Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So who is this Raja Nazrin and why is his marriage hogging out paper's front page?

My view is this!

So what if a member of a royalty is getting marriage and why is the palace angry just because the story of the marriage was made before it was "properly" announced by the palace!
Raja Nazrin is just one of the many royalties that this county had to look after and that is because our "stupid" constitution says so!
How I wish this country is ruled by Indra Ghandi and then we can tell these royalties you are just part of the whole system and just "shut up" and "enjoy the perks" or else! Well in India the Maharajas were told to go after they did not listen to the advise to the late iron lady.
I am, by far, the most adherence Malay who subscribed to the Malay-sultanate system, but I have my limit. I have noticed lately some royalties want to dabble in politics, well that is fine and good, but they must choose one or the other!
My good friend from Perlis decided to become a politician and he did so became an MP and never too blatant about his royalty-cum-politican life, another one from Pahang and he is a good man and humble, he chose to be a politician. But they never crave for publicity!
I just thought the engagement of a member of any royalty should not be given a front pages of our major papers, when the front pages should have better been put to good use in explaining to the people about the state of being of the world, the country's economy, and other things that can affect the rakyat! So royalty just do your job and enjoy the perks and do not hog the front page for trust me a lot of people are already sickened by your opulent lifestyle, my advise is just tone down! Just get married quietly and this is a new millennium not a medieval adventure where we have to kowtow to royalties motorcade at traffic jam!
Having said all that, let me pray that you both be showered with good fortune and happiness! Daulat Tuanku!


Chindiana said...

I didn't think Raja Nazrin as a limelight hogging fellow. I guess the papers nowadays still need some glamour to catch the eye of the public. We had the Siti and Datuk K drama last year and this year we are short of a Dream Wedding so lets go with the Prince.

The general public or sheep want some fantasy to get away from their day to day lives. Reading about abused workers or civil service pay rise just gets them feeling guilty or indifferent so the papers need to give them some variety.

tokasid said...

Salam Pasquale:

They are there bcoz the malays wanted them there.What I cannot understand, with many negative publicities coming out from some royal families the malays still menjunjung sembah to them.some beat people up to the pulp but got scott free.Almost untouchable thse groups.And most politicians are acting like them too.

These marriage publicity if good for the media to make more money.If Siti's marriage created lots of bizniz opportunities, raja nazrin's might be the same too. I wonder what the veteran TV personality thought of this event?

Ahirudin Attan aka Rocky said...

Once I was at the Nokia service centre in Bangsar Telawi and there was a queue. This Raja Nazrin guy came in to have his mobile repaired or something. The manager at the shop came up to him to usher him to the front of the queue. I was in the queue so I waited to see what he'd do. Fortunately, he declined the invitation to cut the queue and lined up like everybody else.

What A Lulu said...

rocky, thanks for sharing. it's these humble simple qualities and his ability to look beyond race that has earned the respect of many malaysians.
even if he weren't raja muda, he still has our admiration.

unlike many [both those close and those many times removed from] royalty who act like it's their "grandfather's road".

Pasquale said...


If I do not know you any better I think you are trying to get a datukship from Perak! Well, Raja Nazrin or any other members of the royalty has given me the impression they have short attention span and a bunch of upperclass twits who deserve to have their own planet!
In these days and age people, civilised people that is, should behave and to bear in minds that modern days people are thinking people so they must behave accordingly!
What I really want on the front pages of any paper is that to publish about what had happened to the case of a bunch of Malaysians starving and abusing an Indian national to death, and what had happened to a grandson of a prominent Malaysian Chinese who stop a traffic and pulled out a gun and shot a woman to death! I want to know about all these incidents! Not about a bunch of upper-class royalty getting married!
Sorry Nazrin nothing personal!

The Ancient Mariner said...

I take it you are not a journalist since you appear not to have clue on what sells newspapers.

Even the Americans have their own 'royalty' and should explain why stories about Paris Hilton and Anna Nichole Smith still hog their newspaper headlines these days.

Pasquale said...

To the ancient mariner! I take it you are a moron since you have no clue what newspapers is all about!
In North America only stupid, idiotic, nonsensical, shallow reading tabloids like the National Enquirer publish front pages stories on the likes of Paris Hilton, Ann Nicole Smith, but mainstream newspapers like Globe and Mail, the Province etc, carried a small column of such stories in inside pages! So please do not pretend to be smart know-all-man-of- the- world bullshit with me!

The Ancient Mariner said...

I usually do not 'layan' people who got no balls to identify themselves. But today is your lucky day.

Globe, the Province etc do these papers SELL as compared to the National Enquirer?

Pasquale said...

ancient mariner go %uck a duck and this is the last time I am taking your comment, you are a #ucking Malay version of mother#ucking Monsterball go get a life man, for I do have one!

Asrul Zamani said...

Royalty that behave themselves deserve respect.

Certainly Raja Nazrin in not like any other royalty. He is an intellectual and if anyone reads his speeches, this Raja Muda has a lot between his two ears and we ought to listen to his views.

Many others do not and should nor commend the respectfulness that should be associated with Royalty because of the poor public and private conduct.

Pasquale said...

To asrul zamani!

Trust me there are many Malaysians who have a lot between their ears that deserve their views to be heard!
If Raja Nazrin had not been a royalty with the "power" vested into him by the "moronic constitution" do you think we care? No! I dont think so! If he wants to get into poitics he must declalre himsef so, othherwise lets poiticians do their public statement! Otherwise there wil be chaos when every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be a hero for the masses by making an "intellectual"statement!? Remeber there must be order!

Asrul Zamani said...

Its not him being a royalty that we listen to. We ought to at least listen to what intellectuals generally have to say.

Raja Nazrin's views, if you care to read them, will show that they are not ordinary, are more acceptable and shows profound understanding of the issues involved and are wiser views compared to those shared by politicians.

You dont have to be a politician to air your opinions. Good opinions should be accepted irrespective of whether they originate from a commoner or a royalty. This is only fair and just.

I believe you have an unfair bias or general contempt for all royalty. Of course everyone is born equal. It just so happens that Malaysia has its numerous royalty. Not that i believe in the system of kings and rajas. However we should also have respect for our constitutional monarchy, this is our history and it is part and parcel of being Malaysian.

Asrul Zamani said...

By the way, you views are more of a vented rage of an individual rather than a rational or reasoned mind. I thought I was wrong when I read your blog until i see your comments which you disbursed to the ancient mariner which displays it so evidently. Therefore, I will no longer associate with this blog as. I hope you will change your ways. Have a nice day.

Pasquale said...

assrul zamani!
I will not change my way, I never recalled ever asking you to be associated with my blogsiite, and the likes of you and ancient mariner are two typical moronic apologist to the present day royalty who actualy believe they own the country and the road, so buzz off mate dont come back unless you apologise,and please do not have a nice day!

BTW I am not anti royalty I have to accept the fact that they are part of the system!But they must not abuse that speciala rights!