Friday, October 26, 2007

Illegal immigrants: Among others, they are depleting our blood supply!

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, a respected senior Umno member.

Illegal immigrant in the USA have the audacity and temerity to demonstrate! But why not since there are many of them!

Malaysia sending back token illegal immigrants back to Indonesia due to public pressure!


"Illegal immigrants in Malaysia comprise a substantial portion of the Malaysian population, numbering as many as two million by some estimates. Most of them are from nearby Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Illegal migrants tend to take odd jobs unpalatable to the local populace, such as working in construction sites. Although their presence in Malaysia is against the law, the Malaysian government did not make a serious effort to deport illegal migrants until early 2005, when it was feared that displaced Indonesians affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami would swamp the country" source: Wikipedia.

ALREADY THE HEALTH MINISTRY people are grumbling over illegal immigrants threatening our blood supply destined for Malaysians! So what are we to do if the government is not addressing this major and serious problem.

Now that we have been in space, and have acquired submarines and sophisticated tanks to further enhanced our country's security we now have to deal with this festering illegal immigrant problem and to deal with it swiftly and as soon as possible.

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad was only half correct when he hit the panic button by saying "maybe the visa on arrival (VOA) will be revoked at the end of this year when Visit Malaysia Year is over".

Well, he is wrong! AND WE ARE NOT A XENOPHOBIC NATION! But the VOA should not have been implemented in the first place and we are not like Laos, Cambodia or Indonesia where we are really really hard-ups on tourists dollars, or Rupees or whatever the other currencies are.

We must abide by our law that requires those who need visa to apply before entering the country, this was non-negotiable until we started to become greedy to the point of compromising our security just for that mighty ringgit!

Malaysia is a different kettle of fish all together, while we are promoting tourism we are also discerning in our welcoming what kind of foreign visitors that we want for our tourism industry.Years ago in London I was told by the Greek Embassy there that I have to wait for two weeks for my visa,and I only had eight days to spare and they do not have VOA, and the gruff Greek official said I have to follow Greek immigration law, fair enough and so we went to Venice instead.

VOA implies we are so hard-ups for tourist monies, and meanwhile over two millions illegal immigrants in this country is creating havoc on our fragile infrastructure, such as blood supply, sewer systems and many more.

I hope at the upcoming Umno General I hope leaders will address this issue as one of our dire problems that we are facing vis-a-vis illegal foreigners who are not even afraid of our police and security forces. I was told our policemen are also afraid to apprehend big Africans that you can see loitering Chow Kit Road,and what chances do we have to have our security guaranteed! I will leave at that!

Just a bit of a trivia here. The problem in Lebanon which started in 1948, when civil war broke out, was when Palestinian refugees found out, or they thought they did , that they were more of them than there than the Lebanese and they thought they could just take over the country and unfortunately today, Lebanon needs to be professionally embalmed before being buried by sectarian bullshit there!

Here is another piece of information for us Malaysians to ponder upon from the comfort of their houses watching Astro that we never thought genocide in Bosnia-Heregovina, Rwanda, Darfur in Sudan, Timor Leste could never happened in our life time, well it did and what makes Malaysia so special?! No we are not!

No cheers today!


shanghaistephen said...

hey pasquale,
you want to address this problem....too late now, we have even sent a Minangkabau to space and call him a Malaysian ? everyone you meet is a Myanmar or Bangla or Indian or a 2 million is bullshit man.....more like 30% of this country's population were never actaully born in this here Malaysian soil! so coupled with the corrupt immigration at the point of entry....voila ! "Now anyone can walk into Malaysia....for a small price "!Now we are not "so special" anymore !
Cheers !

Zawi said...

The problem of illegal immigrants is very real indeed. How on earth are we to discern between the legal and illegal ones? All seems to be free roaming the country even as far away places as Gua Musang, Kelantan. Our dependence on cheap labour make them indispensible.
I guess our problem with our porous border will be a thing of the past soon when we put into operations our new expensively acquired strategic assets in the form of Scorpene sumarines in 2009 and the Sukhoi jets to guard our borders. Furthermore our Astro-nought has landed on earth and all the scientific experiments will be applied too. So worry no more. We will be safer by then.

Anonymous said...


Majority of the petty theft, rape, murder, con jobs, kidnapping, house breaking in this country are done by desperate illegal immigrants, and under the present set up (i.e. corruption) nothing the government can do but we can only live in a state of siege and fear. I know my family and friends will not vote for BN this coming elections.


P.S. How's Wisma Lim Foo Yong still go there?

Anonymous said...

Bapak2,Ibu2 dan anak2 cuba la jangan malas. Masing- masing mesti menolong ,bantu membantu buat kerja d rumah. Education tu, after all bkan stakat mbaca buku aje. Bila nak ajar anak ' responsibility" Now I've seen Malaysian teens getting up at 11, 12 1pm all bcause ada Indon slave at home to wash their shoes etc. at their back and call. Probably if you just limit them to the kilangs where you monitor their every move like reporting to the immigration office every 3 monthes or so maybe we can curb the influx. Automate everything , like Japan is probably another way Wake up Msians ,you re creating more problems for yourselves by taking in foreign helpers!