Sunday, June 24, 2007

Malaysia is a coward of the county!

To read about European Ambassador callously criticising Malaysian policy without due respect for our country's sovereignty, just imagine Malaysian ambassador in Germany for example criticising German's race relations with its immigrant and on how Germany treats its immigrant will definitely see the German government sacking our ambassador back to Malaysia!

To read about how Malaysian being punched by Arabs for "non-compliance" to this Arab whims and fancies, and to read again that this Arab has been apprehended and released after statement taken, can you imagine that! In Singapore this Arab would have been jailed.

Then there is this bunch of young "Chinese tourists" at a shopping centre's cafe being so rudely loud and being so rude to our waiters! So what has this country come to! Are we allowing this to happens so that we can allow tourists to be happy so they can spend more of their money!

Let me tell you that you can also make money by being a prostitute and this is what Malaysia has become, one big prostitute! If it is money, then you can do what you want to me, a very sad state of affairs! Our policemen are also afraid to apprehend illegal Africans in this country, is it because they are BIG! Hey! Lets have some dignity here.

Malaysia always remember this adage that "money alone cannot guarantee you join the club"! The club I am talking about is when Malaysia was, yes was, well respected as one of the few countries that practices what it preaches, and yet today we are known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, countries scoff off at Malaysia and this is why a European ambassador can say what he said, the question now is are we going to sack Thierry Rommel to where he comes rom!

This act would be the beginning of our process to cleanse our body to be again clean and respected! What a pipe dream, eh!

(Pixs: Top, Arabs having disco time in KL
Bottom, Thierry Rommel (imagine him wearing a Gestapo uniform, very easy)


shanghaistephen said...

Hey Pasquale,
isn't in Arabia haram ? Bet these cash rich Arabs cannot be doing this in their own country but we Malaysians are so good at sucking-up to fairer skinned buffons,be they arabs or otherwise,(as long as they are fair skinned!) that's why these detrimental and abusive remarks from them !Sheeesh !
Malaysia boleh suck-on !!!
Cheers man, guess you can't actually give up blogging altogether right,with so much going on , how to stop now....write on bro !

Pasquale said...


This is not about being fair skinned or what, this is about having out dignity intact as a nationality. We must not allow foreigners to bully us just because our leaders especially the Tourism Minister is a eunuch, I now refused to be Malaysian, just a Malay, until our government sack this Gestapo Rommel and "request" the EU Commissioner to have him back!



This is easily the most hard-hitting remark against Thierry Rommel. Wow! Gestapo Rommel. I think that will stick. The newpapers should use that on their front pages tomorrow! Especially now that the Arab Foreign Minister Syed Hamid said he will summon Rommel and Malaysia may send protest note to EU.

He's a brave one.
The keris man has also opened his mouth! Next he will unsheath his keris and that's the end of Gestapo Rommel as we briefly knew of him.

BigDogDotCom said...

I am in total agreement with you, Pasquale. Thierry Rommel behaved un becoming of an Ambassador. He should be removed summarily and Wisma Putra should demand an unconditional apology from Brussels for this 'Kurang-Ajar' diplomatic outburst.

Pasquale said...

ahirudin attan while your comment is very much appreciated but you need not be too glib and factitious about any keris wielding Malay leaders! The samurai is the symbol of Japan unity, the sword which is unsheath at every British regal procession is the symbol of British chicanery, so Keris is a symbol of Malay supremacy within the Malay archipelago, for keris was what bind the country and the Malay together! Remember the denigration of Kris is a conspiracy concocted by the mamak and the serani, with the help of the Chinese and Indian (including shanghaistephen and veera pandiyan) to erode Malay supremacy over the land, well good luck to them, the Minangkabau, like the Musketeers will be there to defend our Jewish Yamtuan!


Chindiana said...

Sack Rommel? Some will look at it as outspoken sense of duty/naive understanding of politics but only if he were NOT a high ranking DIPLOMATIC officer. Time and a place for all things and he was out of place.There are better ways at putting a point across. The NEP? As a Malaysian but not a Malay I've learned to live with it. But yeah, your point is clear that Malaysia has degenerated from an Asian Tiger to a Toothless Tiger where folks can take pot shots at us without respect. And the only reply/reprisal will normally be internal rightous bluster.

sayangmalaysia said...

Thank you for putting into words what exactly the feelings of many citizens of Malaysia. When there is the slightest ruffle, the Government runs to apologise to whoever, BUT the citizens. We (the Government)always is soft and mushy when it comes to foreign diplomacy. We are too fearful that any negative reaction from us will impact Tourist arrival and FDI. We are often too fast to apologise and too slow to make our stand known when the line is crossed by foreigners!

Ecmdtan said...

At the risk of detracting from your original point of your post, I must say I am saddened to see that as Malaysians, we think in race, and that 1 race is supreme over the other.

I would rather that we see ourselves as Malaysians. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sagaladoola said...

Malaysians only dare to bully Malaysians .. You see ..... ISA lah, this lah that lah many kinds of repressive laws.


Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, we bully our own citizen first, next come citizens from the poorer countries, i.e. Africa, Indians, Bangladeshi. Meanwhile, we will pray/salute to the fair skins from Western Countries.

Ok, we also pray/salute to the citizens from Middle East, just because they are from the holy moslem land (Heck, little did Malaysia knows that Middle East is the most racist country in the world where slavery still exist till today)