Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To see them in action is to make me feel safe, for sure!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa

The proverbial work horse: Hercules C-130! The safest transport airplane that was ever
invented, and been carrying our boys safe anywhere and anytime!

"Don't tread on me" can just be the most apt motto for our Ranger boys!

They take orders without question!

Our most remote outpost: Terumbu Layang Layang in the China Sea! And this is how far our territorial integrity stretches and it is well protected!

Being trained by the best and they are our Navy Seal, their job is? To die defending the country and Bangsar!

Some of our valuable assets, two of the many small fast boats that we have!


History of the deployment of our armed forces personnel on our islands and territorial waters in the east coast of Sabah started when a group of terrorist kidnapped 21 tourists from a resort of Pulau Sipadan, on Aprl 23rd, 2000.
The deployment of our armed forces personnel is referred to as OP PASIR, which is an acronym for Pandanan, Sipadan Island Resort. Since its inception, Op Pasir has placed armed forces personnel in majority of the islands of the east coast of Sabah except for two. The operation is a joint effort between the three branches of the armed forces, the army, navy and the air-force.
Last weekend I, once again, had the opportunity to visit these islands and saw our boys in action, and to see these young Malaysians in action make me wonder how lucky some of our rich and spoilt brats in KL who tend to complain about how difficult life is for them in the city of plenty!
Here's a tip, if your quality of life is good and you sleep well at night knowing our country is safe from being attacked, just thanks our armed forces personnel for a job well done to ensure security.
Bloggers around the country should put a strip on their blogsites to say "thank you guys for a job well done", and this will be much appreciated. "We do not want to be acknowledge but it is nice if we are, like your visit to see us here is proof you guys care," said a Royal Ranger Regiment commander of Pulau Berhala, off Sandakan, Sabah.
Our last leg was a visit to Swallow Reef, or Terumbu Layang-Layang, about 350kms from Kota Kinabalu. Here any visit by anyone is much appreciated by the Navy Boys. For one whole day and night we were treated with the best that the island can give. From Layang Layang we visited another lonely outpost at Terumbu Ubi, another one hour fast boat ride from Layang Layang.
So I came back to Kuala Lumpur and I slept well knowing that while there those brats who whine and complain, there are more of those who stand vigil like an eternal sentinel of the Biblical proportion, watching and calculating for a possible invasion of a major plague. These boys are our first in line of defence, they are my heroes at any given time, and they should be yours too!



);-( Samurai said...

Nice pics...great stuff! We should work a bit more to improve their hardware...

Rocky's Bru said...

"... To defend the country and Bangsar."

Bangsar needs to be defended by these men?

I thought you might have been stoned on something, but on second thought, it may not be such a ridiculous thot after all.

Bangsar nees more than defending. We need to recapture it, rehabilitate it and restore it's charm.

The first thing that should go is one Italian restaurant built near Telawi using dirty money doing dirty deeds.

Yes, call in the Navy Seals and declare pasta war on this Italian restaurant.

Pasquale said...

Hei Mo Rocky!

Your comment is duly noted, but our police force being in a state of disarray it is, or at least the impression given, the Mafia and the Long Fu Tong and now the 08, will rule this country or have ruled this country, while the high and almighty Malays are high and stoned on their religion, frankly my dear I don't give a FUCK ABOUT ITALIANS AND THEIR DIRTY MONEY!!!! Chinese tycoons from Singapore can take this country for all I care, aint no skin of my teeth no more!

Chindiana said...

Hey Pasquale! Great piece man. You're right, we've forgotten what lies on our borders and who stands between us and the outside world.

Always wondered though if we have enough training and up to date equipment to make a diff if the shit hits the fan?

Pasquale said...

Chindiana, of course we will never have an adequate arsenal to defend ourselves in case of attack, but if shit hits the fan we have the international community to support our rights, just like Pedra Blanca in which we will win the case and S'pore will have to abide!


BigDogDotCom said...

Mr Pasquale,

The two "fast boats" photo you featured here in your blog is actually CB 90; a Swedish made jet propulsion fast attack craft, which means it can easily land on any beach-head, from high speed manouvres. It carries a 20 mm chain gun and able to carry a dozen of TLDM PASKAL commandoes. It has an operational speed of 50 knots, which is bloody fast. That is a mighty potent asset against the piracy, especially in eastern coast of Sabah.

If I am not mistaken, the TLDM has 17 of those in service. It was purchased during the LIMA '01.

Personally, I hope to see the TLDM acquire the much needed Multirole Support Ship in this LIMA '07. Also is the S61 Nuri utility helicopter replacement program. Another much needed asset is the maritime patrol / anti submarine aircrafts, to patrol and do surveillance the mass body of water around and in between us and also complement the submarine operations, within 2 years time.

Of course, it would be fabulous that TUDM gets their C130 replacements program announced and the Army Air Corp gets their much desired attack/anti tank helicopters.

Pasquale said...

Big Dog! What can I say, you are right on the dot on all counts!

Hei! I hope your dad will be okay, I will and shall pray for his health!


kleenex said...

"... To defend the country and Bangsar."

I love that quote man! Haha

I trust in Paskal and all our other special forces units like the army's GGK and airforce's Paskau.

Paskal is by far my favorite military unit. Chindiana, u dont have to worry about these badasses when it comes to training and equipment. It is probably the most well equipped special forces unit in SE Asia, its not hard to believe that when they have financial support from the oil companies.