Thursday, June 07, 2007

Of indelible ink, visa on arrival and brown-out, and Third World mentality!

Dear all!

Did you know that if you ever have the urge to visit Canada or the US or Australia be prepared for the red tape in visa application!
A friend's daughter's wedding in Canada recently saw her daughter's friend coming in from Malaysia to be her bridesmaid to have to declare her bank account, job security letter from her employer, letters stating the fact from my friend's daughter and her future husband are gainfully employed in Canada so on and so on! Otherwise no visa will be granted! And you cannot go visit!
That's how strict traveling to such countries getting to be nowadays. When I landed at KLIA three days ago I saw a counter for "Visa on Arrival" (VOA)before the entrance to the immigration check points.
I thought only cash-strapped counties like Cambodia and Indonesia do this VOA business where money-centric over ride security concern! Those who throng the KLIA visa on arrival booth are clearly from the Indian Sub-Continent, either from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka! My take is, we do not need VOA since we are not cash strapped and we don't care for carpetbaggers, con-men, terrorists and the riff-raff to come into our country without our proper documents!
Then there is this suggestion of using indelible ink to ensure no phantom voters at next general elections. My God! Here we have first world infrastructure and we are still thinking with Third World mentality! Indelible ink was use in Afghanistan recently to conduct the co-called first democratically conducted elections supervise by NATO troops, indelible ink is used in the Hill Tract of India where uneducated hill tribal people who cannot read or write to vote! But Sir! Not in Malaysia!
Then there is this set of rules to cover the wedding of our Prime Minister! Why cannot we know who the woman she is marrying after all we are paying for the up keep of the PM?! Yes! We are reverting to the medieval rule where the King and Dukes have the say over our lives! Wake up peasants you don't want to be Morons all your life!


Anonymous said...


You're such a vulgar! But I like your style of vulgarism. Who says vulgars can't be as patriotic?

Hantu Gigi Jarang

Trashed said...

The procedures have always been there and are nowadays stricter, particularly for young & single people. All this happened due to certain geopolitical issues since 2001.

Prior to that, visiting most countries was not too much of a hassle. China may be an exception as it used to be tough to get in but they now welcome visitors.

Pasquale said...

Hantu Jarang Gigi (HJG) not Hantu Gigi Jarang, all right?! I once came face to face with this being and this was in Rompin where I had to cover, as in reporting, this apparition, once he came in my dream in Mersing Hotel, the other was when I was about five miles away from Pos Peta, an Orang Asli settlement! On this instance I was sleeping alone in the jungle under a type of a Fern that HJG love to sleep under, I was awaken by a foul smell and there he was but he did not disturb me, why! I was told later on because I am a nice person and definitely not VULGAR!
How dare you assume I am vulgar man when I am reacting to a non-refinement society with no good taste in the people who gripes, love Akademi Fantasia and Aznil is an idol, and blame others for their short comings! I am by far the last person on Earth to be tagged not a common people if you know me or if you do not know me please do not assume you know me with your limited English language all right!? Thank You!