Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ah! If only we have a strong leadership!

Top honcho of the little red dotter!

This could never happened under any other leadership of Malaysia! And no one form our side is hitting back!

Lee Kuan Yew had just accused Malaysian government of mistreating non-Malays by saying "if they would just educate the Chinese and the Indians, use them and treat them as citizens, they can equal us and even be better than us". A totaly false statement!

This Lee Kuan Yew is getting senile, and it looks as though senility dementia is creeping in on this number one red dotter. To begin with, unlike the Malays in Singapore who can only go as far as "not too far", here in Malaysia the non-Malays are part and parcel of the country. We have the highest non-Malays millionaires per capita in this country compare to any others in the region.

Secondly, we have no intention of being equal with Singapore, as being kiasu is totally not our culture and looked upon with total disdain by Malaysians. Thirdly, there is no time in future where Malaysia will allow Singapore to merge, although DAP stalwarts like Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang would love to see another day when their party will be again called PAP! Karpal, let Singapore bursts to the seams we will not be merging!

Dr Ooi Kee Beng is right , the thought of merger with or without S'pore's terms is definitely too appalling to all Malays, except for those who are on the payroll of Singapore government!

A note for us to remember here: Lee Kuan Yew retorts was placed in a very small column in the NST and I wonder why! And why did not anyone of our Ministers reply and to chastise Lee Kuan Yew over his insensitive statement, is also beyond my comprehension! Except for Gerakan making a token statement, which was okay! Dollah Badawi my Prime Minister! Where are you when Lee Kuan Yew is insulting us!

Selamat Berhuru Hara!


ahiruDin aTTan said...

if the leadership continues to keep mum in the face of lky's verbal sodomy, i'm going to join him la ...

Tracker said...

What LKY said is completely true. It hurts but it is the truth.

Remove bumi policy and let the Chinese and Indian compete on equal footing.

JR said...

Malaysians to be equal to Singaporeans??

How insulting!!

Why do we want to do that? We can only be better than you (and in many aspects we are!)

I would also like to ask the Sr Minister why is Singapore pursuing a gambling ambition when there is already one in Malaysia? Duh...

Maybe next you want to put an astronaut in space too...

JR said...


Err.... if you are expecting AAB to speak up to LKY I think AAB will actually melt in front of LKY. And even if he did open his mouth you wouldn't be able to catch what he is saying, so....

ahiruDin aTTan said...

Dear Pasquale:

Here I go again. Can't help it as Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore are favourite subjects. I grew up in Singapore for close to two decades. It's second home, still.

Well, now, treat the Chinese and Indians as citizens? Seriously, I hope my Chinese and Indian brothers do not fall for Kuan Yew's trap and start feeling like second-class citizens. Because the non-Bumis have not been treated as such.

On the contrary, the Malaysian government has been giving our Chinese and Indian brothers preferential treatment compared with the Malays and other Bumis. I don't know why, but I've been told that the Malays are that accommodating, and generous by nature.

Examples are abundant. The Chinese and Indians are allowed, until today, to keep Chinese and Tamil schools. I don't see any Malay school (and Malay college is not exactly a Malay school). Generally, they live in bigger houses and earn better salaries. Go to KLCC Suria and most shopping centres (not just in KL but also in rural areas), and you'll find outlets owned by foreigners, Chinese Malaysians and Indian Malaysians but very few (none in KLCC's case) by the Malays.

The Chinese and Indians are not forced to join the military or the police to prove their loyalty to Malaysia. If they were ordinary citizens, they should.

Take the IPPs -- they are owned by Lim Goh Tong, YTL, Ananda and Al-Bukhary. Three are non-Malays and one a Bumi (Arab).

There is no discrimination, bro LKY. In fact, I think the Malaysian government has been fair with the Malays and the Indians. The Malaysian government, after all, is not a Malay government. It consists of Chinese and Indian-based parties. The Opposition, too. The fact that Malaysia can't overtake -- or equal -- Singapore is because it is not possible for an apple to overtake or equal and orange. Simple as that.

Now, can we get AAB to say something please:?"

t should start treating our Chinese and Indian Malaysians as ordinary citizens. Just like the Malays and the rest of the Bumiputera people.

Anonymous said...


We are a citizen yes, but second class so stop bullshitting to the world> I am a Singapore-Malay ansd I know what I am talking about!

Anonymous said...


You must read the interview in the total entity, LKY spoke of many other issues and Malaysia was just in passing, may be you might want to promote LKY to run your country for one term and see the result, already the American interviewer wanted LKY to run for US president, such high regard for the man! So chill my friend and we are not all that bad, and you people need to have your shit together!