Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Keadilan moron posted a "picture" to insult Malaysians!


I saw it with an utmost chagrin when a respectable, or was respectable, leader of an opposition party publishing a fake picture of Najib Tun Razak, Razak Baginda and Altantuya together in his blogsite when we all can see that it is a fake picture!
I do not know what kind of political leader can stoop that low to make a political mileage!

Another fake picture of Najib having chicken lunch or dinner is another futile attempt to link Najib to the on going case where a foreigner was killed and in which a person known to Najib was also on trial!

As far as I and many people know only three people being put on trial for the gruesome murder, and Najib is DEFINITELY not one of them! And many people do know that some people are out to get Najib and they will not succeed as God is great! No I am not Najib's apologist, I am Najib's supporter! So there!



the dirty tricks department at work!
and what a crappy job they're doing.
Pasquale... better to be accused of being an apologist than a slanderer, liar and someone who spreads fitnah.

i hope it is not the Keadilan doing this. They should know better than to be messing with such dirty tricks...they are a party that exhorts Justice... justice is at the heart and the core of their ideology.

and yes. Three people are on trial. Najib is not one of them.

Anonymous said...


From what I read Razak is not so smart a guy after all by assuming everyone is stupid. He called his secretary after the fact that he probably needs alibi and testimony from people who will be called as witnesses! His action appeared to be pre-meditated, I think he probably asked the Chief Inspector to do the bidding then absolved himself from it and squeal on the very people doing his dirty job! He thinks he is a classic case of Rashkolnikov in Crime and Punishment! Well, he forgets that God can also his bidding, we shall see!

Anonymous said...

Kak Nuraina I know you sister!

I wish there more people like you and I am a Malay and sometime Melayu pun nak bantai Melayu I dont understand! We, me and my friend at this law firm, are not stupid we know the picture is not real!


to quote The Malay Male when commenting on something which is just so stupid to comment about:


mob1900 said...

We take no prisoners when it comes to races-lar, dah salah we bantai, tak kira coklat, kuning, gelap serta kaler pelangi.

A Voice said...

Thats why keadilan is refered as keldaian... bodoh macam keldai!!!