Thursday, September 20, 2007

They may be victims of internationaly syndicated Snuff Movie!

Nurin, may you now rest in peace!
Madeline may you be found and safely back in you parents loving arms!
Jon-Benet I know you are safe now!Shalom, and may peace be with you wherever you are!

Hei People!

In my mind, I am certain now the girl who was found dead and delivered in a clean gym bag by a woman as seen on CCTV was a victim of snuff film, or snuff movie. It would appear as though the dead girl could be part of the sad but lucrative industry with customers mainly from all over the world, craved for, especially in Japan.
For some strange reasons, Japan as a country rich in traditions seems to be churning a lot of sadistic people. On the surface Japanese also appear to be a somewhat docile race of people.
According to Wikipedia snuff movie depicts actual killing of human beings without the aid of special effects. The first snuff movie was made by a Russian who was arrested while on his way to the United Kingdom in a car full of these films. A lot of these movies are now circulating around the world but always ended up in Japan. Once the Japanese police managed to crack down a case of snuff movie after watching the movie and managed to track down the perpetrators. May be our police can now work with the Interpol on the matter.
Three-year old Madeleine McCann from England kidnapped in Portugal, Jon-Benet Particia Ramsey, six year old from Colorado Spring found dead in her house where parents were main suspects. Now our own Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, eight years old.
In the case of Benet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann, both of their parents are under suspicioun of being involved in the complication of the cases. At the height of the Jin Bennet Ramsesy's case someone was quoted as saying what people will do with money, a lot of money, to do the unthinkable.
Past children such as Ang May Hong, I remember who took a walk to a corner shop was later found dead with similar suffering as the girl in the gym bag. The there was this six year old Nushuhada Burak who was raped and victimised mercilessly by the perpetrators, then Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani, 10 years old sodomised and killed.
According to some foreign reports that I can still remember, a snuff movie maker will pay anyone a large sum of money just to "act" in a gory snuff movie. It is being syndicated around the world just as how you can buy pirated movies all over the world, a big business controlled by the Yakuza, the Mafia, the Russian Mafia you name it. As long as the demand is there I am afraid more children will become prey to these evil people and the paedophiles of the world. SO WHAT HAVE WE, THE PERFECT HUMAN RACE BECOME!



Anonymous said...

Sick bastards. The greatest fear I have (as a father) is that they may be lurking around us masquerading as oridanry decent folk. Who can we trust anymore??? These assholes chew away at the fabric of our society. I pray that little Nurin's soul rest in peace and that the asshole/s who brutalised her will be brought to justice and rot in hell. I apologise for the language but I am so angry now that I just can't help it.

God bless Nurin's soul and give her family the strength to overcome this pain.


transfattyacid said...

That may be so, but the question remains, why won't the McCanns answer the police questions?

Sagaladoola said...

To know that such a thing being inflicted on a child for the pleasure of those people really sickened me.

I hope that the perpetrator will be caught and the syndicate destroyed ASAP.


Zawi said...

All angles must be pursued. Yours is one of it. The only nagging question to me is if its the snuff movie that they are interested to do, why should the body be left to be found? They are taking a big risk of being exposed and caught. Wont it be easier for them just to dispose of the body after doing the movie? On that score I would like to differ on your angle.
Personally I would like the police to pursue their earlier suspicion that this heinous crime is the work of alongs.

Pasquale said...

Dear Zawi!

You said:" All angles must be pursued. Yours is one of it. The only nagging question to me is if its the snuff movie that they are interested to do, why should the body be left to be found?"
Who knows eh! A bit of derring-do, or can-I-get-with-this-without-being-caught sort of adrenaline rush moment! Or may be that was part of the snuff movie, I did not say it was but I said they may be victims of snuff movie! Its hard for me to imagine Alongs, bad as they may have been perceived by the public but will they resort to such unthinkable!

Anonymous said...

but will they resort to such unthinkable!


Oh plz, alongs just like the mafia are ruthless people. They are gangsters like the mafia, they kill as they see fit. I dun know how you get the idea that one is tamer than the other, because only sick ppl like them are involved in criminal stuff. Besides, with so many different alongs, you can't tell their personality as a whole, and these ppl I'm sure are doing various other "businesses" too, as long as there's money for them.

People are just generally curious. But to feed them their curiousity? Geez man, I dunno how these barbarians can live on life without going mental. But seriously, even if snuff films are in great demand as u said, (which I dun believe so, ppl may like horror and gore and kill ppl in games but that doesnt mean they crave for real stuff, unless they're mental), they are not that profitable at all. They're too risky and don't make as much money as pornography. You can find porn anywhere but tough luck getting ur hands on snuff. Too much of a 'closed' biz, a secret niche market. If the barbarians are willing to pay a lot, they would expect big returns too. But how many are able to pay for a copy, if they even know where they exist? Do they mostly cater to rich ppl? That would be disturbing if so.

And lots of clients come from Italy, UK, America, as much as from Japan. It's obvious that the 1st world countries have serious society problems. I dunno why ppl are always surprised when Asians are involved in serious crimes or harbour evil desires, and emphasize on them a lot more. You don't understand Japan's state if you still think they're a "somewhat docile race". In current modern time, no race is quite innocent anymore.

ann said...

i'm beginning to think it's part of a larger syndicate too. where i currently live, a five year old also went missing and found dead a month later. the kidnap suspect committed suicide. or probably shot by another man and made it look like a suicide. interestingly, the dead suspect was linked to the disappearance of maddy mccann but this has never been proven.

Zawi said...

Your hunch maybe right after all. The police may be pursuing your hunch I think.