Friday, May 25, 2007

Different strokes for different folks!

Something I must share with my friends!
I have not read newspapers and watch CNN, BBC, Fox News, Sky News, RTM1, RTM2, TV3, NTV7 for over two weeks now and I noticed my anxiety level has gone down and I am not easily irritated, and above all I am not irritable, and my high blood pressure has been consistently normal!

I noticed many churches in Montreal have been turned into condominium and they are rather expensive too. So coming from a country where religion is being used as a border collie to round up the flock so to speak, I had to ask THE question: "WHY!"

Why would a house of worship being turned into condominium, when in Europe many churches also being turned into restaurants? Duncan McPhillips, a retiree, said many Canadians in Quebec, who came from a strong Catholic background just do not subscribed to organised religion anymore.

"They are not denouncing God or anything it is just that to them religion as they have been taught smack hyporisy and a sham." What do you mean, I asked, he said:"In the olden days there was a need for the French-Canadians to be united against the English-Canadian, for political reason of course."

"Now there is no need for religion to be used as a bogeyman against anybody, any group or anyone, there is just Canadian, yes French and English and many many more. So when people start not coming to churches anymore what do you do with them, well some being turned into condominiums, and as you said restaurants as in the case of Amsteredam!"

But, Duncan said, while many may have disowned organised religion it does not mean they disowned God, or the Supreme Being, or call it what you may." Here in Canada people are not easily duped anymore, and the churches have no power on their everyday lives anymore."

Well I am not saying we should turned Mosque or Temple into condominium or apartment or restaurant, but the thing to remember is, the government must seriously make an effort to realise that the world is not what it used to be and people are not as stupid as they somethie take them to be!

So live and let live!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So who is this Raja Nazrin and why is his marriage hogging out paper's front page?

My view is this!

So what if a member of a royalty is getting marriage and why is the palace angry just because the story of the marriage was made before it was "properly" announced by the palace!
Raja Nazrin is just one of the many royalties that this county had to look after and that is because our "stupid" constitution says so!
How I wish this country is ruled by Indra Ghandi and then we can tell these royalties you are just part of the whole system and just "shut up" and "enjoy the perks" or else! Well in India the Maharajas were told to go after they did not listen to the advise to the late iron lady.
I am, by far, the most adherence Malay who subscribed to the Malay-sultanate system, but I have my limit. I have noticed lately some royalties want to dabble in politics, well that is fine and good, but they must choose one or the other!
My good friend from Perlis decided to become a politician and he did so became an MP and never too blatant about his royalty-cum-politican life, another one from Pahang and he is a good man and humble, he chose to be a politician. But they never crave for publicity!
I just thought the engagement of a member of any royalty should not be given a front pages of our major papers, when the front pages should have better been put to good use in explaining to the people about the state of being of the world, the country's economy, and other things that can affect the rakyat! So royalty just do your job and enjoy the perks and do not hog the front page for trust me a lot of people are already sickened by your opulent lifestyle, my advise is just tone down! Just get married quietly and this is a new millennium not a medieval adventure where we have to kowtow to royalties motorcade at traffic jam!
Having said all that, let me pray that you both be showered with good fortune and happiness! Daulat Tuanku!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

VIPs and Royalties should know when to use public roads!


Reading my newspaper everyday is getting to be like playing a Russian roulette! You never know when you are going to be hit by stupid story. Its is all gloom and doom: murder, mayhem, illegal companies' take over, misuse of power, power hungry politicians, and ex-politicians who want to be relevant again, and many more!
Today, the police is telling us if you dont't give way to VIPs on the road you will be fined! Reason? After two police outriders escorting a royalty had an accident and killed themselves!(may their soul rest in peace, amen) The deaths were blamed on the public who did not give way to the motorcade! Rubbish! They ride their bikes and cars like bats out of hell!
IN the olden days royalties would stay inside and to just play their roles as a symbol of the "Malay Supremacy", they are part of the land title just so no one can claim this land without proper proof of ownership. The Sultanate system is just to prove that the land belongs to the Malays! Well today it still holds true and that is all the royalty, the sultans and the king are out to be and do, just that symbol!
But, just do not go out driving in a big motorcade in town when there is a massive traffic jam and when the rakyat is going home after a hard days work, or the rakyat is going to work in their hire purchase Protons trying eke a living!
IN the olden days I respect the royalty, not that I do not recognise their relevancy, but today I do not respect their attitude and they should really realise themselves that they are still relevant as long as the people want them (in this case Umno).
So Federal Traffic Chief SAC 11 Datuk Nooryah Md Anvar do not come out with a statement without considering the consequence, the lash back is such your statement will make the people hate the system more.
Instead you should advise the royalty on the virtue of driving in public and when and when not to drive! And you Nooryah, do not blame the public for the death of the two police outriders because it takes two to tango in any situation!
It is not the people that put their lives in danger it is sometimes the VIPs. Your statement should also read "the VIPs and the Royalties are also putting the lives of the people in danger when they think that they actually owned the country by doing what ever they like!
They are here by virtue of the rakyat: Whether we still think these morons are still relevant"