Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am not sure about a win-win deal with S'pore...let me say why!

Pedro Blanca, that stupid granitic outcrop that we will win back but at a cost of giving another big chunk of Malaysia to S'pore!


Singapore is desperate for space, its population is increasing, it needs more elbow room for infrastructure, it can only go sprouting up, only up to a point in the sky. Eventually, S'pore will have to come into Malaysia which ever way it can.
Iskandar Development Region (IDR) call it by any other name will be a grand metropolis for the republic, but I do not believe IDR will create " a new global metropolis that Malaysia can be truly be proud of", says the PM recently.
But with the amount of money coming in from the island republic into IDR, S'pore will ensure that it will have the control over the real estate, and I do not see how Malaysia can really get involve in running a very sophisticated metropolis created by S'pore money.
This is what I foresee, if S'pore sponsor IDR becomes a thorn in the the flesh of Malaysia, say twenty years from now and we want to eject S'porians out of the place, can we do it? No! S'pore will have to fight to protect its investment, with the moral support from the rest of the world.
In this case the rest of the world mean the US, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Europe (Indonesia and the rest of Asean do not count as the rest of the world, for they are and will forever be weak to assist Malaysia comes a head on collision between us and S'pore!)
My view is we should just develop IDR with our own money and for better of worse it will still be us if IDR flounder! Just my view.
As my father once told me to never had a wish to meet the Devil and think you can listen and out do him, for while he may appear benign, it is the nature of the Devil to take your soul at any cost if you are stupid enough to think that you can talk him out of it! Basically he was saying "don't play with the devil or you will get burnt".

Malaysia will win back Batu Putih from the International Court, for sure and I have no doubt about it. And did you know that S'pore designed it all along for us to win back that stupid granitic out]crop that will be underwater in ten years or so due to global warming and rise in water level, and somebody will come out a hero after that! And the bad news is Singapore will have even a bigger land mass from Malaysia, and you have already guess where!BTW! LKY is master at the game of chess!

Just a thought!

No cheers today!


A Voice said...

I share your optimism and pessimism.

Spore, with its property prices on a "mengangkasa" runaway price indicating shortage, is planning for a 3 million population rise to 8 million.

WHere in hell can they have the space for it?

Singa Pura said...

I applaud you for your foresight, except that our leaders are too short-sighted or the ones who are at the top are there for short term (personal) gains. Singapore's role model is Israel, and it is only us who are baying loudly how friendly they are etc and how we should play ball with them. The Iskandar project is outright 'colonialism' by people who are not only fomenting trouble in our society by their mischievous ways, but are also setting their sights on our land. The shame is our political leaders are (a) short sighted (b) greedy or (c) both.

Pasquale said...

singa pura!

Touche! How I wish every moron in this country sees it that way, your way! I give up! I am going to the east coast to learn how to train monkeys to climb coconut trees! More self gratifying this way!