Friday, May 25, 2007

Different strokes for different folks!

Something I must share with my friends!
I have not read newspapers and watch CNN, BBC, Fox News, Sky News, RTM1, RTM2, TV3, NTV7 for over two weeks now and I noticed my anxiety level has gone down and I am not easily irritated, and above all I am not irritable, and my high blood pressure has been consistently normal!

I noticed many churches in Montreal have been turned into condominium and they are rather expensive too. So coming from a country where religion is being used as a border collie to round up the flock so to speak, I had to ask THE question: "WHY!"

Why would a house of worship being turned into condominium, when in Europe many churches also being turned into restaurants? Duncan McPhillips, a retiree, said many Canadians in Quebec, who came from a strong Catholic background just do not subscribed to organised religion anymore.

"They are not denouncing God or anything it is just that to them religion as they have been taught smack hyporisy and a sham." What do you mean, I asked, he said:"In the olden days there was a need for the French-Canadians to be united against the English-Canadian, for political reason of course."

"Now there is no need for religion to be used as a bogeyman against anybody, any group or anyone, there is just Canadian, yes French and English and many many more. So when people start not coming to churches anymore what do you do with them, well some being turned into condominiums, and as you said restaurants as in the case of Amsteredam!"

But, Duncan said, while many may have disowned organised religion it does not mean they disowned God, or the Supreme Being, or call it what you may." Here in Canada people are not easily duped anymore, and the churches have no power on their everyday lives anymore."

Well I am not saying we should turned Mosque or Temple into condominium or apartment or restaurant, but the thing to remember is, the government must seriously make an effort to realise that the world is not what it used to be and people are not as stupid as they somethie take them to be!

So live and let live!


Anonymous said...

hey! what do you canadians think of the Lina Joy case?
- maxim

Pasquale said...


People's freedom of choice and expression are guaranteed under the Canadian law. Organised religion is not a staple diet for the majority of Canadians nowadays anymore. We dont really care if anyone wants to be convereted to being a watermelon or to being a rastafarians ,so long as the country's sovereignty is intact and protected! On Lina Joy case, I have read it, I think Malaysians need a much needed national healing process in order to be a united people and this has nothing to do with the present entrenched laws of Malaysia! Good Luck!

lost world said...

alo pasquale....congrats on ur daughters wedding....look like u drop ur sarong we know who u ar la...anyway cheers and pls let us have a look how u look with ur beard..maybe u may look like john player..hehe

Anonymous said...

U don't have to publish this if u don't want to.

Hi Pasquale,
Canada must be a very popular place right now for M'sian fathers to be marrying off their daughters. I was just surfing the net, and stumbled upon this website called serimenanti. The blogger is also in Canada to marry off the daughter... hey, wait a minute, the bride's name is jen, the groom is steve, mother of the bride is marion. And here is Pasquale also in Canada, to marry off daughter Jen, whose husband to be is also called steve.
Unless, unless.... the blogs are owned by same person we know as P.
But is ok, we still like Pasquale as he is. Nameless or Faceless.
Guess u r going to be out-ing soon, huh?

if not true or true, u can ignore my visit, it makes no diff really who u r.
it's the msg not the person. Peace

Pasquale said...

lost world and anonymous!

Why cannot you both enjoy life, may be enjoy a good story instead of trying to find out more which sometimes is about nothing and totally irrelevant!
I am Pasquale and that is all you have to know about me, sometime I dont even know who "I are" so lets enjoy life mates for tomorow we may die! BTW! Thanks for dropping by! Peace on Earth! And remember to eat less sugar in your diet! Writing this in Taiwan at 7.30am at the airport and everything is in Chinese!