Saturday, April 28, 2007

In the olden days there were public hangings and whippings!

Dear everyone!

All is not well in this country judging from what I have read in the news! Three news items caught my attention this morning: one, the death of a migrant from Tamil Nadu, India. Apparently, according to report, this migrant worker was enslaved and starved to death by a family of fellow Malaysians. He was chained and forced to work and denied basic sustenance, FOOD! He was bundled up put in a car then thrown in a bush, and was later discovered by passers by and taken to hospital, 24 hours later he was dead! His name was R.Ganesh (he had a name you know!) and I am very sure he had loved ones back home and let us just try to imagine the anguish and sadness of someone close to you in far, far away land being enslaved, starved and then died! My only wish as a human being is to remind the authority to take serious action against the "murderers", there must be "public canning and whipping" to ensure a stern message is being driven through the rest of the population that if you break the law of common decency you must be punished, and to be punished so that the public is satisfied with the sentence being meted out!
Then there is this moron from Johore Bharu who cut down a very rare species of trees that lined a street in Johore Bahru and the local council was stumped (no pun intended) as to who might have done it, later it was discovered a moron Chinese shop lot owner who had done it because of some cock-a-mamy fengshui! The law must teach this moron a lesson not to take the law into his own hands.
Then there is this motorcyclist who went on a road rage rampage when he smashed his helmet on the window of a car almost injuring the driver of the car, well I am sure the car driver was emotionally damaged that I am very sure of that.
My point is perhaps no one respect the law of the land anymore! I cannot say the police are not being respected by the public, neither can I say the perception that the police can be bought that had allow individual to flaunt the law or not to take the law seriously!
But then what do you expect a citizen to say after seeing and reading about all of those crimes being committed and the criminals appear to be getting away with it! I have yet to be told by the police that it has yet to solve the many murder cases that we have read and do not know the outcomes!
At the end of the day we just want to have that feeling of being safe in our own "home" and that the law should really punish those who have committed heinous crimes so the public will get a strong signal that no matter how big or small you are the law will protect!

May the force be with us!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Malays are master conspirator just watch Malay movies!

ONCE UPON a time not only was Anwar Ibrahim was charged for sodomy, but I was told then an attempt was also made to implicate him in a "murder" of his wife's driver's wife who died in an unfortunate accident near Rawang!
It was an attempt to fix the then Deputy Prime Minister that's what my thinking power led me to believe and I was right! Fortunately for Anwar that attempt was never made, just as well because when I checked the Rawang police station I was told it was a clear cut an unfortunate accident that saw a pregnant women succumbed to injury and died!
I believe then that someone or some group saw this as an opportunity to implicate and to make a stronger case against the then DPM, since the woman who died was the wife of a man that claimed the then DPM had sodomised him!
Unfortunately for me I am now seeing what appears to be that same tactic used by certain group of people trying to "fix" Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak by implicating him with a murder of a foreign national, in spite of his denial!
But then had the conspiracy to fix Anwar with a murder charge being followed through I am sure many people will easily believe that he had indeed "ordered" the "killing" of the wife of a chief witness against him!
Let face this one unfortunate fact, people are really afraid that if Najib were to be the Prime Minister people will, as it is now they do, believe that his wife will be in control, what a load of crap! I dont believe so! But, I do believe that good wife will consult each other over many things, as Najib, as a leader, will in the privacy at the dinner table will probably ask some one very close to him for unsolicited advise! But, I do believe his wife is smart, and truly an emancipated woman that can think for herself, so what is wrong with that!
All the innuendo and suppositions and allegations against her are just that, so she divorced her husband, I was told upon checking, quite amicably and marry another person so what, at least Najib did not have mistresses like the rest of the buffoon that I know, in or out of the government! She did not tell people not to attend her daughter's wedding as reported, although I was told she was disappointed about the choice of the son-in-law, in which every parent has the rights to be disappointed about that! Then the most disturbing aspect of the attacks against the wife of the DPM, is that those making disparaging remarks about his wife did not even know or even have a chance to speak with her personally, that says a lot about Melayu.
Why am I writing this? Well! I am a Malay and I am disappointed with the ability of my people to now fully entrenching conspiracy, innuendo, allegation and supposition into their already deteriorating and weak mental psyche! At the rate that we (the Malays) are going I will give it less than 20 years before they will lose their birth rights of this country to others! At the rate that they are going I will now apt to support the others to save this country from destruction!

pix top left: Rosmah and wanita and puteri Umno
pix top right: Najib and his daughter in law and son

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do we have to wait for ultra-conservatives to die before a dawn of new society?

I was reading Rockbru and Big Dog blogsites about Jed Yoong, do not know her but I am familiar with the species! Here's a profile: she is young, passionate about the country, many multi-racial friends, love ethnic food, suffering in silence about the state of being of the country: socially rotting away as we speak because each thinks he or she is racially and culturally superior over the other! Crap and beeswax!

The young Jed Yoongs, the Syafinazs and the Gayathrys of this country are just like the young Amish, the Hutterites of North America who want to "get out" but sadly bound by traditions and codes of conduct, to never venture out of your commune for you will not be "safe" actually to never, heaven forbids, to learn new things!

Lets us for once catch the bull by the horns and for once conquer our fear and really live like a warrior, dispense our fear of each other and to begin with lets get rid of the chauvinists in the DAP( aka PAP whats the difference eh!)

The old b@%#*@*s of the DAP, beginning with Lim Kit Siang, who has also brainwashed his smart son into his clone, must be gotten rid of so the newer generation like Jed Yoong can truly be Malaysian!

Just because Jed suggested something constructive about the state of being of her country that she lives in and now she is being forced to succumb to DAP ethno-centricity! This is unfair!

While we are at it we must also tell UMNO to do the same, although UMNO as the main party of the United Front (BN) is a very accomodating party it must also rid itself of the neo-conservative within the party or suffer the fate of Japanese LDP, Taiwan KMT and many more political parties that have gone politically awry! Supporters of MIC are a bunch of indentured slaves you really have to do something about your top leaders, who are behaving like a Tamil Zamindar!

Finally I wll say this, for as long as I live I will fight racist b------s like Kit Siang and others in other BN component parties! The time is now, and the time is right!

P.S. Did you morons know that when former PM Tun Razak Hussein left the country for official visits he would ask Datuk Michael Chen, only him, to be a minder for all the children? Today, in private, Najib will motion to kiss Michael's hand when they shake hands for Michael Chen is a father figure to them, especially to Najib, that tells a lot about a man! He kiss his hand not because he was subservient to a Chinese, but because he is a kind human being who is a father figure to him and his brothers! Contrary to a book about a former Deputy Prime Minister that insinuates Tun Razak was only a pro-Malay PM, Michael Chen who was a long life friend to Malaysia most illustrious Prime Minister, and I am sure, can attest the insinuation is sheer conjecture . Of course Najib cannot kiss Datuk Michael Chen's hand publicly because the conservative Morons in Umno will not understand!
Okay! For a start lets hug each other when when we see each other regardless of our ethnic identity! Hugging can heal many things! Trust me!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lawlessness in this country is due to the absence of deterrent!

I DO NOT KNOW if the media in this country is intentionally trying to make our people scared, unhappy or to live under a siege mentality!
There appears to be this serious lawlessness being pointed out, one in Sibu, Sarawak, where gangsters have taken over the whole town, the other is in Kedah where a moron fired his rifle in jubilant ala Hamas after listening to a religious speech!
Initially, in Sarawak, a senior police officer denied it as nothing, then the Inspector General of Police went there and confirmed the lawlessness and suggested action be taken, but we, the rakyat, do not know what.
Then there was this incident in Kedah where a Moronic-Muslim-Malay shooting his rifle in the air after hearing a speech by a religious leader there, he was apprehended and I am sure he will be set free.
In both cases the government must have a very strong resolve to take charge of the problems. If we can fight the communist and win, do not tell me we are afraid of gangsters taking over the rule of laws and turned it into a mockery! Be as vicious as them catch them and sent them to our own "Guantanamo" or "Gitmo". Unless the police are also protecting them, and unless our system is really corrupt then no wonder these gangsters can steal timber, extort businessmen right under noses of "corrupt" authority! Well, what else do you want me to think! Either the police force is weak or it is corrupt, they are supposed to uphold the sanctity of this country, be it the security of the country and the safety of the citizens!
In the case of the shooting in the air in Kedah, make a Federal case out of this Moronic Trader who fired four shots in the air in jubilant as ala the Hamas, this will stop further action by others. This is not the Middle East, and you Morons are not Arabs. Make this case known and publish it well in the news media to show the government is serious and that deterrent is the best companion.
In the case of Sibu, arrest the whole lot and show some deterrent otherwise we will be another failed society!

P.S. I will also not surprise if Bernie Ecclestone will not renew the FI contract with Malaysia, because we are uncouth, rubbish-rousers (I coined this phrase), and getting to be worse than Singaporeans! Our kiasu-ness is getting bad! For whatever said and done Singapore is still a safe city to live in! I am very sure of this!
Or is it about getting rid of Mahathir legacy? If that is so than the Melayu is mean, mean SOB!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

We should have a clear goal and don't go off tangent!

"You should have a clear goal and don't go off tangent. With a better sense of direction, I am sure many of you will be successful" said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to Malay businessmen whom he said should inculcate the culture of churning more money from profits gain.
One of my favourite stories growing up in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, was a story of a very rich Chinese by the name of Lee Wong Kee, who owned a restaurant near the old Odeon Theatre at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. (Pix: Chinese coolie from Shengjian province, like Lee Wong Kee, they are very focussed)

The story goes that he collected and sold water using his proverbial "kandar stick". With the money he saved he opened a restaurant (Lee Wong Kee), he became a millionaire. Now, listen to this, whether this is true of not I do not care, but the "kandar" stick that he used to collect water at two buckets a time is now plated with gold and was hung in the main hall of the restaurant.

When I was attending Batu Road School (2) I walked in between the Odeon theatre and the restaurant to catch a glimpse of the famous kandar stick! Urban myth? Who cares! A good story indeed!

I also heard of a story of a Bumiputra, (well he is actually my relative I am ashamed!)
who was given a hefty loan by the government of the day he then proceeded to get a new wife, a new car, and several trips to Europe then when he depleted his "money" he was declared a bankrupt, his second wife left him, and his first wife and three children deserted him, actually he deserves it!

Najib also said Malay businessen should stay focused and not distracted by other things such as politics. And that Malays must change their image of being great politicians and lobbyists to being a good businessmen.

All I can say is that for Malays to succeed they have to be really genuine and not to pretend that they know and that they are smart and knowledgeable when in actually fact they are incapable. If they pretend and if this country's economic pie is being gobbled by foreigners, they must not cry! They must also remember that there are more to life than just plain boring politicking and lobbying for their own stupid irrelevant interest!

Well, with this and actually in anything that we do! hey! lets us genuinely do it well and to move forward with a dent to be made and to be genuine in our heart, especially for the Melayus which also spelled you know what! Other wise ces't la vie as the Minangkabau loves to say!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Self-aggrandizement can only serve few people!

Below is what was posted by Chindiana in my other comment over why I am not commenting on anything new and it is kind of nice being dubbed "indignant conscience of the Malaysian public" thank you, Actually I am not. I yam what I yam!

"Hey magpie dude (U don't have to post this) you've been quiet for some time. where's the idignant conscience of the Malahysina public?
April 06, 2007 3:32 AM"

Actually, Chindiana I do get fed up sometime when I see how things are done in the country by the ruling parties, government of the day, politicians, shop-keepers, the Datuks and Datins, the royalties, friends, bloggers and others! Just plain SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT!(pix top right titled narcissist)

The other night at the Press Club, it was SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT AT ITS BEST. The other night I was at the National Press Club to attend a meeting over the formation of the Bloggers Asociation (BA) or something like that. Well, Rocky, who was elected as president of the pro-tem committee, told me to register a blog so I can be a committee member. Well, I was not nominated, I was told the elite group within the blogging world headed by Rocky has pretty much decided who should be appointed. Even when the show by hands elections were conducted and when there was a protest the result was also pretty much decided.

At the end of the day it turned out that the formation of the Blogger Association or BA turned out to be just a formation of just another elitist club, where the committee members are just the same people, or the "untouchables" (don't get me wrong not that kind of untouchable we are talking about) , who cannot take criticism as good, when they cannot take Rehman Rashid's off-side remark about bloggers.

(I have re-read Rehman's column and the part about bloggers was just to make a point over something complicated. But, you see as with the bloggers election, it appears as though bloggers is a force that is to be reckoned with, "if you mentioned anything about us" "we-will-destroy-your reputation-at our mercy". Its not fair!)

I would have like to be nominated as a committee member since I thought I could be useful in many things not that I am crazy about position everyone knows that, including Rocky, and Rocky could have "whispered" to someone or two people at least to mention my name and I could have been a committee member, but alas it did not happened and now I am deleting my other blogsitel, whats the point then!

On another note I would have like Jeff Ooi to be the president of the Bloggers Association (BA), since I feel that Rocky is getting to be too over-rated (sorry Bro nothing personal), if he is not careful, he would suffer the "Amber Chia's Syndrome" this is in reference to Amber Chia in every billboard including anything!

To you my friend Rocky, you have to manage your image and to manage it well, you are everywhere and for your sake I hope it is good for you, and I wish you all the luck in the world, and I mean it!

Well Chindiana, that is why I am not commenting for a while, cause if I do I will comment on subject like the perceived "invincibility of bloggers" that if they are not careful they will be misguided and be swayed from their goal, that is to find the truth!

But if they become too elitist well they will be no better that the government of the day that cannot be touched and be told! Having said that, as for the bloggers I will always be with you all my friends and be there in form and in spirit! Cheers!

Well Chindiana that is all!