Wednesday, November 28, 2007

They have legitimate grouses and Samy and MIC have failed them, I am sorry!

Hi people!

We have a helper for the last five years and her name is Nalitha and she is a Tamil from Teluk Anson, and if I say she is like a family to us, I may sound like a condescending liberal prick to a lot of you racist bastards, but no she is more than a family to us she is a permanent member of our exclusive family club, membership by marriage or invitation only!

I asked her did she go to the Hindraf rally and she answered yes! I was shocked she could have been arrested or hurt! She was there with her daughter and husband. When I asked why did she do it, and she said her people have no jobs when foreigners are taking over the country.
She said, in direct translation to Bahasa Malaysia : "How come Bangladeshi, Myanmarese, Vietnamese and Indonesian can have a better paying jobs than us Malaysian. Now you get on a bus you see these people no more Malaysians. May daughter was teased by a Myanmarese on the bus the other day, how can they do this and yet they come to this country and not respect us?"

You see Nalitha, is not the most literate person I have ever known but she is by far not stupid like the rest of those who rallied and protested the other day. She is a person that our family will die for not because she is our helper. but she is also our soul mate. And not much that can be said about the MIC or Samy Vellu who did not foresee the displacement of Indians from their "green dimension" or hundreds of thousands of rubber estate in the country that have been shaved and converted to either housing estates, industrial areas or being converted to palm oil estates.

I was told, and I believe my friend who said this, that the majority or most of those who rallied and protested were BN supporters, and they were venting out their anger over empty promises made by their community leaders.

The displacement of hundred of thousands Indians from rubber estates around the country should have been anticipated and contingency plans should have been made to ensure these sector of society be looked after, and we and did not and Samy did not, and MIC is to be blamed for not looking after its community!

If they had been looked after. such "exploitative racially motivated" rally would not have occurred!

Thank you!


matderis said...

changes start from within, the rest are just supplementary.

Rocky's Bru said...

But bro, Samy says he is not purrturrbed by this Hindraf's rally. He called them trouble makers.

I am all for the freedom to express one's feelings through peaceful means, including rallies and marches.

However, Hindraf shouldn't be making enemies with everyone. Its fight is with MIC and Samy. They have failed the Indian-Hindu community just as Umno has lately been failing the Malay-Muslims in this country in many ways.

Hindraf should not allow itself or its legal adviser to hit out at Islam, the Malays and other Malay-Muslim institutions out of frustration or because it is unable to reach out to Samy and gang.

In short, Hindraf should not lose focus.

jediraj said...

and fuck Hindraff lah ,,, who care about them . U the bangsa subsidy are happy , i am happy .

Anonymous said...

Who ever you are u seems like a nice decent person with a decent mind .



i agree.

hindraf should have gathered the people and head for samy vellu's residence or he MIC headquarters and demand that he/MIC leaders step down!

BigDogDotCom said...

Mr Pasquale,

These HINDRAF people are making a lot of neutral Malaysians loathe their effort. The end does and will not justify their means.

Like Rocky said, they went out of focus. Now, majority of non Indian ethnic Malaysians might see them as "trouble makers".

Personally, I despise them for their effort to demean and tarnish the good name of Malaysia by insisting that Malaysia be suspended, if not sacked from the Commonwealth. They took ethnic group 'domestic' issues abroad. They lied about issues like 'Kampung Medan fights'. Yes, some Indian ethnic Malaysians died in the fight, but the number is grossly exaggerated!

These are people with malice. They are the sort of people that will make the harmony and inter-racial and interfaith relations amongst the multi-plural Malaysians, counter productive.

Please refer to Dato' A Kadir Jasin's article also.

Pasquale said...

jediraj I know who you are I gave you money once when you were broke and you said you took your family to Macdonald. For your info the military intelligence has got sophisticated hardware and you are not hard to track! Cheers moron!

A Voice said...

I concur with your view of Samy Velu.

Samy has yet to look into the people still remain in the green dimension. Till today, plantation workers are being paid daily wage without minimum salary.

nstman said...

I support Hindraf's ideals and struggle but I am against turning the thing into an anti-Malay and islam issue.