Saturday, May 05, 2007

VIPs and Royalties should know when to use public roads!


Reading my newspaper everyday is getting to be like playing a Russian roulette! You never know when you are going to be hit by stupid story. Its is all gloom and doom: murder, mayhem, illegal companies' take over, misuse of power, power hungry politicians, and ex-politicians who want to be relevant again, and many more!
Today, the police is telling us if you dont't give way to VIPs on the road you will be fined! Reason? After two police outriders escorting a royalty had an accident and killed themselves!(may their soul rest in peace, amen) The deaths were blamed on the public who did not give way to the motorcade! Rubbish! They ride their bikes and cars like bats out of hell!
IN the olden days royalties would stay inside and to just play their roles as a symbol of the "Malay Supremacy", they are part of the land title just so no one can claim this land without proper proof of ownership. The Sultanate system is just to prove that the land belongs to the Malays! Well today it still holds true and that is all the royalty, the sultans and the king are out to be and do, just that symbol!
But, just do not go out driving in a big motorcade in town when there is a massive traffic jam and when the rakyat is going home after a hard days work, or the rakyat is going to work in their hire purchase Protons trying eke a living!
IN the olden days I respect the royalty, not that I do not recognise their relevancy, but today I do not respect their attitude and they should really realise themselves that they are still relevant as long as the people want them (in this case Umno).
So Federal Traffic Chief SAC 11 Datuk Nooryah Md Anvar do not come out with a statement without considering the consequence, the lash back is such your statement will make the people hate the system more.
Instead you should advise the royalty on the virtue of driving in public and when and when not to drive! And you Nooryah, do not blame the public for the death of the two police outriders because it takes two to tango in any situation!
It is not the people that put their lives in danger it is sometimes the VIPs. Your statement should also read "the VIPs and the Royalties are also putting the lives of the people in danger when they think that they actually owned the country by doing what ever they like!
They are here by virtue of the rakyat: Whether we still think these morons are still relevant"


The Ancient Mariner said...

I believe beside royalty and visiting Heads of States, the only other VIPs entitled to police escorts are the PM, DPM and MBs, and usually only for going to and fro official functions. At other times they do go unescorted. The main reasons are strictly for protocol and their own security and I for one would not begrudge them of this.

Perhaps you would prefer the police closing the roads entirely instead?

Pasquale said...

Hello Colonel Yusof aka Ancient Mariner!

I do know you, but my point is why do they have to behave as though they owned the f@#%$&g country the way they motorcading! When the people elected them only to manage the country but then behaving like a tyrant?!!
This is not a South American tin-pot banana republic where El Colonel can just buzz around anywhere without thinking the safety of the people that voted them in or in case of the royalty remember the rakyat love you because they still think you are all still relevant! So do not abuse the privilege!

The Ancient Mariner said...

I've got news for you. They do 'own' this country somewhat when the rakyat gave them the mandate. Considering the recent accident, 'motorcading' in the Malaysian city traffic is no longer a 'privilege' but downright bloody risky.

BTW I'm not ex army.

Anonymous said...

Hi again
Interesting takes on the VIP/VVIP/VVVIP as there appears to be distinction between the number of police motorcycle outriders/police cars/SUVs etc.
What pisses most people off is their dangerous and reckless driving, the total lack of respect for the law of the road which they are supposed to uphold, the abusive manner in which vehicles are hit by hand and foot (UTK take note).
In addition to that, this extremely moronic insistence to travel at peak hours on gridlocked roads.
Given how the rakyat is forever reassured how safe our country is and the fact that politicians have only been killed by politicians, the flash and dash of this motorcade appears to be for the sake of overcompensation for phallic inadequacy; not at all for security.

Just me 2 sen