkad such as Dtks, Tuns, Tan Sris, yes total agrandiosity no can do and must not allowed to be perpetuated, ot just plain ban it!

stand-up philosopher said...

Someone once said, Self-Aggrandizement IS fatal... only when one has attained self-aggrandizement. Until then, let us all be conscious that we never stray into this because above self-aggrandizement lies destruction...whoever we may be.

Pasquale said...

Stand up philosopher!

You know! Sometimes you made a lot of sense you know! You are truly Portuguese a philosopher a rare species indeed! When are going for a drink man!

amir said...

You guys are so fucking gay. Get a fucking room already, you fucking morons!

Pasquale said...

Actually amir what are your ranting profanity about I do not follow, you really have to explain your anger! BTW I am publishing you posting with profanity for the last time, next time let us be civilise about our expression, the word moron is accepted okay!

amir said...

Ah, but profanities work! My earlier two comments were not posted, when I said "You're all so gay."

But when I added the F word, then it got published.

Never mind. I am not angry. I'm just saying that you're all gay! And you're all morons!


Anonymous said...

hey, i used to follow religiously all the politically inclined blogs but now i just cant be bothered to, and not because i think that the current political situations are improving. just that the blogs are getting too self righteous and cakap je lebih. and now with this BA thingy, its getting worst.

I dont believe in total freedom of speech. Pure bollocks. man, this country is going down the drain.