Sunday, April 08, 2007

We should have a clear goal and don't go off tangent!

"You should have a clear goal and don't go off tangent. With a better sense of direction, I am sure many of you will be successful" said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to Malay businessmen whom he said should inculcate the culture of churning more money from profits gain.
One of my favourite stories growing up in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, was a story of a very rich Chinese by the name of Lee Wong Kee, who owned a restaurant near the old Odeon Theatre at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. (Pix: Chinese coolie from Shengjian province, like Lee Wong Kee, they are very focussed)

The story goes that he collected and sold water using his proverbial "kandar stick". With the money he saved he opened a restaurant (Lee Wong Kee), he became a millionaire. Now, listen to this, whether this is true of not I do not care, but the "kandar" stick that he used to collect water at two buckets a time is now plated with gold and was hung in the main hall of the restaurant.

When I was attending Batu Road School (2) I walked in between the Odeon theatre and the restaurant to catch a glimpse of the famous kandar stick! Urban myth? Who cares! A good story indeed!

I also heard of a story of a Bumiputra, (well he is actually my relative I am ashamed!)
who was given a hefty loan by the government of the day he then proceeded to get a new wife, a new car, and several trips to Europe then when he depleted his "money" he was declared a bankrupt, his second wife left him, and his first wife and three children deserted him, actually he deserves it!

Najib also said Malay businessen should stay focused and not distracted by other things such as politics. And that Malays must change their image of being great politicians and lobbyists to being a good businessmen.

All I can say is that for Malays to succeed they have to be really genuine and not to pretend that they know and that they are smart and knowledgeable when in actually fact they are incapable. If they pretend and if this country's economic pie is being gobbled by foreigners, they must not cry! They must also remember that there are more to life than just plain boring politicking and lobbying for their own stupid irrelevant interest!

Well, with this and actually in anything that we do! hey! lets us genuinely do it well and to move forward with a dent to be made and to be genuine in our heart, especially for the Melayus which also spelled you know what! Other wise ces't la vie as the Minangkabau loves to say!



Anonymous said...

Hey Pasquale!

Hey Paisan! Where did you get all of your pictures that you used for your comments! I like the Chinese Coolie and the sensuous picture of the woman looking in the mirror!

Pasquale said...

Anonymous! (Dont you have a handle or a name)

It s all there. Just googled "Chinese Colie" you will find it! Cheers!