Friday, June 08, 2007

Thank you Alleycats and Loga may you sing in Heaven!

Hi All!

I got back from Canada and I read a sad news about the passing of a singer Loganathan Arumugam, or Loga, from the group Alleycats! I wish that he will be happy in Heaven and I hope he will sing there as well! And I wish his family all the best and for them to know many, many, many Malaysians love and will miss him dearly! I know my daughter who was one year old at the time when I "infect" her with "Sampai Kan Lah Salam" will also miss her, I did tell her about the passing, he is thirty now!
Loga and the Alleycats may not know this but his songs had what kept me spiritually alive during those years living in North America from the 70s to the 80s. The songs from Alleycats, and also from Black Dog Bone, a singer Halil Chik, Carefree kept me going during the long winter months! I have Ghaffar Mohamad from Edmonton, Alberta, at that time, who sent me the tapes to Winnipeg, Manitoba, thank you man I still love you!
The Alleycats, like P. Ramlee and Saloma, ABBA, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Rollingstones and Joe Cocker, is part and parcel of every Malaysian psyche and everyone who hears the song believes they know the wording and started to hum!
I have met both Loga and David Arumugam at one of their gigs at PJ Hilton, I was so excited to see them play as I would have when I saw
the Beatles movie release "Help!" in the 60s, as I did when I saw both Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker and the Bee Gees playing and singing at the Winnipeg Arena, eons ago!
Yes, we must pay tribute to Great Malaysians such as the Alleycats who have made and indelible impression on Malaysians of all ages and RTM made a god sound decision to dedicate a program to the Alleycats! BTW the late Kasma Booty, or AR Tompel for example do not have any indelible impression in my minds!
Good Bye Loga I know you are happy there!


A Voice said...

The intriguing thing abt Loga and the Alleycats is that they are popularising what one wud typify as a sentimental "gonjeng" Malay song to Malayians of all races.

shanghaistephen said...

Like I used to say ...the best malay songs are all sung by non-malays !!Godbless Loga !and welcome back to Malaysie monsier Pasquale !

bennyloh said...

Thank you, Loga...

Pasquale said...

shanghaistephen! Thats the thing, you are always hung up on racial trap, I looked at Loga not even as an Indian until moron like you have to spoil the country by reminding people about being Ali, Mutu. and Ah Chong!
Loga was a Malaysian, full stop!

Anonymous said...

shanghai stephen hehe u know how to stir some shit for pasquale huh cannot wait for him to settle down in sri menanti and eat his gulai cili padi....wakakakaka u guys need each other la......all the years of entertaining us malaysians.....cheers on for loga in heaven.....anonymous 9.17