Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thierry Rommel and Belgium will always remind me of Belgian Congo during the dark ages!

Leopold the ll of Belgium, and also known as the Butcher of Congo!

Patrice Emery Lumumba, the first freely elected prime minister of Democratic Republic of Congo, later he was murdered by what many believed to have been ordered by the sacked "white power".

Thierry Rommel the outgoing EU ambassador to Malaysia who has foul mouth, and could just be the direct descendant of Leopold II the butcher of Congo or of one of the brutal mercenaries!!

May just also be Rommel great-uncle being carried by Africans of Congo!

Leopold the ll of Belgium also the Butcher of Congo!


Once in Brussels in the late sixites I saw a sign at a pub door which says "No Africans are allowed", and of course I was shocked, and I not a bit surprise if the sign still hold true today.
Sad to say that today's Belgians are still caught in a time warp when the combination of that country drab weather (summer or otherwise), and cold people, do not help them regain their respect when there are xenophobic Belgians like Thierry Rommel, the farcical roving ambassador representing the European Union (EU).
Rommel, who has a foul mouth, no pun intended he has bad breath I was told, and at one stupid press conference he may just have destroyed a small percentage of a positive impression that Malaysians may have for his country.
Looking at his picture, Rommel will always remind me of a face of any Belgian mercenaries and the butcher King Leopold II, who raped and plundered and massacred millions of Congolese, when the country was called Belgian Congo and under Leopold as a private company.
Leopold was so brutal that the Congolese Africans had no choice but to fight back.
IN the 60s we heard about how sad it was for white nuns being "raped" and "killed" by the "animalistic Congolese" and we just assumed the black Africans do not need out sympathy.
Well the truth was they did what they had to do because the Belgians killed, tortured them like animals.
So when nationalist like Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of independent Belgian Congo, was assassinated many believe he was killed by the Belgian secret service, or even the CIA, or the Diamond cartel De Beer, for trying to free his people and to control his country's resources.
So Rommel, let me get one thing straight here, Europeans, as a race, have no compunction about killing or taking lives of others, you people have done it for centuries.
So do not open your mouth and tell your European lies again when you said Malaysia is living under Emergency rule and that there is no free elections, I have to draw a line here and I do not know who you have been speaking to, but you are wrong! I will not wish you a good life upon your retirement, but I wish that you will think of our sunny Malaysia when you are retiring and living in a home for the age somewhere in a drab countryside of Belgium that was built by the misery, sweat and blood, and tears of millions of Africans that your king and government have massacred! Good riddance, you fucking fascist!


Anonymous said...

And to add to that, look at history and what the Belgians did in Rwanda...segregating between two peoples Tutsi and Hutu resulting in the horrendous civil war in the early 90's....Thierry Rommel can go to hell!

Pasquale said...

Anonymous, appreciate your sane comment and not too emotional like some posters that I have decided to delete and reject! My point is sometime we cannot just cannot see beyond black and white, my point is the colonial power, BTW all are white people, have been causing havoc and misery in the world by their vicious and cruel colonial policy. Kurdistan was dismembered into three parts, one in Iran, one in Iraq and one in Turkey, if you ask me why not give them back their country.
Yes they (colonial power)did not only divide the land, but the people too, and yes Rwanda is one of the good examples where black, brown, or yellow people are only good to be enslaved and killed. The French divided Syria into two parts, Lebanon was physically part of Syria, as Kuwait was once physically part of Iraq, etc, etc! So Thierry Rommel has no right to preach in this part of the world about the wisdom of free elections, because to quote former PM of Malaysia Dr Mahathir, the West concept of democracy may not be applicable or suitable in this part of the world where people are still thriving in a Third World mentality, while we pretend to be civilised.

Anonymous said...

Thierry Rommel was indeed wrong and interfering when he made his comments. He is rude, arrogant and has been known to be violent. fortunately, not all people in Belgium are like him. How could he have been appointed ambassador with such an abrupt personality? Does anybody know whether he has been dismissed?