Thursday, October 04, 2007

I may have a soloution for an everlasting Bangsa Malaysia....a Moratorium!

Tee Hui Yi may you have a wonderful life ahead of you and we will continue to pray for your good health.

Rajinder and Jagathiesan! The hell with all the unhappy people that are surrounding you both, just follow your hearts and Malaysians will always pray with you for your happiness!

On my solution to a true Bangsa Malaysia, if there were to be one, the answer is, a moratorium! A moratorium is a legal authorisation by the ruling party for a complete social engineering with a difference that we have never experience and seen before and. Under the present circumstance, this is the last chance for us to create that proverbial and elusive Bangsa Malaysia! Once and for all!
The government must allow a a moratorium for at least a year and large scale "social" intercourse between the three major races in the entire country must be allowed at all cost, and then we wait for at least a year, wait for the result voila and we will have a by product that cannot be discernible as belonging to just one race, be it a Malay, Indian or Chinese, or even the Sikh!
Why don't we sent batches of these various races of mixed gender in various camps and allow them to "socially interact". They will be exempted from the current draconian laws pertaining to unmarried male-female interaction.
And if we failed this last chance of moratorium, well all I can say is we can just stop this never ending defeat of trying to make Malaysia a much better "un-racially concious" place to live.
On other matter, one of my seriously racist friends, (actually I have four, one Chinese, one Indian and one Melayu, and one Serani).
Well the Chinese one call and said: "Yo! Chinese body Malay heart, man, what has this country come to!"
I didn't know what he was referring to at first and he said NST front page. Yes! my wife and I favourite topic of discussion, and she cried when the news said Hui Yi is getting a heart finally and she is a daughter to anyone who has a daughter. Well, done Hui Yi we will pray for you.
There is no such things as a racial body parts, they are all human body parts, but of course so many of you morons do not know this, including my racist Chinese friend. I do not know what happens to him he was a non-racist chap until these last four years, he did not want to talk about it, but we suspect it is about a girl.
Then there is this story of a Sikh girl and her Tamil boyfriend or husband. What has gotten into us why can't we in this country allow love to flourish. I look at the picture and the girl looks so happy and the guy is a good looking guy and I am sure a doting husband to her.
Here is my wish, I wish all the conservative racist Malaysian should just die quickly so life must go on.
Another good news is I can write all that I want to write in my blogsite and this has definitely reduced my blood pressure, thank you technology! And the hell with conservative racist pigs where ever you are!



Zawi said...

It is such an act that brings the various races together.
Another approach is to have political parties that is not racial based. Of all dumbos it has to be Dr. Koh Tsu Koon who shot down the idea of a single party for all races.

Pasquale said...


Gerakan may look so benign and innocent but this is one chauvinist party which subscribes to Sun Yat Sen 8th Points Racial Superiority, and it is also a party that subscribes to a secessionist mentality! Koh Tsu Koon? One big mother of a hypocrite!

shanghaistephen said...

Yo Pasquale,
Before you champion for one "bangsa Malaysia" have to get all the morons within the ruling government of the day, to take a pledge to treat ALL MAN EQUALLY and with EQUAL RESPECT TOO! and to stop being HYPPOCRITES !...thats what's holding everyone back...always have to put on a bloody "guard" when we have a normal conversation with each other...careful not to "hurt" the others feeling ! bullshit man...why can't we say it like the truth, afraid it will hurt the other 's status as being of a higher race then the other, thats why we have this different classification like chinese, indians and malays and worst still...bumiputras !sshheeeeesh !!! are we all not God's children ? and have red blood running in our viens ? why show less respect because of the color of the skin ? When you're nothing man...plain shit and dust and dirt !That's all ! why ?? These are pertinant questions only the government can answer...and you know what hyppocrites this government is, right ??
you have a very foreign name,and you speak good english, where you from ?

Pasquale said...

Hey Shanghai fishead!

If you have problem with policy or inequality talk to your MP, if he cannot do anything about it out vote him come next election!
I have bigger agenda for us we must all resolve the fact that we want to be one people by showing it, one way or another! I intend to stand naked between a sandwich board at any junction with a message soon! I suggest you do the same Mo!

Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin tried to politicised the "Malay heart in Chinese body" in NST today!


Pasquale said...

It is so unfortunate that someone tries to politicise the heart transplant issue, it should not be the case, and I do not agree.