Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, you have made us proud!

Person of Highest Order!

The certificate says:" Know ye all that on 26th April 1997..........................defied all laws of physical science and common sense by hooking an arresting wire on board "Freedom's Flagship" - the oldest active ship on the United States Navy.
By exhibiting such fearlessness and composure, you are now awarded membership in the "The Order of the Hook". Signed by T.S. Fellin, Captain United States Navy.
The aircraft carrier's motto is :"Don't Tread On Me"
(I have to hide my name)

Hi people!

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar has changed the concept of merantau, or the Minangkabau version of walkabout, to a new height, pun intended!
I bet you when he was asked by his parents when was he going to merantau to see the world they didn't expect him to go gallivanting around the globe in a space ship!
One of the scary things that he experienced was that the 8.5 force of gravity that will render you helpless. Once I had the good fortune of being invited on board a moving United States Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Independence, under the command of Captain T.S. Fellin, somewhere in the Andaman Sea, that was one experience I could never forget.
As a journalist then I received a call from the the US Embassy official who said: "Your wish has been granted!"
So off I went to the Subang TUDM airbase and I was put in a US navy windowless Greyhound carrier and off we went and after two tries landed on the aircraft carrier via an arresting hook on a wire.
When we left we were told of the g-force that we will encounter upon taking off.
The G-force was only 2.5, but that was enough for me when we were literally catapulted from the carrier carrier for about a long brief moment I did not now where I was so it does not matter if the place exploded or I die for we would not know, and it didn't matter.
Hey! That was only 2.5 G-force, now imagine Sheikh Muszaphar will be experiencing 8.5 G-force, in a pub when you are totally drunk the G-force is only 0.25, and trust me if that Soyuz exploded he wouldn't know either. Its like you are floating in limbo and to me it was one of the most calming experience I have ever had, but quite scary!
Now back to Sheikh Muszaphar, the 8.5 g-force that he experienced is enough to qualify him as a real bona fide astronaut! When he went up he was riding on a controlled explosion of a megatons proportion.
Well done warih, you have also defied all laws of physical science and common sense and made it back to earth. Some people will be jealous of your accomplishment and success, they will call you all sorts, such as being gay and everything to make them happy with their unhappiness of your success but in my book you are one hell of a Minangkabau hero, gay or otherwise! So "don't let them tread on you" my man, you are one helluva guy who belongs to a very special Order!



Zakhir's Zoo said...

Yes, I am so proud of him. The fact Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is my former school mate made it more special for me.

BigDogDotCom said...

Good tribute, Pasquale. Its definitely morons who are the ones who tries to belittle and undermine his mission as 'space tourists'.

Dr. Sheikh is doing a world class scientific experiments in space as part of his mission. Some of the experiments he did, he had interests in it because related to his field as praticing orthopaedic surgeon.

Another Sheikh said...

Bukan ke Sheikh tu gelaran orang Arab?

He is ours to claim!

Pasquale said...

another sheikh, I have a story for you, this was related to me by my late father:

Once upon a time, in the early 40's, there was this very adventurous young Minangkabau lad from Seri Menanti, he was a very good friend of my father.
One day he left the village for a walkabout and to seek his fortune. Well,he found it, he ended up in Pattani, in Southern Thailand.
With his limited knowledge of Islam he managed to "con-vince" the folks near Pattani and he became a sucessful religious teacher and he change his name to Sheikh "something" I have forgotten. Today his third generation descendants all have Sheikh after their names!
The moral of may late father's story is you can be what ever you want, but if you are born in Negeri Sembilan subscribing to Adat Perpateh, you are a Minang, but of course you can claim him as yours, what ever that means, the same way as Israel can claim Tunku Jaafar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman, another Minangkabau! Oh! You did not know? I am proud to say that my ruler has Jewish blood in him, and he is a Minang! I have Dutch blood in me I am a Minang! So apa itu Arab?! Moron!

Another Sheikh said...

You mean to tell me that there could be a remote possibility my descendent could be some orang asli passed as a tukang ajar muqaddam?

Nahhhh ...!!!

But thats one entertaining answer, moron!

Pasquale said...

another sheikh! I am not saying you are a sakai descendent but merely telling a story of a man who would be king actually became one in Southern Thailand, I am proud of his "Sheikh" keturunan, thats is all!Mo!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale

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