Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The pseudo-bleeding heart liberals are making me sick!

Pix courtesy of AP

Hindraf complaint by protesting.

This is it my friends!

They came in their luxury cars, some with drivers, after leaving their posh condos and luxury houses after having their continental breakfast (some did confessed) because nasi lemak make them "gassy", then they took a deep breath and tricked and duped the masses into following them in a protest to mock the government of the day, by demonstrating.
Some even claim their respective community is being "ethnically cleansed" and that their "people" are being discriminated upon, but as we now know all of these allegations are not true. Some so-called leaders of their respective groups will stoop to nothing to get publicity, one even appeared on Aljazeera answering pseudo-intellectual questions from from heavy exaggerated English accented Anglo-Asian host who sometimes manipulated the questions without the guests knowing it.
Then our guest, a prominent former DPM will mimic the English language to give his answer to the Aljazeera host, not impressive anymore please! One leader allowed himself, or planned his interview with a newspaper tabloid from across the causeway and spoke rubbish of the bad treatment of his people and of his country of birth. I am saddened by the fact that our alleged friend, the Singapore government, did not even bother to exercise some kind of a moral suasion to the said tabloid not to print rubbish and lies regarding its neighbour.
All of these bleeding heart liberals, mainly lawyers, are just bored with what to do with their money and property and what best to do then to plan to overthrow the government of the day, now that is playing a very dangerous game.
To say the Indians are being marginalised and ethnically cleansed is to say after 50 years of independence the system does not work for everyone, and that is a sweeping statement. But to say that after 50 years that we need to change our mindset a bit the answer is YES, but NO to a racially (Hindraf) and selfish (egoistically inclined-lawyers) reasons!
I shall voice out my feeling and be damned if I, as an individual, will allow such thing to happen in this country where it is the poor Malays who really are at the bottom of this country's economic ladder and they are making do with life and not complaining and have no desire, YET, to get involved, in a big way, in a racially motivated gathering! Lets hope that will not come! If it does it will be bigger that anything else that anyone can ever imagine!

May peace be upon all of us in this country!


Zawi said...

Those liars are doing it for a purpose only themselves know. They are treading on dangerous ground by playing the racial cards. At the same time they accuse others of playing it. Wonder of wonders why are the government not putting these liars in a safer place where they belong?
Glad to have met you man.

matderis said...

Spot on, clear and concise indeed.

nstman said...

I am well educated, I am rich. Taking part in demonstrations is my favourite pastime now. After all how one gets bored playing golf all the time. It's fun, man, taking part in demos. And to appear in Al-Jazeera gives one a cock-stand. And I make sure I dont get arrested because I have connections in the Royal Malaysian Mounted Police. By the way, i hope more demos are in store. It's fun, brudder.

BigDogDotCom said...

Yo Pasquale,

Spot on!

They just want to deny their roots, how they got here and now and as pseudo wannabes in any best selling paperbacks, they want to be somebody who they are not.

These are orang "tak sedor diri"!

nohater said...

Well at least you're honest. It's the waffling on the side of (what the french call) "les intellos" that I find rather amusing.

Peace on Earth

Chindiana said...

I guess i'm a moron as i'm STILL hoping somehow that sensible minds will come forward and somehow put an end to these dramatics.

Roxanne said...

What lah, Pasquale, no more "goofy" comments from u at my blog? :( U r not the first to behave foolishly at my site/sight, most do, so com on, I promise to behave. I'll try not to tease you. :) Forgive? I miss your anecdotes about the countries I'm in.

chingoo said...

Yang sudah sudah lah. Kita kadang-kadang terlalu emosional dan terikut-ikut sentimen tanpa menyedari kita telah menyakitkan hati orang lain. Apa yang patut dibuat buang yang keroh ambil yang jernih. Kita harus berpegang kepada nilai-nilai murni seperti saling memaafkan dan cuba wujudkan suasana harmoni dan muhibbah. Semua orang ada masalh tetapi masa akan membantu pihak yang sabar.

Pasquale said...

Touche nohater, the les intellos ended up becoming Jacobin chopping people's for nothing (whats wrong with eating cake, eh!)

Roxanne, I am surprised you find my comments goofy to you, supposed to be laced with cynide! No, I did not have that much time to visit nowadays, however I WILL drop a line!

Chingoo, the problem with M'sians is that they have not a well balanced food, the Malays eat too much belacan, the Chinese eat too much greasy pork based food, the Indians......sorry I canot comment on the Indians or there will be riots Cheers!

Chindiana, at the end of the day we are all Morons, me included, for hoping people to be more civilised, thats asking too much, cheers!

Pasquale said...

nohater my comment should read "chopping people's heads off for nothing."