Friday, June 29, 2007

Hitler did it, Hollywood still does it and now the Chinese! Or Lies! Lies! and more lies!

Read very carefully, for I shall not repeat myself!

Second Guangzhou Uprising in 1911 purportedly to have been planned in Penang by Dr Sun Yat Sen, saw millions slaughtered, all for the ego of one power-crazed rabble-rouser, opium taking man! Depending on who writes the history there is always the dark side!

Sun Yat Sen was also in Kuala Pilah around the same year, while there he inflammed the minds and hearts of overseas Chinese in British Malaya to go against the power of the day, namely the British and the Malay Royalty and Aristocrats!

A quick note, Sun Yat Sen won the presidency to rule China and died two years later and he was succeeded by Chiang Kai Shek, when Chiang was defeated by communist Mao Tse Tung, he fled to Formosa and now Taiwan, and while there hundreds of thousands of the indigenous people of that island, who are of the Malay stock, were massacred and the remnants are now reduced to aboriginal status! Thats another story!

While in Malaya, Sun Yat Sen fanned the overseas Chinese feeling by sowing racial hatred towards the British and Malay rulers, during the 14 days of KMT, or the Bintang Tiga, rule over Malaya after the Japanese was defeated and the British were late in taking over the administration, the KMT, or the Kuomintang army stragglers slaughtered many Malays.

In Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan, some even stormed into the Istana to look for the Yam Tuan to be killed, in Pahang if it weren't for officers from the Office of the Strategic Serviced or OSS and the British SOE or Special Operation Executive, the Sultan of Pahang would have been killed!

So when Dr Koh Tsu Khoon cried when he saw the movie onf Dr Sun Yat Sen, his loyalty as a Malaysian is now suspect, at least by me. As a Malaysian he has committed a major faux pas and being politically incorrect for crying over nothing! And for him to have a misplaced pride on someone, Sun Yat Sen, who was responsible for millions of lives, Koh Tsu Khoon is just another closet Kuomintang sympathiser that should be checked!

My uncle was placed in a gunny sack about to be stabbed with bamboo stakey his "childhood" Chinese friend who don on a KMT uniform immediately after Japanese was defeated, had to be released via hundreds of dollars, my mother had to sell her land in order to secure the money for my uncle release.

So Sun Yat Sen and his KMT had planned to take over the South-east Asian Region via his what we now know as a CPM organisation, well folks CPM actually stands for Chinese Party of Malaya, had they succeeded and if my parents were spared their lives and I would be born but would now be blogging in Chinese! Or worse still I will have an aboriginal status like the Alisan!

We have to thank the British for saving us Morons from the clutch of the KMT or CPM, or Chinese warlord or whatever! Meantime Koh Tsu Khoon you should step down before you are forced to!


shanghaistephen said...

so Koh Tsu Khoon cries while viewing the movie,hmmm touching !...was he the plan B of the KMT which was planted by the Koumintang strangglers of old ? Even our good PM has announced a non-bumi CM in Penang in perpertuaty ( kekal )so...Sun Yat Sun's legacy lives on in Penang....scarry isn't it !
Cheers man !

Pasquale said...

shanghaistephen! I like you astute and intelligent observation on Plan B of the Kuomintang stragglers in Penang! Already Plan B is well emplaced in Malacca, Johore, Singapore, Ipoh, to some extent Kuala Lumpur, Sibu, Kuching and many more!

kittykat46 said...

Hi Pasquale,
The 1911 uprising in Guangzhou killed millions ?? There is no such fact recorded in any mainstream history of the period.

Its not even a such record..Nada..Zilch.

The 1911 uprising came in the aftermath of massive floods in China which killed possibly several hundred thousand people...but that was a natural disaster, and a contributing cause, not an effect of the revolution.

Catwoman said...

Dr Sun Yat Sen and the Overseas Chinese:
The Overseas Chinese (it's not the Chinese Diaspora) was recognized by SYS as the 'Mother of the Revolution' . Between 1900 and 1911 SYS made 8 visits to Singapore, meeting Chinese merchants like Teo Eng Hock, Tan Chor Nam and Lim Nee Soon. These resulted in the setting up of the Singapore chapter of Tongmenghui, a sort of moneybag setup for SYS's cause. In Penang, on Nov 13 1910 he launched a drive for donations across the Malay Peninsula to finance the Second Guangzhou Uprising of 1911. As to the number of casualties, whether it's 100 or 100,000, who knows? People have stopped counting the number of Iraqi civilian deaths.
In Singapore SYS is remembered by the SYS Nanyang Memorial Hall and gazetted as a National Monument of S'pore in 2004. (What about Lieut. Adnan of the Malay Regiment who died defending S'pore from the Japs over 50 years ago?)
The Penang Philomatic Union has started a project to turn their premises at 65 Macalister Road into the Dr.SYS Museum.
More info can be found in Wikipedia. Thank you Pasquale for opening a fascinating door for me.
I'll be searching for more data

Pasquale said...

Catwoman, open more doors! After the Japanese were defeated SYS's Kuomintang stragglers, or the Bintang Tiga, ruled Malaya for fourteen days killing thousands of Malays whom they suspect as being pro-Japanese, it was a mayhem and a classic ethnic cleansing long before Bosnia learned how crawl as a nation! So while SYS is being regarded as a super-hero by overseas Chinese, always remember he was responsible for killing Malays in Malaya!

BrightEyes said...

Ahem, the Bintang Tiga were Communists. They were what became of the MPAJA when WW2 ended. Later, they became the guerilla force that started the Emergency in '48.

And speaking of the mostly Commie MPAJA, they had little love for the KMT folks... even during WW2 when both had to face the Japanese...

"...In fact many of their combat operations were assassinations of collaborators and Chinese associated with the Guomindang..."

I think you've grossly misdirected your anger towards SYS and his KMT (which is a conservative party). Perhaps you should be yelling at the leftist Commies?

Pasquale said...

brighteyes I shall not split hair over the issue, but I stand with my belief the KMT stragglers were Bintang Tiga and SYS and his legacy also conducted the worst ethnic cleansing in Formosa when hundreds of thousands of indigineous were decimated!

Kah Seng said...

You shall not split hair ... indeed. It's a thick hair to split. The difference between KMT and the communist party is as wide as the Taiwan straits. And perhaps we can compare the differences to the cold war gap between the US and the Soviet Union.

It's a hair width that spans the world, the kind of hair width in astronomical terms that astronomers use to describe close brushes between asteroids and the Earth.