Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who says Malays are stupid in the first place!

How can he allows himself to be quoted saying what he said?! I am so truly disappointed with him as my Prime Minister!


IN the first place who insinuated that Malays are stupid or weak, and a non-competitive group! We are gullible at best but never what the Prime Minister described us. Who said we have been afraid, may be we were a bit afraid of the police in the past, but that is because they were so fascistic and mentioned the Federal Reserve Unit or FRU, we will be shitting bricks. When I was growing up they were mean.
We are pathetic yes, that is because we are so loyal to our leaders and rulers and sometime we cannot help but to feel betrayed by the very people who are supposed to be looking after our interest. Malays have been misunderstood many times over, we have been accused of idolising nationalism, but that was not true because we have been idealising nationalism for our own benefit. To quote someone: "Since when is being a Malay and a Muslim is such a big problem for this country? Even to a point where our very own leaders (not all though) are also beginning to believe that being a Malay and a Muslim in this country is a big problem! Below is what being picked up by the internet for the whole world to read and those who do not know the background of the Malay race will now believe our esteemed Prime Minister on what he said about his own people! Now I am beginning to wonder whether if he is a Malay who should be in charge of the country biggest political party. FYI many Malays tries to be competitive but it is not easy to compete with the Umnoputra! Trust me I know a lot of Malays tried to capitalise on opportunities but that was just mere illusion. I am just fed up!
I am fed up because my race has been use as a punching bag by politician who love to put the fear of a psychological bogeymen into us, Malay politicians are still using that scare tactic to make Malays support them, but we have not been afraid for such a long time now it is just that you Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, you didn't know that, and still think that we are afraid and that we are a bunch of imbeciles, I do feel sorry for you sir!


"Malays 'not stupid or weak' and must become competitive: PM

Malaysia's majority ethnic group, the Muslim Malays, are not "stupid or weak" and should stop being fearful and learn to live without government handouts, the prime minister reportedly said Sunday.

"The feeling of being scared and apprehensive has dominated the thinking of the Malays for far too long... we are still scared even after 50 years of independence," Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

Abdullah said in an interview reported by the official Bernama news agency that Malays must not continue to rely on a four-decade-old system of positive discrimination which entitles them to a range of benefits.

"They must learn to stand on their own feet and learn to be competitive. We will help the Malays who are serious in wanting to do business and want to work hard," he said.

"I've said many times Malays are not stupid or weak," he added.

Abdullah said it would take a long process to change the mindset of Malays, who make up 60 percent of the population but lag far behind the ethnic Chinese community which dominates the business sector.

"I want the Malays to capitalise on the opportunities given to them," he said. "There are no easy ways to succeed in life. Only the educated, knowledgeable and the hard-working will succeed eventually."

The prime minister's salvo comes ahead of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party congress this week which is expected to tackle the issue of the positive discrimination policies that are criticised as ineffective.

Government data released in 2004 showed that 8.3 percent of Malays were still living in poverty -- earning less than 190 dollars a month -- compared to just 0.6 percent of Chinese and 2.9 percent of Indians.

After racially charged speeches at last year's assembly caused dismay among Malaysia's ethnic Chinese and Indians, Abdullah said the party must show this time that it was intent on benefiting all Malaysians."



Anonymous said...

Malays ARE stupid, weak and non-competitive (i.e. pathetic), as far as Malaysian Malays and economy are concerned.

You are stupid if you can't see around you that 99.99% of the economy is controlled by the Chinese, one way or another.

Malays are too stupid and weak to have more control over their Malay leaders, who, being mostly stupid, weak and non-competitive themselves (plus greedy and many other negative attitudes), screw the people they lead, while the Malays still bend down and pull down their pants (plus their parents', family members' and community members') over and over again - out of 'loyalty' to leader.

As for the so-called ruler/'leaders' - those Royal families - the Malays are beyond stupid for allowing those inbred monkeys (not one but NINE!) to still exist and bleed the state, without contributing much to it.

Malays are non-competitive for allowing inferior quality students into universities who can't speak decent English even after they graduated, among many other things.

In business,... no need for me to explain this, unless you are stupid yourself, which I'm sure you're not. We all know how weak and uncompetitive the Malays are in business.

To the emotional types who don't like what I say here and start to demand to know whether I'm a disgruntled Malay or a racist non-Malay, I say: It doesn't matter. I'm simply stating reality. You are stupid to not able to accept it.

Rocky's Bru said...


You sound like 1 per cent of the Malay-Muslims in this country - those who rule and live in fear of losing that power.

The rest of the Malays in this country don't give a duck if you are a racist or a disgruntled S ri Lankan.

If the Malays were capable of caring or of being racists, all the non-Malay migrants would not have been allowed to live in this country.

Look at the Arab-Muslims. If you are a Malay-Muslim and you were born in Jeddah, they still don't make u a Saudi citizen. No way.

Look at Indonesia, they allowed so few Chinese to live there. The Singapore Malays, on the other hand, are like Malays in Malaysia. We don't care. That's why Lee Kuan Yew is stupid - if he had been smarter, he could have ruled Malaysia and Singapore. Instead, he got to take only Singapore from the Malays.

Pasquale said...

Rocky's bru,

Thanks for your response on anonymous, and I think I know who he is. If I had been an insecure Malay I would have deleted his comment, but unfortunately to many out there, we Minang are not easily rattled, so I let the comment go.
As usual you make very good and valid points that many people cannot see, even I could not see it. One, if Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)is smart he could have taken Malaysia from the Malays, but only able to take S'pore from the Malays,(of should I say from the Jawa and the Boyan), Had there been more Minang or Bugis LKY would have hard time trying.

Anonymous said...

To rocky's bru,

Eh, terasa ke?

Go ahead and live in denial. You are out of touch from reality.

Cina cuti a few days for CNY, ramai Melayu bengang sebab banyak kedai tutup. Ada banyak lagi example to show that the Malays, when it comes to economy, are stupid, weak and non-competitive, living at the mercy of their stupid and greedy leaders and non-Malay-owned businesses.

rocky, whether I'm among those 1%, "ruling" and "living in fear of losing that power", that is irrelevant here. Your innaccurate guess and/or sarcasm will not change the fact that Malays are stupid, weak and non-competitive.

You said: "If the Malays were capable of caring or of being racists, all the non-Malay migrants would not have been allowed to live in this country."

What rubbish are you talking about? Excluding the migrants were here during the Malacca Sultanate times, many of the ones who were here after that were brought in (or simply came on their own to seek better lives) because the Malays were too busy to mine the tin, maintain large plantations, process rice, fix bullock carts, bicycles, dredges & steam engines, turn logs into planks, build roads, maintain railway tracks and trains, tap rubber, repair ships, operate sundry shops, etc, etc. - and yet, lived with the barest of minimums, tiniest of wages, little or zero benefits and healthcare - unlike the subsidy-minded Malays.

By 1957, the Malays were already in too deep a shit to get rid of these 'migrants' (but then again, your grannies and mine were migrants too!) back to wherever they sailed from. The country would go back to the Portuguese or Dutch times should the migrants were deported.

In Indonesia, the economy is controlled by the Chinese, just like in Malaysia.

As for Singapore, LKY had lived his full life and made tonnes of wealth for himself, family, cronies, and all Singaporeans. Dia bodoh ka, cerdik ka, it doesn't matter by now. Singapore is the commercial hub in this region.

My point is and was (and will always be), the Malays are stupid, weak and non-competitive because of their own fault and shortsightedness.

Pre-Merdeka, they could've engineered the Constitution, policies and regulations whereby there's no protectionism policy to make sure the Malay youngsters will not grow up to be idiot, broken-English, Mat rempit types.

Many of those who are actually "clever", speak decent or good English and drive still struggle to find jobs in the commercial sector - jobs that require "preferably Chinese and can speak Cantonese. Better if can speak Mandarin too...".

Like you said, the Malays in Singapore 'don't care'. Memang lah! When they are earning so much, why should they worry about their fates. But in Malaysia, the Malays "don't care much" about fixing their problems. They actually become MORE stupid, weaker and even MORE non-competitive time goes by.

They way I looked at it, LKY didn't "only" get Singapore from the Malays. He also kicked out many Malays from there, while some who were allowed to stay fled on their own because they were too stupid, weak and non-competitive to remain on the island.

Pasquale, thanks for letting "the comment go". Whether you admit or not, there's some, if not all, truth in it.

my sweetlady said...

yo pasquale,

Pak Lah is talking about himself. Simple. I mean the simpleton that he is, he thinks all malays are stupid like him.

Tis time for a change: an overhaul in Umno!

Anonymous said...

And the Chinese are greedy, arrogant and two-faced blood suckers. Everywhere you go you are being despised. Why?

Anonymous said...

let the malay supremacy prevail.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous
(November 09, 2007 4:40 PM)

"Cina cuti a few days for CNY, ramai Melayu bengang sebab banyak kedai tutup"

Sudah la...zaman tu akan berlalu tak lama lagi..Melayu akan ambil tawan ekonomi di malaysia ni..actually u yang in denial sekarnag ni..

Baik ko prepare nk migrate australia, canada ke mana2..I can assure you that the malays can survice without the so called "chinese controlled economy"

we dont need you parasites anymore..

Anonymous said...

And the Chinese are greedy, arrogant and two-faced blood suckers. Everywhere you go you are being despised. Why?

- This is so true...I thought this only happens in Malaysia..but no!!!
It is known globally!!! Check Mate!

Orang Cina said...

To anon 12:52

Sudah la...zaman tu akan berlalu tak lama lagi..Melayu akan ambil tawan ekonomi di malaysia ni..


Zaharan Razak said...

Views on the subject of Malay stupidity span the whole pro-contra spectrum nor is the question new.

So take your stand anywhere along the watchtower and yours will be just as valid as its opposite.

Mine happens to be of the extreme left, i.e. Malays have collectively committed enough goofs in history and on the contemporary scene without throwing up a single counterbalancing name worthy of the world's attention thus earning the label stupid.

See how I've worked up a froth putting down Malays at my two blogs - zveloyak.blogspot and zaharan.blogspot. I'm particularly, perversely proud of my lambast in verse in the second blog.

Anonymous said...

OH PUHLEEEAAASE!!! I have lived in Malaysia for a while.. and my Husband (an expat) with other expats always laughs at how stupid Malaysians are! Always gives foreigners "a face with no answer" look!

Pasquale said...

"OH PUHLEEEAAASE!!! I have lived in Malaysia for a while.. and my Husband (an expat) with other expats always laughs at how stupid Malaysians are! Always gives foreigners "a face with no answer" look!"

Your husband is probably a white thrash, with the rest of you so-called expats friends. And I have known and many many foreigners, as "expats" you are fond to say. Well they are all well brought up. As for your Dutch husband, I think he is a failure in his country and that is why he thinks he can just peddle his white skin and expect us "Asian" to jump?!
I don't think so. If you all motherfuckers expat not happy with this country just go back and do not let me catch you saying bad things about Malaysia or Malayusians!

Anonymous said...

1)If malays were not stupid, weak or lazy then why is affirmative action nessecary?

2) Lol, Malays have to rely on government subsidies, and the results of affirmative action to get anywhere in society. I suppose thats the only way they can wrest the economy from the chinese.

3) Those that do not do well in society rarely have something good to say about the succeses in society. In short = jelaousy. That is why the chinese are hated, for actually working and not relying on the government to save them.

If you Malays want to prove that you are not weak, stupid and completely useless. Stop using "affirmative action".Revoke ur damn bumiputera status and prove us wrong. Show us that ur not all talk. Then maybe we will consider respecting you.

Anonymous said...

Im so tired of saying this...
But please...
Dun use the word "Malays"
Eh excuse me...
Not all like that luhhs...

Even though im nt a malaysian,
It's th same here...

What if I were to say the same but replacing the word Malay to ur race? If it were to be the other way round...? N ur innocent...

It really hurts u noe...

Anonymous said...

truth is the undereducated malays are all in malaysia bringing the country down( like those non-english-speaking kampong types) and the smart ones are all studying overseas using the idiotic government's money with no intention of helping the hopeless country of malaysia anymore. why do you think our prime minister's son doesnt even go to government schools or uni's ?

Anonymous said...

i born in Malaysia, have lots of friends, malays, indian...non of them is stupid. We human beings are not born stupid...just lazy and ignorant. I enjoy my first 20yrs of life in malaysia, i speak malay very well, and have respected every other races and their teaching. The malays are the most friendly people in the world, not considering the politicians. why calling them stupid, or this and that? Do you want to start another race war? Why not work with each other and see the good side of it.
i remember i was stuck in Southampton England, last train gone, and guess what i met this malay girl, GIRL at the station, she's doing her degree there. She invite me to her friend house for a night and catch the train tomorrow. i was blessed there, that i have met her, or else i would be kipping up at the station. She made me nasi lemak, and some kuih, coffee, the hospitality is amazing. I am just a stranger to her, met her the 1st minute and that's the hospitality i get. i never had any grudge or griviences towards the malays, some of them might be bad..who isn't? Anyhow, i believe there's no evidence to state that any races are born stupid.
For those who don't like the politics in Malaysia, you should find a way oput, because malaysia is always the same, if you are jealous of what the bumiputera get and you don't, you need to migrate to other country. This is Malaysia not any other countries. it's their politics, which you can't change, the more you challenge, it would be your disadvantage.
That expat 'thing' who think we asians are stupid...it's his opinion, no point telling him what to said as he marries some asian as well, so end of story. Don't fight each other, help and work with each other, and malaysia will prosper.

Anonymous said...

the best thing about the replies above, is that one particular smart guy, is pointing out the facts, and a bunch are refusing to accept the fact.

malays cant make it anywhere. Fact.

Malays will eventually dissapear from the face of the earth. fact.

If Malays are capable, take away the bleeding bumiputra special privileges. We neednt discuss hypotheticals. Just take it away.

A guarantee, in less then 3 years, 100% economy will be away from the Malays. maybe chinese will own it, maybe indians, god forbids some white trash, but malays will cease to have anything to do with the economy.

Even bumi contractors want to sub-contract their projects to non-malays. WTH is wrong with malays for not being able to see it.

Malays are a weak race - fact.

Anonymous, please make more comments cos you make valid points like nobody else i know.

ps: Malay attitude - "eh, ada benda free ta? thumb drive ke, pen ke? mouse pad ke?"

forever asking or free stuff. wTH - if yo want free stuff, spend some money first la. Ni, belum beli, nak mintak benda free. MUKA TAK MALU.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chinese people,

If you are unhappy with the bumipuera status, you can leave Malaysia.

If you think our government is racist, try going back China, and see if the chinese government treat you better. As I know, overseas chinese are treated badly there. If you think you're so qualified, why don't you go and compete for scholarships and jobs there in China or Singapore.

In addition, you chinese people should be happy to be given a citizenship. You won't get any citizenship if you go to other countries. Even after staying there for many years. They'll just give you a PR.

Plus, Malay people did not treat other races as second class citizens like the white people did on asians.

And the reason why generally Malays are not competent enough are due to the British system that put Malays in the kampung areas and Chinese in the cities. So, of course many Malays are inexperienced in business and not well educated. What do you expect. Imagine, in a 100meter race between a Malay and a Chinese, and the chinese guy starts off at the 80th meter spot. Of course the chinese guy wins.

chinese tea said...

>If you are unhappy with the bumipuera status, you can leave Malaysia.

Don't worry - already left. Taking my family with me...one by one.

>If you think our government is racist, try going back China, and see if the chinese government treat you better. As I know, overseas chinese are treated badly there.

Ketuanan Melayu = Malay Supremacy (parallels with White Supremacy).

There's nothing wrong with being proud to be Malay, Indian, or Chinese, but its another thing altogether to be proud to be _insert race_ and favouring one ethnicity over another. MCA, MIC and UMNO are all guilty of this.

>If you think you're so qualified, why don't you go and compete for scholarships and jobs there in China or Singapore.

That has already happened. And we don't come from China please....we come from Malaysia, who don't want us. Don't have to complain - just vote with our feet.

I suggest you try living as a minority first before making future statements. A lot of Malay people I know living overseas complain about being discriminated against for jobs, etc, because of being Asian. I tell them "Don't worry - just ignore and try again". They can't...you know why? Because they've always had help each time they fell down.

All the non-bumis didn't have this help...and had to get up each time they fell.

>In addition, you chinese people should be happy to be given a citizenship. You won't get any citizenship if you go to other countries. Even after staying there for many years. They'll just give you a PR.

Hello which planet you're on? Citizenship is my "Right" in Malaysia. But if you want to take it away, I'm not going to die for it. You can take it back. I will just convert my PR to citizenship, which isn't hard. 5 years PR, then citizenship. Not bad right?

They don't treat you as 2nd class citizens here. Everyone is on the same footing.

>Plus, Malay people did not treat other races as second class citizens

Ha ha ha!!
No - it's totally "no class" at all!

>And the reason why generally Malays are not competent enough are due to the British system that.....

Aiyoh....how many times will this pathetic justification need to be regurgitated? During the last economic recession in Malaysia, my family got retrenched. They all lost their jobs. Uncles, aunts, parents. All had children to put through school and college with no income.

What did they do? Ask for government handouts? No! They pooled their money together and started a business...but bear in mind they had never opened their own business before, or went to university either. THey suffered for a few years of loss, before finally making the break even point, and started to earn proft.

So how do you win and succeed in life? Motivation, dedication, perseverance and hard work. These qualities apply to every human being.

Just because you fail at life, doesn't mean you should blame the Chinese or Indians.

We can also fail too, just that we damn no face if fail - so die die also have to win!

Try some competitive spirit. It won't kill you. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Anonymous said...

@ chinese tea said...

Excellent post there. What you wrote are simply bare facts and truths, which unfortunately cannot be faced by the Malay people of today.

'Merdeka' is coming, and all the national TV stations can do is harp onnnn about national 'unity'. 50+ years on and STILL trying to achieve UNITY. I don't know how much of a big hint non-Malays have to give to Malays on why this objective will NEVER be achieved through the current discriminative policy.

HINT: Try, for once, living your whole life being treated like a second class citizen when it came to education and opportunities, and then come back and tell me how you've coped. Lets see how it feels like being in a family of 5 children, with each one's tertiary education being beared solely by our own parent's money, rather than 'depending' on our pathetic government's help (which never comes anyways). Dare to face me to tell me how you feel then?

Yea, our country isn't in turmoil, war or whatever, but seriously, don't give me that bollocks that we are 'united' with equality all around us. Words like that are non-existant in this passively racist country. If you can't acknowledge this, then i feel sorry for you. Yes, YOU Malay people.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I've been reading some of the comments and i have to applaud those (regardless or race) who have to balls to admit to their own shortcomings instead of finger pointing.

When i look at a Malay (such as the author) who is humble enough to acknowledge certain trends and stand criticism and insults that is against the interest of himself and his race, i know that he has a great future ahead. As a competitor, i would be afraid for my future.

Anonymous said...

LOL malays are the dumb creatures. They dont fall under the human category at all, hence creature. I dont even know what the fuck they're doing with their lives. Muhdssssssssss. tsk tsk tsk. Muslims!? MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
this country is screwed up, with its racist leaders and retarded religion, that has led to breeding racists like me too :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky Blu and Pasquale

Need I remind you that Singapore was expelled involuntarily by the Malayan Parliament; he did not "take" Singapore from Malays, Malays kicked Singapore out. Before you could say something witty, I'd like you to learn some backgrounds before you make an exhibition out of yourself.

Now, we are tired of your "Go back to wherever you cam from you immigrants, we were nice and you were too much for us to bear". Here's a "This sentence is false" argument for you.

1.) Chinese migrated to Malaysia during the influx of mining boom. Since then, Chinese have been living in the country for more than 100 years.
2.) by the common law before 1980s, anyone staying on the land for 99years would have the ownership rights of the said land unless explicitly concerned by the reigning statutes and contracts.
3.) from the reasoning above, immigrants who have stayed in the country for more than decades would automatically be naturalised and their offsprings would be genuine citizens. Country like UK, where their laws reigned over Malayan before independent, has a naturalisation procedure for anyone stayed more than 5years with the right of abode.

Thus, that makes the Chinese natural born of Malaysia.

What? You want to bring out the who came first shit? Let me remind you again that the first immigrants of "Bumiputeras" are from Yunan, China. That's right bitch, they are called Proto-Malay. "That is too long ago, cannot compare to Chinese immigrants" you asked? Well that ears doesn't count as factor, the Chinese have been here long enough to call themselves natives.

That's all for the legitimacy of naturalisation.

As for the affirmative action, it was just an ailing political strategy by UMNO supported by Malays jealousy. If anything, UMNO would be comparable to German Nazi. It is fortunately that UMNO is made up of bunch of dim witted cowards, otherwise, there will be holocaust and war.

As to your limited knowledge of the world matter. I blame the textbook you're reading is nothing but a bunch of genuine shit. (except for STPM, of course) bet you didn't even know why they were World War II.

That's all I need to say. Just an advice though, if you want your children to be more intellectually aware, let them read world history.


Dear Anon,

As much as I side myself with the "immigrants", I still think you're a fucking racist. Cheers

M.A. Levy
(half Malay half English, your government classified me as Bumiputras just cause I'm Muslim. Funny though how my rights are higher than of the Malaysian born non-Malay.... The irony.)

Anonymous said...

Malay are truly stupid if i observe not too deep. Can u name any invention Malay/Polynesian did from an ancient time till now? I would like to know because i don't want to be disappointed. If do please state our invention list. Its seems to be our race not creative, not produce any idea and ++lazy(not all of them).
Arab, asian(chinese,kor,jap), jew black, caucasian produce so many invention. Dont talk about islam invention ok!! dont hide behind that religion. Im talking about race. Malay~ r u sure in the future want other race label us stupid and incompetent? but for now we r stupid bcoz of the truth for now. Until we prove otherwise.