Sunday, July 15, 2007

KJ!: It is a classic case of more than one way to skin a cat!


I read A. Kadir Jasin's Scribe titled "Khairy: Kuburkan PKR Kerana Memfitnah TPM", or to loosely translate it to English "Khairy said: Bury PKR for maligning the TPM". This is in reference to a badly digitally composite picture of Najib Tun Razak, Razak Baginda and allegedly to be a picture of a Mongolian girl who was reported to have been blown up using C4 explosive as reported in the newspaper.

Kadir wrote that, if I understand him correctly Khairy Jamaludin was not sincere in his call to bury the failed, yes failed, opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat or PKR because one of its office bearer Tian Chua had posted a bad digitally altered picture of Najib in his blogsite.

Now then, I am sure the rest of the country or those who are aware of the existence of the photograph which appeared in PKR office bearer's website is not a real picture, and the website was condemned by law abiding Malaysians, leaders of the government component parties, so seriously why is KJ giving the impession that he truly loves Najib by giving the impression, again, that he was trying to to come to Najibs's rescue!

Let me tell you this much, Najib does not to be rescued that way and he is indeed a polished and experienced politician, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the next Prime Minister, and he knows that the people know, and there is no one else capable of taking the country's helmship after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the same way as there is no such "real" picture of Najib and Razak Baginda and the murdered girl taken in Paris to be shown to the public! And I dare anyone to come out with such picture!!

We all know that when Najib takes over, he will not activate that dreaded "night of the long knives" syndrome to deal with his enemies and detractors! These people will just have to withdraw voluntarily if they know what's good for them!

Personally as a Malay, and a Malaysian, I cannot see this young boy KJ to be even considered as one of the next echelon of Umno leaders, that is if the party is still relevant and the Moronic Malays are still united in a couple of decade or so. Personally, I do not even know where this KJ was coming from, just the fact that everyone seems to assume he is from Oxford or Cambridge and therefore he is smart?! But, I only know him as a person who is married to the PM's daughter, that is all!
I have personally witnessed an incident when this KJ, when he was the special officer to the then Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, in which at a luncheon where he stood up and ask a very rude, impertinent and unnecessary question and Najib, in front of a very powerful audience, cooly, answered him and basically told him to shut up and to just sit down!

So I know his trick, when it is a case of more to it than meets the eye, a case of a more than one way to skin a cat, or to make Najib looks bad in a round about way, well he can keeps trying it won't work for we know his tricks. And I agreed with Kadir Jasin! KJ's intention is not to bury PKR but to make Najib looks bad AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN!

Below is the article by Kadir Jasin in his blogsite the Scribe:

"Khairy: Kuburkan PKR Kerana Memfitnah TPM

A Kadir Jasin

BINTANG timur politik Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin, dilaporkan oleh akhbar arus perdana sebagai berkata bahawa pemimpin dan ahli Umno perlu berusaha menamatkan riwayat politik Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Ini, kata naib ketua Pergerakan Pemuda Umno pusat merangkap menantu Perdana Menteri itu, adalah pengajaran terhadap pendekatan negatif parti itu yang sanggup memfitnah dan memburuk-burukkan pemimpin negara.

Dan apakah fitnah yang dimaksudkan oleh pembesar muda Pergerakan Pemuda Umno pusat itu?

Jawapannya ialah “menabur fitnah, mencaci pemimpin dan terbaru sanggup mengada-adakan gambar Timbalan Perdana Menteri sedang makan bersama Altantuya Shaariibuu.”

Saya tidak sedikit pun terperanjat kalau Khairy dan mana-mana juga pembesar Umno mahu menguburkan PKR atau mana-mana juga parti pembangkang. Itu adalah hakikat politik. Tiada siapa mahu pencabar mereka kuat.

Saya lebih tertarik dengan tindakan Khairy merujuk khusus kepada gambar adunan (composite picture) yang mengaitkan Mohd Najib Abdul Razak dengan Altantuya dan Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda sebagai alasan mengapa PKR perlu dikuburkan.

Mengapakah Khairy begitu berazam mempertahankan Mohd Najib dan mengapakah peristiwa itu dijadikan ukuran mutakhir “kemungkaran” PKR?

Bukankah media massa arus perdana pernah diarahkan jangan memetik daripada laman berita web dan blog?

Malah Menteri Belia dan Sukan merangkap ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Azalina Othman Said, baru-baru ini menyatakan bahawa Perdana Menteri sebagai Presiden Umno telah mengarahkan agar Umno menubuhkan sebuah pasukan petugas (task force) khas untuk “memerangi” blog menjelang pilihan raya umum nanti.

Kita semua maklum bahawa gambar komposit yang dimaksudkan oleh Khairy itu disiarkan oleh sebuah blog yang dikaitkan dengan PKR.

Jadi bukankah dengan merujuk khas kepada gambar berkenaan dia secara sengaja dan tidak sengaja, langsung dan tidak langsung memberi pengiktirafan kepada kewujudan gambar itu dan kepada blog?

Kalau sebelum ini khalayak yang tidak terdedah kepada Internet berkemungkinan tidak mengetahui kewujudan gambar komposit itu, tetapi mereka kini mengetahuinya apabila akhbar-akhbar besar seperti Utusan Malaysia dan New Straits Times menyiarkan kenyataan Khairy itu.

Utusan Malaysia, antara lain, melaporkan: “Dengan taktik menabur fitnah, mencaci pemimpin dan terbaru sanggup mengada-adakan gambar Timbalan Perdana Menteri sedang makan bersama Altantuya Shaariibuu, adalah jelas Keadilan perlu dikuburkan sahaja.”

Kesannya ialah dalam usaha beliau mendalangi gerakan menguburkan PKR dan mempertahankan maruah Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Khairy secara efektif mencanangkan kepada umum sesuatu yang majoriti daripada mereka tidak tahu sebelum ini yakni gambar komposit Mohd Najib, Abdul Razak dan Altantuya.

Dalam politik, garis pemisah antara yang tersurat dan tersirat dan antara sokong yang menegakkan dengan sokong yang membawa rebah kerap kali kabur dan memesongkan.

Contoh klasik kepada permainan politik ini berlaku pada pemilihan Umno tahun 1987 apabila di permukaan para penyokong Musa Hitam bertempik rosak menyokong Tengku Razaleigh tetapi di belakang tabir mereka berkempen menyokong Dr Mahathir.

Kenapa ini terjadi tidaklah sukar untuk difahami. Musuh sebenar Musa bukan Dr Mahathir tetapi Tengku Razaleigh. Kalau Tengku Razaleigh menang dan menjadi Perdana Menteri, Musa terpaksa menjadi orang nombor dua kepada musuh ketatnya.

Tetapi komplot dan konspirasi itu bertukar menjadi senjata makan tuan apabila Musa gagal mempertahankan jawatan Timbalan Presiden (kalah kepada Allahyarham Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba) dan Tengku Razaleigh gagal menjatuhkan Dr Mahathir.

Namun dalam politik sejarah hitam kerap berulang oleh sebab orang politik mudah lupa kerana mereka berasa damai dan abadi dibuai kuasa dan belaian mimpi."



KJ's intention is to make Najib looks bad again and again and again.
That is only half the story bro. Ultimately, KJ will make Abdullah, his father in law, feel good again and again and again. Like in Ijok, nobody (in Umno or BN, for that matter) has come to Najib's rescue. Fine, Najib may not need to be rescued, he's polished and he's experienced. But don't the other Cabinet ministers feel any need to protect their 2nd in-command? Surely ..

And as in Ijok, the PM will come into the picture, late and past everyone else's bedtime, to say that .. there is no such picture, I trust Najib.

That will make him feel good, no?

Which will make Najib look bad again.

Hey, you and Kadir are right! Either which way, KJ has made Najib look bad again, and again. And he'll do it again if you guys sit down doing nothing about it.

Pasquale said...


The rest of the Malay Cabinet members are just like the Chiefs of the Indian Bands in North America, corrupt, obese and mainly corrupt AND they couldn't careless about the Indians (reads Malays) living in the reservation (reads Kampong).
The Indian Chiefs in Canada for example are a bunch of louse who have been bought by the Department of Indian Affairs allowing them to control millions of dollars meant for the pathetic Indians in the reservations, no difference here! The Malay leaders here love to smoke cigars, drive expensive cars and wear expensive suits and ties! The other day an MP was smoking big fat cigar at the parliament lobby and how I wish I had told him off!

Anonymous said...

So scary I am looking at Anwars clone in KJ! They are both scary people and we should prevent them from being leaders!

De Kalb Alumni!

Satria Asia said...

Najib should be protected at all cost! If Najib goes, it only means that a rude, vile and bongkak Melayu Rembau will come closer to the leadership of Umno!

my sweetlady said...

I dont know him and I dont trust him. But I know I dont want him to be our PM and continue raping & looting the country.

God forbid if this greedy, ambitious & arrogant young punk's dream came true and became a reality.


birdie said...

Woh, this is one extremely angry young magpie!

Relax & recharge, and all our trouble will be gone!

Zawi said...

As long as this PM is in power KJ will get his way by his cunning manipulation of the PM. Most of the UMNO Head of Divisions, MP's and Ministers have to dance to his tune even when he is just a lowly Deputy UMNO Youth head. Why? Because what he proposes will be agreed by the PM. Thats power and he will use it to see to it that only those who toe his line will be chosen as a candidate in the coming GE.
Only way to stop him now is to change the PM. The PM must not win this coming election. The best strategy must be formulated to defeat him in his own constituency. Mr. oppositions, what have you done so far?