Saturday, December 22, 2007

A great big flood after three decades Part Two: Personalise the Disaster!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa
A campaign to love our river has taken a new twist!

This tom cat was saved from an attic of a house under water!

Was a nice house by a small stream.

These old folks decided to stay home and not go to a relief center, but they make do with help from flood relief workers.

Too old to move and he decided to stay at a relative home nearby, a medical teams make their round to help the sickly.

Not a five star dwellingbut will do for now for these Orang Asli families.

She has seen better days but she is not complaining, this beautiful lady is staying with some relatives in a house cut off by the flood.

Hi folks!

The flood in Pahang has caused a lot of trauma especially for children and old folks. For those who are too weak to leave their homes for the designated relief centers are well taken care off. Most of these folks moved to higher ground and living with neighbours and friends.
For those who have chosen to move to designated relief centers found the temporary living quarters a daunting experience, however, over time they have to come to a certain reality that they have no other choices. I have posted some more pictures of the flood and the victims and hope we can personalise their plight and help on which ever way we can. Thank you!


nstman said...

Where are our local volunteers? Where is Mercy Malaysia? When it comes to disasters in foreign countries, especially in Bosnia and Indonesia, Mercy is the first to volunteer. Apparently Mercy and our local heroes prefer to help foreigners. Remember how our locals tripped over to help the Bosnians. It was so patronising, just because these foreigners have blue eyes and sexy muscles. Shame on Mercy and Malaysians.

Pasquale said...

nstman I am with you on this, the other night we were talking about volunteers and names like Mercy Malaysia, and other known volunteer groups and NGOs were mentioned to have been dragging their feet when it comes to helping local disaster!
Is it because CNN or Aljazeera are not really covering our disaster, if so chances of these international TV networks interviewing the head of our known volunteer groups are nil?!!
Yes, organisation like Mercy Malaysia will be jumping to go to places like the Palestine, Afghanistan and yes Bosnia, to help "blue eyes and sexy breasts (thats what you meant to say right NSTman?)
Having said that we do have dedicated volunteers from within, just today a medical team (not Mercy Malaysia) went into flood areas to provide medical assistance to the needy, provision is coming steadily and we have rice to eat until the next flood, if necessary. Big companies like DRB-Hicom have been generous.
But we do need volunteers to go inside the flooded areas to check on residents of signs and possible symptoms of flood aftermath, like dysentry, fever, cholera perhaps, and those who are really interested know how to get to Pekan or the rest of Pahang or to the rest of the flood infected states!


Anonymous said...

hi pasquale,
i have to agree with u and nstman. the big NGOs seems a bit slow to help this time. but, there are several smaller ones who had went to the flooded areas right from the start. the other day as i was trapped on my way back from Pekan to kuantan, i met some members of an NGO consisting graduates of a local university alumni. there was even a young datin among them. had a nice chit chat with them at a delipidated bus stop in lamir as we waited for an army truck. it was raining cat and dogs around us. the road from lamir to ubai was only opened to heavy vehicles. the truck was supposed to take us to waiting boats in ubai. the truck never came. now that the floods seems to be subsiding, i heard more and more NGOs are coming in to help. well, better late than never. i hope they are coming with a sincere heart instead of just trying to get some publicity, especially in Pekan, which is the worst affected area. mind u, its the constituency of Najib, hence sure got coverage by the local Press. as for Mercy Malaysia, i had heard not so nice stories about them. Whether they r true or not, i would not devulged it here as i dont want u to kena saman pulak. hope to meet u again in Pekan when u go there after christmas.

MC said...

Am new visitor. How come people spread stories and accusations that the UMNO volunteers in Pahang siphoned the food supplies meant for flood victims? Can someone verify these stories because reading the stories made me sick and want to throw up.
If they are not true, I think we should throw the accuser into the flood water.

Pasquale said...

Dear MC,

No I personally do not think Umno volunteers are siphoning food supplies meant for flood victims. A gross misconception is when supplies are being moved from a drop off points, such as the police station at Paloh Hinai, to a designated points where these supplies can be better distributed. Believe me when I said we monitored the distributions and there is definitely order in the otherwise chaotic system. Mind you in a disaster situation many misconception and accusation are being perceived and made but no incidents of food being pilfered.
But I will be lying if I say not one or two or many be three dozens bags of rice or so, or coffee or milo being taken at free will by some volunteer, but stealing them or siphoning them, this does not happens.

I also would like to apologise for saying Mercy Malaysia did not help in the flood disaster, it did, as being reported in the NST today. I apologise.

mc said...

thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. but am very sad that some people think democracy means they can say anything or accuse anybody before verifying the facts. more sickening when the accusations are hurled towards Malay leaders. not that i am a fan of the current UMNO leaders but there seems to be a trend now to belittle the capabalities of Malays in general. whenever things go wrong people are quick to point out it is because of incapable Malay leaders. Di mana maruah kita?