Monday, September 03, 2007

So what if they are pink or purple, but they are Malaysians and I will die for them!

"His entry into politics took a circuitous route, for until he became Singapore's first Chief Minister for 15 heady months in 1955-6, he did not think that -- as a minority of minorities ("I am both a Jew and an Asian") -- he could steer the fledgling nation. But once in the political forefront, his driving ambition was to deliver Singapore freedom from the British." About S'pore first Chief Minister, David Marshall.

Hello folks!

Merdeka days should also be a time for us to be reminded of the sacrifices that different people or different community who helped built the country to be where it is today. The two Jewish Armenian Sarkis brothers, was a good example, left their place of birth due to various reasons, one may be from persecution. They landed in Penang and built a legend called E&O!
Do you know that there are many Malaysians of Jewish descent still living "undercover" in this so-called beautiful and magnanimous country?
Yes, many of them due to "accident" of birth decided to remain in Malaysia under an assumed ethnic identity, I am truly sad that they feel by "exposing" themselves they will again be persecuted in this country where Islam plays a very prominent role in policing how we breath, eat and fart! (Hey! Don't get sensitive I am a Muslim!)
I was gabbed by this sudden feeling of sadness and helplessness when I visited the Jewish cemetery in Penang a while back, It is so desolate and so far away from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv where these people would have like to be buried!! I couldn't help but to wonder what human spirit could possibly possess these people to do what they did! I was wondering how in heavens name did these magnificent people managed to trek down through Asia Minor from somewhere in Eastern Europe through India then finally sailed to Malaya. The descendant of one became a Chief Minister of Singapore.
I personally know a girl whose father is a bona fide Malaysian of a Jewish descent and the family live in Johore, and nothing more that will make me happy if they decided to go underground with their secret forever, but will make me a lot more happier if she decided to come out and tell us Malaysians that being one can also mean having Jewish blood living in this country, and I will rally behind them for sure! Meanwhile I have posted some pictures for the uninformed "hoi poloi" to see!



kittykat46 said...

There is no functioning synagogue in Malaysia, so essentially there are no practicing Malaysian Jews.

But there are a number of Malaysians who know well that they are of Jewish descent, especially in Penang. You can still see some Jewish surnames in the telephone directory.

But most have intermarried into the Malaysian Chinese or Indian communities, many have converted to Christianity or simply do not practice their religion any more.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Just a quick response to your request posted in Rocky's Bru. Will remember your sister (in coma) in my prayers.

Samuel Goh 090907

Non-Jew said...

The idiotic comments of some people regarding the minorities including Jews in Malaysia doesn't help national unity. No one - Jew or not - should have to hide their identity, as you so rightly point out. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not have respect for their own self.

Jews have had to work twice as hard and be twice as honest to get half what the 'host community' gets in many societies. I had alway hoped that the land of my birth would be different. Yet, there is hope with people like you.

Pasquale said...

Samuel Goh,

Thank you! She had another operation today, he fifth, I hope she will recover! Thanks.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

There is church in Brickfields called the Zion Lutheran Church.

Although I’m not sure the relation.

Pasquale said...

gurindam jiwa,

The church in Brickfield is just that a place for worship that is called that. Zion refers to the Hill of Jerusalem or for the Christina the Kingdom of Heaven. The Jewish movement to restore Israel is called Zionism - one has nothing to do with the other.