Monday, August 27, 2007

I don't know......I have always been Bangsa Melayu and Rakyat Malaysia!

Hey guys!

I was at the opening of the All-Blogs at Damansara Heights recently and the theme was in search of that elusive and proverbial Bangsa Malaysia! Well to begin with I do not have any problem with what I am, and that is because I am a Malay of a Minangkabau descent, and I have a very, very happy childhood.
Here is something that I must share with you guys, especially little cute Aishah. I am a Malaysian of a Malay keturunan and I do not have any best friends who are Chinese of Indian! however, I have many best friends, some for the last 40 years till now, who are Malaysians, but of Chinese or Indian descent.
Of course it is a problem of semantic when Aishah said being Malaysian means she has Chinese best friend (from China?) but I understood perfectly well what she was trying to convey. Just as I was trying to say there is not such thing as Bangsa Malaysia, unless we dismantle all things perceived to be Malays, such as the Sultanate system, and abolish the constitutional monarchy and declare ourselves republic! Unless all of these are dismantled to make the non-Malays happy I will then ask: "At what cost,l mah?", and why fix it if it is not giving us any serious problem!?

One of the bloggers at the opening of the All-Blogs that evening said it is already fully entrenched in the constitution of the concept of Rakyat Malaysia, dan bangsa berbilang kaum., but nobody wants to listen to what he was saying and to ponder upon what was said?!
So seriously why some Malaysians are questioning the eligibility of the country's constitution that will and have inadvertently caused and create an unnecessary anguish.

Already overheard at the gathering that evening that one young Malaysian of Chinese descent, questioning the need to re-think and to re-do the social contract agreed upon by Malaysia's founding fathers? The social contract is not something that was decided at a whims! Part of the social contract, that not all Malaysians are aware is if there is a racial strife in the country that cannot be resolved in 60 days the British Army can take over, so we do not want that to happens.

On other matter I see good people like lawyer Haris Ibrahim , Malik Imtiaz and Professor Azmi Shahrom, who at a glance, repeat at a glance, appear to have suffered from an acute case of a personality bypass but I may be wrong, are still grappling with their true identity and their Bahasa Melayu and questioning the "unjust system" that they are experiencing.

Yes, it is nice to speak to the gallery of angry people just to hear your voice mixed with the pounding of your adrenaline, but in life there is more to it then just pounding adrenaline and to believe that we are the smartest and our way is the best, that what the late Datuk Harun Idris did before May 1969!

If I am given the opportunity to lead this multi-racial country of about 24 millions morons I shall pass. It is not that easy to govern this country of morons. But then it is easy to condemn the national anthem, and the perceived Malay governance and to yearn for something that we already have: that is Bangsa Malaysia yang berbilang kaum! I hope this quest for Bangsa Malaysia will not further erode of racial understanding between one moron and another!

Selamat Merdeka Rakyat Malaysia yang Berbilang Kaum!


P.S. This treatise is written without malice intended. And I hope En Rusdi, En Steven and En Rocky do not mind the picture that I used, initially I wanted to caption it as "Three Amigos" but I changed my mind the caption should read "Three Morons"! he! he!


Zawi said...

A very sensible piece by a rational minded Malaysian of Malay Minagkabau ancestry. For myself I can only consider myself as a Malaysian of Malay stock. Where did my family originate from? My late grandfather from my mothers side was said to be a refugee from Patani. I was never told exactly where my late grandfather on my mother's side came from.
Why cant we retain our ethnicity? We are malaysians no doubt but of various ethnicity. Thats all. The crux of the whole problem is the perceived injustices meted to certain people of different ethnicity.
Those who benefited from the largess whatever their ethnicity of course will never complain. Have you ever heard of anybody from the family of Lim Goh Tong, Robert Kuok, Ananda Krishnan or Samy Velu complain that the government of the day has not been fair to them?
Only those who are deprived of opportunities will complain. How do we change our ethnicity? Can we all do a Jeanne Danker to benefit immediate transformation to our lives? Annuar Tan Abdullah of Kelantan Pas did just that and look what happened to Jeanne and Annuar Tan. By ethnicity they remain what they are, one of Portuguese descent and another of Chienese descent. Ofcourse not all will want to do that.
The way to go is to elect a government that will be fair to all and recognize meritocracy whatever your ethnicity. Period.
Is that difficult? Not really if those non Malays the likes of Ananda Krishnan, Samy Velu, Lim Goh Tong and Robert Kuok who have attained the highest form of success in life are willing to forgo continued patronage from those in The Corridors of Power and for once stop supporting the present government who are deemed corrupt and unfair to those of their own ethnicities.
Will they? I doubt it. They tend to lose more and i doubt that they even care if people of their own sthnicities suffer unfairness or are never appreciated for their merit at all.

Rusdi M. said...

Of course I mind having my picture appearing on your blog and being called a Moron at that too!!

Pasquale said...

En Rusdi!

My apology but I thought you are a liberal sort of a person and I can call you "moron" in jest, but I was wrong to assume, sorry! Owe you a jug!

Rusdi M. said...

make that three...i'm minding on behalf of the other enciks...Cheers!

shanghaistephen said...

hey pasquale,
I can understand if you are the SIL of the PM-whose favorite past-time these days is name calling, but how dare you call me a moron ? Thought you reserved that name for malays only ? Maybe you should caption that photo as "One good looking amigo flanked by 2 morons"!!
Now that,... I won't be upset and maybe I'd even buy you a bottle of the finest "Chateau de Behrain Dehmage 1987"
Cheers !

shanghaistephen said...

And you got my name spelt wrong....listen you is spelt STEPHEN...comprendo?...kapish !

A Voice said...

HIdup Bangsa Moron!

Pasquale said...

hey stephenwolf consider yourself lucky for me to even publish your moronic coments!