Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mat Kilau, Sitting Bull and Maori King Tawaiho were great people but......!

Mat Kilau

Chief Sitting Bull

Maori King Tawaiho

Lets us get certain facts straight here!

Mat Kilau, Chief Sitting Bull and Maori King Tawaiho were all great leaders! They fought the invaders without fear. Mat Kilau used the kris and spear, Sitting Bull used bow and arrow, King Tawaiho probably used his tongue and scary tattoo on his face to scare the invaders!
Well therein lies the problem! The invaders, namely the palefaces, were using gun powder and in no time hundred of thousands of Mat Kilau, Sitting Bull King Tawaiho were mowed down like a proverbial bowling pins, and in no time the vanquished became slaves and defeated people.
I have read how Malays revered their past warriors like Mat Kilau and their mind cannot move beyond the fact that, if it is true at all, while he might have lived until 122 years after revealing his true identity, he had done nothing else in between except telling stories of his exploits against the British!
I just want to point out that as a Malay, I am not going to allow my chequered past to prevent me from advancing through in life. I will not use Mat Kilau as my term of reference or a moot point in my life when competing with the rest of the world!
I want my people to master science and technology so we can have strong enough modern knowledge to withstand modern onslaught. I admire countries like Iran that has withstood modern onslaught with its scientific knowledge, I think Malays (I am sorry I did not use the term Malaysian for I am not sure it is appropriate anymore since multi-racialism in this country seem to have disjointed) should be more scientifically resilient and leave Mat Kilau story as just another one of our Aesop Fables, something we can learn from.
I just hope cucumatkilau who got detained is knowledgeable enough to fight for his race through science and technology instead of harping on the past.
Do you remember when a burly and fierce Berber who threateningly twirling his big scimitar at Indiana Jones?! Well Jones took out his small revolver and shot dead the poor bastard. The moral of the story is, I just do not want my Malay race to be a bastard, amidst the abundant of modern technology! But yes Mat Kilau can make a good story, that is all!

STOP PRESS: Pas is just another nationalistic Malay party which uses the religion, stories of past Malay warriors, to fight against the concept of a multi-racial party in this country, Pas wants to have a total Malay dominated party to rule the country now, and I do not think that is possible. In the meantime the Malays are easily duped. Pas should be prevented at all cost to rule anyone.



nstman said...

Brudder, you know why Melayus havent progressed as much as they wanted? Very simple. Refusal to adapt to changes and lack of pragmatism. A clear case is English. A majority of Malays still insist Bahasa Malaysia is numero uno while the rest of the world go for english. As a result, many malays are left behind. I advise Malays to wake up, and stop harking back to the old days when heroes like Mike Kilau and Hank Tuah reigned supreme. Also Malays should stop adopting the keris as a national symbol. Their national symbol should be modern weapons like the latest machine guns. Malays, pse pause and take note of my suggestions.

mc said...

tak payah lah nak tukar keris dengan machine gun pulak.....keris tu simbol aje. What's more important is what's in the mind. Yes, I do agree the importance of English; not just english, mastering more than one language is definitely an advantage. but there's more to it than just the language. check out the situation in companies, corporate office, anywhere.... chinese staff don't need to speak in english........

whispering9 said...

True. False sense of pride, self-delusion and an exaggerated idea of wellbeing is no good to anyone. Hahaha, Sitting Bull did not fight Gen. Custer with bows and arrows. He fought and defeated the palefales with guns at Little Bighorn. However, the moral of the story still remains; it was delusion and paleface sciences that eventually reduced his pride as a great chief. Yeah, better master science & technology and be her provider rather than a consumer.

Anonymous said...

I found out recently that my 7-year-old nephew studying in a public sekolah rendah is learning Arabic as one of the compulsory subjects, which was enforced in March this year (2007). It was quite a pitiful sight of my 100% Melayu, non-Arab-speaking brother and his wife struggling to help their son in his homework. It made me furious. I still am.

But before those God-fearing, conservative Malaysian Muslims get upset with me, let me explain TO THEM why I’m furious.

As most of us can see nowadays, the Malays in this country are already lagging behind in many areas and this, sadly, starts as early as the first day at school.

A typical Malay kid only knows how to speak Malay (nevermind whether it’s Bahasa Malaysia, Melayu, baku, Manglish or local dialect) and when he (let’s use a boy as an example) enters Year/Standard 1, he gets to learn English, which thankfully is a compulsory subject.

But all his non-Malay classmates, especially those of Chinese and Indian ethnicity, get to learn TWO languages at the same school - Bahasa Malaysia AND English, which fortunately for them are compulsory subjects.

The non-Malays already can speak Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi and what-have-you even before they start schooling, which is a good advantage already. It’s a plus if they can also read and write in those languages.

The benefits will show after they leave school. Most non-Malays, despite not having the privileges and all the special Bumi crap, will have no problems in getting jobs, even when their college/university results aren't that stellar. I'm sure many of us know of, or have met someone of Chinese ethnicity here who never completed his primary or secondary schooling but now doing quite well and living decent if not prosperous lives. Many are working and living in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Korea and Australia, despite not possessing any SRP or SPM certificate, let alone college diplomas.

Nevermind what kind of jobs they do over there. Point is, their linguistic skills complement their strong will to survive and hardworking nature in those Chinese-speaking countries or countries with Chinese communities (which can be almost any country in the world, for that matter).

As for those of Indian ethnicity, statistically, they may not be as successful as their keturunan-Cina counterparts here but by the time they finish secondary school, many are multi-lingual (English, Malay and their mother tongue). Any businessman/employer will appreciate such qualities.

The Malays of Malaysia are generally at an alarming rate of being left behind FURTHER and at a MORE RAPID rate than before. Sementara budak-budak keturunan China dan India fasih berbahasa ibunda mereka dan juga boleh bertutur Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris, walaupun ada yang tidak lancar, our Malay boys and girls are made to learn the country's standardised version of the Malay language, which is Bahasa Malaysia - a language of no outside-Malaysia practicality and significance other than a bit of use when you are in Indonesia, Brunei and some parts of Southern Thailand. I’m not insulting the BM but this is the reality.

Not only that, the English language skills among our Malay boys and girls is horrible as the statistics have shown for many years (even when they are in local universities!) and yet they have to learn Arabic in primary school!

We all know English is the international language of business and IT, while countries like China and India - with more than 2 billion people between the two - are the economic giants Malaysia might never match, at least not in my lifetime. For the Malays – who have long been beaten in the ‘big’ subjects at school like Science (Chemistry, Biology & Physics) and Mathematics – to not learn to be proficient in English, European, Chinese and Indian languages and even dialects is simply stupid. Rugi besar tau?!

I wish we can do away with the Arab language as a compulsory subject in school. The Education system should make Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish and Hindi languages, for example, as 'highly-encouraged' optional subjects at school. Ok, ok, Arabic is also an option la…

I’m sure there are many over-emotional champions of the Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Arab who will go on and on about the importance of knowing Arabic to be able to understand the Al-Quran better and so on but I’d rather not talk about it here, although I have a lot to say about that too…

I pity my nephew. What will become of him in 10, 20 years' time? Will he be able to survive in a world dominated by the English, Mandarin and Hindi-speaking world? (India is just behind China, by now!).

Or will he be working in a KL restaurant or convenience store popular with the Arab tourists and jotting down their orders?

Pasquale said...

anonymous, I agree with you but as long as the Wahabbis billions are allowed to come in to buy influence in this country I will not be at all surprised if our Malay women will one day evolved to dressing like Zorro!
I cannot stand those smug Arabs that our Malays so revered!
BTW, if you are an ex-journalist keep you comment short SVP! But of you are not so what can I say!

MC said...

I agree with anonymous.
Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa...so if we can master languages such as mandarin, hindi, english, french and also arabic...sure we will be Bangsa yang berjiwa antarabangsa!
Why isn't there any NGO yang ingin membantu mengkayakan bahasa anak2 muda melayu sekarang?
Jom kita..!

Anonymous said...

Its spelt King Tawhiao and he wasnt just mowed down lmfao!!