Friday, March 23, 2007

I Yam what I Yam! And Thats all what I Yam! But, Leave my Religion Alone!

Hi All!

I thought no one was interested in discussing a topic I posted so I decided to produce other topics, my apology, don't know if I can but I will try to re write it, when I wrote it I was pretty pissed off over easy remarks made by half-baked morons who can say thing like "my parents taught us to be a Muslim first and Malay second", well sorry about your parents, possibly a product of a very stupid and skewed education system!

It was indeed a beautiful overcast and cloudy Thursday morning when I woke with the sound of birds singing! The second generation magpie, we called Mabel (we knew it was her), came to nest and lays her eggs in the bamboo torch holder on my balcony without hesitation, even when my beautiful cat was there basking under the morning sun!

Mabel's mum was more protective and angry at first as when we stepped on to the balcony she was screaming and cursing in a magpie language I am sure! She was laying her egg, and ergo Mabel!But now Mabel is laying her eggs for the third generation to come! I am sure she will tell her children that they must always be proud to be a magpie and nothing else!

It gets me every time when I hear Malays saying "I am Muslim first and Malay second" without really thinking the impact of the statement made. My generation we were and are still proud to be associated with the Malay race, a race filled with rich tradition and custom. Today more Malays are trying to be another entity rather than being what they are!

That beautiful morning, I was reading the NST but gave up after reading about rape, murder and mayhem and that insinuation the world is not a safe place to live but "never mind the government is there to protect you" crap! assurance! So I picked up this glossy new magazine given to me to read and I swear I could not follow the article which is purportedly written in "English" so I threw the magazined away.

Then somewhere that morning I saw this article written by this writer, or at least I thought she was. She said she spent time abroad with her diplomat father and both her parents taught her and her sibling that they should be "Muslim first and Malay second".

The Arabs tried Pan-Islamic Nationalism to fight Israeli Zionism but could not find a united front, so they changed it to Pan-Arabic Nationalism and realise the fight began to take shape. So you see not all Arabs are Muslim! The Kurds fought for their independence against the Iraq, Turkey and Iran based on their ethnic identity and they have somewhat won the war.

The Serb, Croat, Bosnian, Chechen, Afghan, Kashmiri, the Basque and many more ethnic groups fought for their rights based on their ethnic identity, but the fact that they are Orthodox-Christian, Catholic, Shiate, Sunni is just incidental.

Back to the Malays, they want to be identified as just Muslim and I find there is something that is not right with their mental well being and psyche! As for me I am a Malay first, but my religion has always been part of my ethnic identity, but it is definitely not second. It is part of me that I will say only between me and my God! As a Malay professing Islam as the religion I have no problem in fulfilling the tenets!

But when anyone ask me I will have no problem saying "Yes I am a Malay first and proud of it", as for my religion? Who are you, you sanctimonous bastard, to want to be reassured every time as to what religion do I profess?

To MRH,C and Anonymous! I guess what I am trying to say is Malays should not be ashamed to be Malay first, and you will always have your religion, and be cool man! Fight for your ethnic identity or forever hold your peace!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hollywood, Morons and the Frail Minds!

IRANIANS were portrayed as savages in the new Hollywood blockbuster "300"? Well, depending on who is interpreting it! Iranian President Ahmadinejad said this about the much talked about new released movie being shown world wide.

(Sorry cannot download pic. of Ahmadinejad so you have to settle for Brutus and Bluto)

He may have something here but before we venture further Hollywood is part and parcel of the American foreign policy. Movies produced by Hollywood have been known to be totally biased beyond recognition. Good example in the days of the yesteryears when we loved to play cowboys rather than Indians. Indians have always been portrayed as the bad guys this is to perpetuate the myth that the land taken over by the white settlers from Europe was taken with God-permission.

Back to 300 Ahmadinejad said the movie release was probably in tandem with American going against Iran nuclear ambition, and imagine, to the mind of the world citizen that the nuclear bombs will be in the hand of these exact savages.

After the second world war, apart from "kidnapping" nuclear scientists and rocket experts such as Werner von Braun, who helped Nazi Germany built the V-Rocket series that bombed England, American also absconded with Nazi propaganda film experts back to the USA. These Nazi film experts found their ways to Hollywood and became big names, they were pardoned and were spared the international court at Nurenberg where other Nazi were being tried and sentenced. (Von Braun was a pioneer of USA space and rocket program and was very successful in being the primover of US sending people to the moon!)

These famous German directors "kidnapped" to the USA after the war as part of the war spoils included those who produced propaganda film for Nazi Germany, they produced film the portrayed Jews as lecherous blood sucking "low life", 20 years before the German people accepted that fact that killing 6 millions Jews were just a a matter of routine.

It took about 20 years for the frail minds of the German people, after being exposed to Nazi propaganda, to accept the fact that Jews in Germany then were "sub-human"! This is what movie land can do!

The German people after being exposed to Nazi propaganda actually slowly begin to believe Jew should and can be exterminated. The power of film making as a tool of propaganda and foreign policy is so strong that even the Japanese, decades or more so, before economically expanding throughout South East Asia started to show Japanese television series such as Shintaro the invincible Japanese Samurai. Shintaro can kill 10 people at one stroke of his samurai sword, and he is very powerful. Then the frail minds of Asian people and leaders then, and probaby now, could be easily cowed and intimidated into any economic or political deals.

Years before 9/11, true or imagined or coincidental, Arabs have been portrayed as terrorists, so probably when Iraq was invaded no body really give a damn! After all Arabs are terrorists!

Back to Iran and the movie 300 and comment made by Iranian president, if the USA and its allies were to invade Iran tomorrow, I bet you, except for me, no one will bat an eyelid or give a damn! After all Iranians were and possibly are indeed savages that deserve to be destroyed!

So while we think it is a simple act of watching anything, Hollywood movies especially, always remember our precious minds are indeed frail can easily be subjected to subtle conditioning! Because deep inside all of us we are all morons!

Anyway thats how I look at the present world with a depleting resources!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't be a MORON! Excercise your rights, don't forget to vote!

YES! if you value a good quality of life just excercise your voting rights. I am registering myself as a voter as I do not want to be a Moron ever! To quote Rocky Bru's "as a journalist we just cover elections." But no more! The problem with Malaysians, Malays especially, we are so both pathetic and apathetic and we are also unclear with this voting principle in a system like Malaysia, I did say our system is a sham, democratic system that is I do apologise! I was chastised over my sweeping remark by someone respectable!
In Australia you are breaking the law if you do not excercise your vote! I think Malaysia should do the same. People of Shah Alam don't be an indolent and a moron! You have to stop the barbarian at the gate or it will be your lives! Malays by nature are lazy, they want others to do the job for them, just as general elections is. They will say "Ah! It will take care of itself" but then it will be too late! Look at May 1969, the chauvinist Malaysians cast their votes and when Tan Chee Khoon was elected as MP the Malays got really miffed and they fight! A very moronic behaviour. Had they went out to cast their votes, they are the majority anyway, situation would have been different!
So Morons! Go register and don't allow "the rice to turn into porridge". You want to know something I am sick of you people, the Malay-Morons that is, they are a bunch of winnies, crybabies, whiners, of course Morons, and sourgrapes! Go out there and be a true human being or Gerakan will be in power again, so will SIL! At last count, over 10 millions eligible voters are registered as Morons, go out and do yourselves a favour by reverting this once proud country to its original name MALAYSIA! I am tired of being identified as a person coming from a country called Moronasia!

No Words for Now! Just Beautiful Malaysia!

PIX: BY PASQUALENSAA house built by the founder of Mersing.

Buddha of Kelantan!
Beautiful Banding!Wild Elephants on the East-West Highway!

Shop houses in Mersing!
Beautiful Orang Asli Women of Pulau Carey!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cameron Highlands: Our precious heritage and green dimension is now a plundered asset! As far as I am concerned!

IT is not a pretty sight that I saw while being driven through from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highland. The entrance to this green dimension is like a scene from a devastated planet with dusty environment and a totally marred what was once a beautiful limestone massif. I supposed the Perak state government has to collect taxes even if the environment has to be destroyed during the process. BTW one can also making money prostituting one self and the same can be said for any government.

If I am a foreign tourist being driven through from Simpang Pulai to our exquisite and precious green dimension called Cameron Higlands I would be put off and miffed because my first impression of the country will be the destruction of a beautiful natural landscape just for the sake of commercial venture! Then after a while we were actually driving through a beautiful mountain road and at this point in time the hills are like a gigantic mural of a great colour painting where trees are turning red and orange in colours just like Maine, in New England, in autumn.

Alas! My joy was short lived as we were driving up the mountain I saw rubbish being dumped indiscriminately along this beautiful jungle road leading to Cameron Highlands. It may appears the environment is now an open a dumping ground by irresponsible people or perhaps by local council. [inset top left. Pix by Pasqualensa ).

If you care to look down at any hill slope you can see more rubbish. When we almost reach the Blue Valley I can clearly see one hill being turned into a dumping ground of unprocessed rubbish! Why is this allowed! Pahang state exco member incharge of Tourism Datuk Maznah said recently the people of Cameron Highland must be responsible in maintaining a clean and good environment! I think her statement is naive and wrong! The enforcement agencies looking into after the state of health of Cameron Highlands is to be blamed they are not doing their job, plain and simple! Unbridled cultivation of state land is the order of the day up here n the mountains near Cameron Highlands! And yet the authority is bitching about changing in climate up in the highlands!

Then as we descend through the mountain road heading for Gua Musang I was shock to see a whole hill being torn apart, gouged, raped, destroyed beyond recognition!
Surely someone must be answerable to this carnage! Then I saw "hundreds" of logging trucks ferrying logs and logging station where thousands of felled timber being stored! So it looks as though Malaysia is an open season for illegal logging, corruption and hey! I want to know who is in charge here in this country! {inset right: devastated green dimension near Cameron Highlands. Pix by Pasqualensa}

It is not just from Perlis to Sabah anymore, now the whole world can know in a jiffy!

Hei yo!

Remember the song "Dari Perlis sampai lah keSabah" it means it will spread like wild fire, in this case the song was about the country being free from the yoke of colonialism and impreialism! It means every one now know this and should be proud!

Well, any fuckup my our leaders will be known by the international community in a freaking seconds or a jiffy! Example is when our Prime Mnister's alleged buying of sail boat in Turkey, that was a good example how it is no more the case of "dari Perlis sampai keSabah" anymore, the news of him allegedly buying spread like really bad (BTW what happens to this one case huh!). It is more a case of "dari Perlis sampai Turkey, keCalifornia, Finland, the White House press oficers' offices, Finland, the whole of fucking Europe especially Holland (where Dutch comes in drove to Malaysia, ke Berlin (I can go on and on)" in other words any fuck up statement by our leaders the bad news will reach Kamchatka, for example, in no time!

People around the world will now actually believe what the Tourism Minister has allegedly said: "Malay will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indian will kill everyone" can be true, that is Malaysians are really stupid enough if we "are trying to destroy 50 years of achievement in this great country"! Fuck this minister if he said what he said, who gave him the right to shoot off his bad breath mouth about lies which has spread to the whole world like Mozzila Firefox! Without our permission! Apologise or we will not stop the pressure!

Abdullah Badawi you had better come out with a statement as a leader chastising your cabinet minister for making a grave statement or your fate will also be sealed alongside Tengku Adnan!

Umno Youth leader Hishamuddin Hussein what about you as leader of the Youth Wing you should say something, or your Deputy KJ! Come out and say something and paint yourselves as heroes, we do need them!

We should at least make one thing very clear!

This is especially for Nuraina who posted a comment saying that now women can see the other side of Pasquale!

Well Nuraina!

It was never my intention to constantly crave for praiseor to get feel-good comment everyday on my character I am always what I am. Since my favourite line is in a movie "Oliver Cromwell" when Richard Harris (RH) who played Oliver Cromwell (OC) who cursed King Charles and later talked his peers into executing King Charles for being insensitive to the feeling of the rakyat. RH who played OC said: "gentlemen certain issues are beyond good manners" and the "this arrogant king must be taught a lesson this king must be dealt with" so they chopped off Charles'd head!

So Ina thanks for your unsolicited observation on Pasquale, but I assure you while women are considered to be precious and there is a need for men "to protect them", but they are the tough ones! They have high threshold of pain, they give birth! If man can give birth a family will stop at three: woman, man, woman than man will say no way! Women are the most sophisticated species and the most perfect holy grail, the most perfect vessel ever created, since time immemorial. Without these vessels, life as we know is meaningless, life as we know it is non-existent and whats the point!

Having said that I have to tell you many of them too have serious problem and severe and acute personality bypass!

They are sometime confused, some are also dimwit, pathetic, uncaring, self-righteous, with the high and almighty attitude showing that I-am-special-so-therefore-treat-me-well-or-else attitude! The world is about equality, the world is not about your flawed personality, but the world is about real equality between man and woman, especially in feelings! If we cannot do it institutionally at least we all, male and female, should have that unwritten understanding to like one another. The world is not only about women with Obssessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). So this is my view Nuraina, nothing against women at all, but just against some self-centered and self-absorbing members of the opposite sex! Otherwise I do like their smell, well only some of them though! (Ina! BTW I like yours! Keep it up)

PS. Having said all of the above I proposed we should also chopped off TA head for being insensitive to the feeling of women in this country, women also spelled Rakyat!

March 12, 2007 12:29 PM

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Real Conspiracy to RE-Control..Women!

Hei! What a load of shit eh!

Women in my society are being held and placed on the highest esteem and pedestal that you can find! As I said before I am pro-woman, my daughter is doing her doctorate and her professors in Canada jokingly asked me, on her being smart, did she get struck by lightning when she was small! You see, even though it was meant to be a joke the professors (happened to be my friends) did come out as a chauvinist pig, such as woman being smart has to be an anomaly!
It is a throwback from the stone age where women are made to cook when men hunt, nowadays it may be the other way around and you can ask Kent, my friend.
Tengku Adnan originally came from Acheh and perhaps his perception on women was possibly based on his archaic social background, but then what business a person from Acheh to be made a Minister and let alone politician! In a real parliamentry democratic system, he would have been asked by his Prime Minister to make a public apology over his remark on women, since they are the voters, many of them in fact! IN a real democratic system, over such a statement, he would have been chastised and declared a "pariah" by his peers. But the reality is, this is a tin-pot fake democratic system where even the Prime Minister does not know which way is up or down! Dollah Badawi ask your cabinet minister to apologise or else be prepared for the shock wave come the next general elections!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Malacca Zoo, may be a warehouse for Animals to be smuggled to S'pore!

Hei! Ever wondered why Singapore zoo is the "best" in the world, or at least in this part of the region? {inset: herd of wild elephant near Banding. They should roam free not in the zoo. Pix by Pasqualensa}
A little magpie told me, most of the animals in Singapore Zoo, such as tapir, gibbon, assortment of snakes, pangolin, tigers, yes, tigers, and they all came from an "animal warehouse"otherwise known as the Malacca Zoo. This black market trade of animals from Malaysia to be smuggled to Singapore should not come as a surprise to Morons in this country, it is done in the most "military precision" operation which involves even the underground elements, from the triad to the tong! Animal smuggling has become one of the most lucrative venture which also involves sophisticated networking and equipments. We can't really hide some lowland gorillas displayed at Taiping Zoo, these gorillas were found to have also been smuggled from Africa but have since been safely repatriated, after some legal tussle, back to South Africa until they were sent back to their respective villages Rwanda. Hundreds of Orang Utans were also rescued and sent back to their respective "villages" in Kalimantan, North Borneo and to other parts of Indonesia.
Lets get back to the Malacca Zoo as a clearing house for prized and rare animals sold to Singapore by black marketeers. Apparently this illegal practice has been going on for a long time. Not only animals smuggled to S'pore but also gravel stone from shores of islands, in Johore and Pahang declared as national park! Rattan and manaus, some of our protected species of plants also found their way quite easily to S'pore, many sophisticated means are used by the smugglers.
Here is a story told to me by my nephew: "This very old chinaman from S'pore always cross the causeway from Johore on a bicycle with a bag of sand five days a week for the last ten years. Malaysian immigration officers just said "ah, one bag of sand what the heck" they always let the man through".
One day after fifteen years, actually, their Singapore immigration cunterpart called the Johore side to tell them they have arrested the old man for smuggling, and said: "Did you know you have allowed a Singaporean smuggler out right under your nose for fifteen years!" The Malaysian immigraton officers said: "Haiya!Why arrest the man for one small bag of sand lah we have a lot!" The S'pore immigration officials said:"Oi! Melayu Bodoh (the word Moron did not come about yet then), the old man was smuggling bicycle lah!". So the story goes. The moral of the story is: We Morons we will never learn. Or may be they are part of the sophisticated networking!
On another note IN a real Parliamentry Democratic system if a politician is seen and perceived as being guilty they must resign in order to protect the integrity of the rakyat, yes the rakyat not the politicians, thats the way it should, if we betrayed that trust even our children will one day be part of that blackmarket smuggling to be sold to the right buyers from "right under the nose of our esateem government servants" I rest my case!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Enemies are already in our Compound!!

Let's cut to the chase! The FTA with the US is a done deal we will be on the loosing end with US weird economic clauses to be inserted and will become law that will probably telling us Malaysians we must be a good neighbour with Singapore, or else! The enemies are not at the gates they are already inside just waiting to plunder and pillage. Billions from Singapore will be a false semblance of our country economic upswing, when it is just an illusion, Nusajaya as I said will be managed and owned by Singaporeans, namely Temasik! So we all have to figure this one out, eh!

Let's do the Dannatt!

This is in reference to that very refreshing picture of United Kingdom Chief of General Staff General Sir Richard Dannatt who participated in a prayer, or doa, at the prayer session at the 74th Malaysian Army Day in Port Dickson.
For a non-Muslim, Dannatt was seen cupping his hands during the prayer session and this is seen as one liberated human being whose respect for other people's religion is something our Malaysian leaders should emulate and do when "visiting" each other's religious session. I have seen S. Samy Vellu, Ong Ka Ting, Lim Keng Yaik, Kayvveas and other non-Muslim politicians when during a prayer session or doa session at a function graced by Malay leaders seemed so wanting to be totaly disassociated themselves from this simple Islamic ritual. So what wrong if they do the "Dannatt" it will make them a much sought after non-Malay politicians to be admired by Muslim-Malays. Of course one can argue that Malay-Muslim leaders must also do the same at any non-Muslim ceremony, and I think they should, what do you think! It is kind of odd to see these respectable non-Muslim leaders not being able to do a simple ritual at a doa session there is nothing wrong and it will not make them less Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu, or Christian! I once placed an incense, no three incenses, at an ancient Buddhist temple in Siem Riep out of respect for this ancient religion, does that make me a Buddhist? I was once initiated into a Sundance ritual of the North American Indian, the first Malay-Muslim I believe, but that does not make me an animist! In fact it made me richer in knowledge knowing how other people rituals which lead to the same thing, to be close to God! There is only one GOD as far as I am concerned! But how we do it is what makes a diversity in kaleidoscope of religious rituals, rich in cultures, and mystic and humility knowng how small we really are when in our quest of finding the meaning of life! So let us be the first to start! Lets do the Dannatt! Its about time! Hey!This can be THE first step towards real understanding! For example we have to stop associating Islam with the Malay culture, and even if you hate the Malays, when it comes to religious ceremony just think about the goodness Islam as one of the great religions along side Christian, Juadism, Hindu, and Buddhist!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Real Conspiracy to Control!

Small sophisticated countries like Singapore with a hungry population, hungry in a sense that they want more elbow room, to quote Daniel Boone, have no choice but to expand. Initially S'pore just go about reclaiming the shore, then the sand started to stop coming. So in view of this, the highly charged and powered Singapore Cabinet headed by LKY decided unanimously to expand upwards, meaning up to Malaysia, starting with Johore for now, and depending on how desperate they are, the island republic will decide in the future to move further up or not.
The Nusajaya, an ambitious multi-trillion Ringgit project involving hundreds of thousands of hectares of Johore land, means Malaysia, will be an extension of the Singapore metropolis, where Singaporeans will and can move in and out to this area freely without passport. Malaysian will be denied free movement into this specially designated economic, industrial, and residential areas controlled by Singaporeans.
This can only happens at the behest of Malaysian political leaders lead by Abdullah Badawi. I believe it is like this, Malaysia has been arm twisted into succumbing to demands made by Singapore, with the help of th republic strong ally, the USA!
Too bad for Malaysians the reality of any super power foreing policy also included blackmail, I for one believe and convinced that AAB was told in a very specific term that if you dont we will charged your son for behaving in a way contradictory to the US fights on terror!