Friday, June 29, 2007

Hitler did it, Hollywood still does it and now the Chinese! Or Lies! Lies! and more lies!

Read very carefully, for I shall not repeat myself!

Second Guangzhou Uprising in 1911 purportedly to have been planned in Penang by Dr Sun Yat Sen, saw millions slaughtered, all for the ego of one power-crazed rabble-rouser, opium taking man! Depending on who writes the history there is always the dark side!

Sun Yat Sen was also in Kuala Pilah around the same year, while there he inflammed the minds and hearts of overseas Chinese in British Malaya to go against the power of the day, namely the British and the Malay Royalty and Aristocrats!

A quick note, Sun Yat Sen won the presidency to rule China and died two years later and he was succeeded by Chiang Kai Shek, when Chiang was defeated by communist Mao Tse Tung, he fled to Formosa and now Taiwan, and while there hundreds of thousands of the indigenous people of that island, who are of the Malay stock, were massacred and the remnants are now reduced to aboriginal status! Thats another story!

While in Malaya, Sun Yat Sen fanned the overseas Chinese feeling by sowing racial hatred towards the British and Malay rulers, during the 14 days of KMT, or the Bintang Tiga, rule over Malaya after the Japanese was defeated and the British were late in taking over the administration, the KMT, or the Kuomintang army stragglers slaughtered many Malays.

In Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan, some even stormed into the Istana to look for the Yam Tuan to be killed, in Pahang if it weren't for officers from the Office of the Strategic Serviced or OSS and the British SOE or Special Operation Executive, the Sultan of Pahang would have been killed!

So when Dr Koh Tsu Khoon cried when he saw the movie onf Dr Sun Yat Sen, his loyalty as a Malaysian is now suspect, at least by me. As a Malaysian he has committed a major faux pas and being politically incorrect for crying over nothing! And for him to have a misplaced pride on someone, Sun Yat Sen, who was responsible for millions of lives, Koh Tsu Khoon is just another closet Kuomintang sympathiser that should be checked!

My uncle was placed in a gunny sack about to be stabbed with bamboo stakey his "childhood" Chinese friend who don on a KMT uniform immediately after Japanese was defeated, had to be released via hundreds of dollars, my mother had to sell her land in order to secure the money for my uncle release.

So Sun Yat Sen and his KMT had planned to take over the South-east Asian Region via his what we now know as a CPM organisation, well folks CPM actually stands for Chinese Party of Malaya, had they succeeded and if my parents were spared their lives and I would be born but would now be blogging in Chinese! Or worse still I will have an aboriginal status like the Alisan!

We have to thank the British for saving us Morons from the clutch of the KMT or CPM, or Chinese warlord or whatever! Meantime Koh Tsu Khoon you should step down before you are forced to!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Malaysia is a coward of the county!

To read about European Ambassador callously criticising Malaysian policy without due respect for our country's sovereignty, just imagine Malaysian ambassador in Germany for example criticising German's race relations with its immigrant and on how Germany treats its immigrant will definitely see the German government sacking our ambassador back to Malaysia!

To read about how Malaysian being punched by Arabs for "non-compliance" to this Arab whims and fancies, and to read again that this Arab has been apprehended and released after statement taken, can you imagine that! In Singapore this Arab would have been jailed.

Then there is this bunch of young "Chinese tourists" at a shopping centre's cafe being so rudely loud and being so rude to our waiters! So what has this country come to! Are we allowing this to happens so that we can allow tourists to be happy so they can spend more of their money!

Let me tell you that you can also make money by being a prostitute and this is what Malaysia has become, one big prostitute! If it is money, then you can do what you want to me, a very sad state of affairs! Our policemen are also afraid to apprehend illegal Africans in this country, is it because they are BIG! Hey! Lets have some dignity here.

Malaysia always remember this adage that "money alone cannot guarantee you join the club"! The club I am talking about is when Malaysia was, yes was, well respected as one of the few countries that practices what it preaches, and yet today we are known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, countries scoff off at Malaysia and this is why a European ambassador can say what he said, the question now is are we going to sack Thierry Rommel to where he comes rom!

This act would be the beginning of our process to cleanse our body to be again clean and respected! What a pipe dream, eh!

(Pixs: Top, Arabs having disco time in KL
Bottom, Thierry Rommel (imagine him wearing a Gestapo uniform, very easy)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Thank you Alleycats and Loga may you sing in Heaven!

Hi All!

I got back from Canada and I read a sad news about the passing of a singer Loganathan Arumugam, or Loga, from the group Alleycats! I wish that he will be happy in Heaven and I hope he will sing there as well! And I wish his family all the best and for them to know many, many, many Malaysians love and will miss him dearly! I know my daughter who was one year old at the time when I "infect" her with "Sampai Kan Lah Salam" will also miss her, I did tell her about the passing, he is thirty now!
Loga and the Alleycats may not know this but his songs had what kept me spiritually alive during those years living in North America from the 70s to the 80s. The songs from Alleycats, and also from Black Dog Bone, a singer Halil Chik, Carefree kept me going during the long winter months! I have Ghaffar Mohamad from Edmonton, Alberta, at that time, who sent me the tapes to Winnipeg, Manitoba, thank you man I still love you!
The Alleycats, like P. Ramlee and Saloma, ABBA, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Rollingstones and Joe Cocker, is part and parcel of every Malaysian psyche and everyone who hears the song believes they know the wording and started to hum!
I have met both Loga and David Arumugam at one of their gigs at PJ Hilton, I was so excited to see them play as I would have when I saw
the Beatles movie release "Help!" in the 60s, as I did when I saw both Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker and the Bee Gees playing and singing at the Winnipeg Arena, eons ago!
Yes, we must pay tribute to Great Malaysians such as the Alleycats who have made and indelible impression on Malaysians of all ages and RTM made a god sound decision to dedicate a program to the Alleycats! BTW the late Kasma Booty, or AR Tompel for example do not have any indelible impression in my minds!
Good Bye Loga I know you are happy there!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Of indelible ink, visa on arrival and brown-out, and Third World mentality!

Dear all!

Did you know that if you ever have the urge to visit Canada or the US or Australia be prepared for the red tape in visa application!
A friend's daughter's wedding in Canada recently saw her daughter's friend coming in from Malaysia to be her bridesmaid to have to declare her bank account, job security letter from her employer, letters stating the fact from my friend's daughter and her future husband are gainfully employed in Canada so on and so on! Otherwise no visa will be granted! And you cannot go visit!
That's how strict traveling to such countries getting to be nowadays. When I landed at KLIA three days ago I saw a counter for "Visa on Arrival" (VOA)before the entrance to the immigration check points.
I thought only cash-strapped counties like Cambodia and Indonesia do this VOA business where money-centric over ride security concern! Those who throng the KLIA visa on arrival booth are clearly from the Indian Sub-Continent, either from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka! My take is, we do not need VOA since we are not cash strapped and we don't care for carpetbaggers, con-men, terrorists and the riff-raff to come into our country without our proper documents!
Then there is this suggestion of using indelible ink to ensure no phantom voters at next general elections. My God! Here we have first world infrastructure and we are still thinking with Third World mentality! Indelible ink was use in Afghanistan recently to conduct the co-called first democratically conducted elections supervise by NATO troops, indelible ink is used in the Hill Tract of India where uneducated hill tribal people who cannot read or write to vote! But Sir! Not in Malaysia!
Then there is this set of rules to cover the wedding of our Prime Minister! Why cannot we know who the woman she is marrying after all we are paying for the up keep of the PM?! Yes! We are reverting to the medieval rule where the King and Dukes have the say over our lives! Wake up peasants you don't want to be Morons all your life!