Monday, October 08, 2007

Rumour mongering spread by our enemies!??

Hi people!

The pictures above is my cell phone text message that I received just now and the sender is from an overseas numbers and the content is in the accompanying pixs that I took from my cell phone. I had to produce three shots since my phone screen cannot show the whole message so I took them in sequence! Give me some theory here as to why!
Even if it is true a finance minister from one of the Asean countries seeking psychiatric treatment so what! And why sent it to a Malaysian!



ahiruDin aTTan said...

Whoa! I know of an sms going around a week or so ago -- also from an overseas number -- talking about Dr M's "failed" bypass surgery.

We should alert our Intel about this, Mr Pasquale.

ewoon said...

That's interesting. Have you tried to call the number and see who would answer?

Also, let's put one and one together, which one of our Finance Ministers is currently out of the country?

Pasquale said...


Did call no one picking up the phone, but it was ringing though.