Thursday, September 20, 2007

They may be victims of internationaly syndicated Snuff Movie!

Nurin, may you now rest in peace!
Madeline may you be found and safely back in you parents loving arms!
Jon-Benet I know you are safe now!Shalom, and may peace be with you wherever you are!

Hei People!

In my mind, I am certain now the girl who was found dead and delivered in a clean gym bag by a woman as seen on CCTV was a victim of snuff film, or snuff movie. It would appear as though the dead girl could be part of the sad but lucrative industry with customers mainly from all over the world, craved for, especially in Japan.
For some strange reasons, Japan as a country rich in traditions seems to be churning a lot of sadistic people. On the surface Japanese also appear to be a somewhat docile race of people.
According to Wikipedia snuff movie depicts actual killing of human beings without the aid of special effects. The first snuff movie was made by a Russian who was arrested while on his way to the United Kingdom in a car full of these films. A lot of these movies are now circulating around the world but always ended up in Japan. Once the Japanese police managed to crack down a case of snuff movie after watching the movie and managed to track down the perpetrators. May be our police can now work with the Interpol on the matter.
Three-year old Madeleine McCann from England kidnapped in Portugal, Jon-Benet Particia Ramsey, six year old from Colorado Spring found dead in her house where parents were main suspects. Now our own Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, eight years old.
In the case of Benet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann, both of their parents are under suspicioun of being involved in the complication of the cases. At the height of the Jin Bennet Ramsesy's case someone was quoted as saying what people will do with money, a lot of money, to do the unthinkable.
Past children such as Ang May Hong, I remember who took a walk to a corner shop was later found dead with similar suffering as the girl in the gym bag. The there was this six year old Nushuhada Burak who was raped and victimised mercilessly by the perpetrators, then Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani, 10 years old sodomised and killed.
According to some foreign reports that I can still remember, a snuff movie maker will pay anyone a large sum of money just to "act" in a gory snuff movie. It is being syndicated around the world just as how you can buy pirated movies all over the world, a big business controlled by the Yakuza, the Mafia, the Russian Mafia you name it. As long as the demand is there I am afraid more children will become prey to these evil people and the paedophiles of the world. SO WHAT HAVE WE, THE PERFECT HUMAN RACE BECOME!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recalling Bosnia-Herzegovina during fasting month!

River Neretva in Konjic, and European cannot imagine Muslim community as this can exist in a postcard perfect setting such as Konjic, so they massacre them and take over their land!
When I was there the first time, about 20 years ago the "Old Bridge" stood like a solid massif looking at history as it pases by, then the Serbs blew it up and the UN built a new one, well it can never be the same!
Drawing of the Old Bridge in Mostar, drawn in 1920, almost like the one that I can remember 20 years ago
These freedom fighters were two locals two from Chechen and a Croat. Like you and me they just want to live!


Once, actually twice that I have been to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BH). The first trip was exactly 23 years ago in 1993. In 1993 the ethnic cleansing in BH was still at its peak, where the entire Serbian military machinery bombed, destroyed and burnt every town and city under the rule of the Muslim-based BH government.

In Mostar, my favourite point of interest is the Old Bridge over River Neretva. The Bridge was declared a world national heritage by the United Nations was actually destroyed by the Serbs army during the period of ethnic cleansing. The Bridge was built in the 12th Century by the Ottoman invaders and it survived all the wars including the First and the Second World Wars, until it was destroyed by the Serbs. Today the Old Bridge has been rebuilt to almost its original splendour, courtesy of the World Bank and the EU.

When I was in Mostar in 1970 the first time, as I had imagined it, the atmosphere was like as though I was going back through the time period of the Hapsburg Emperor Francis Ferdinanad when he was assassinated in Sarajevo, a complete medieval setting. The Bosnian males still wearing the strange head gear called tarbush as worn by the Turks. Meanwhile, River Neretva under the Old Bridge in Mostar, is always cold, I have swam there. After the swim I would walked on the ancient cobblestone pavement of the Ottoman, then stop at any quaint and rustic side walk coffee shop, or cafe, and will have my shot of Turkish coffee and watch the faces of happy Bosnians playing backgammon.
On my second trip to BH , during the war, I also I managed to go to Konjic, an important and a beleaguered town between Mostar and Sarajevo. Here I met with a group of Muslim fighters from Chechnya, Iran and local Bosnians.
At that point in time Konjic, especially, reminded me of a scene from Albert Camus's The Plague. In the book a town was quarantined because of the appearance of dead rats and the outbreak of the bubonic plague. In this case the symbolism would be the Serbs is equal to the rats that carry the fleas that carry bubonic plague and the Bosnian had to find every single way for them to survive and to keep alive.

Yes, it was fasting month, and like Rocky, I did pray with these fighters in a old 12th century mosque, and I feel so close to the divine being. It was a treat for me to pray with the survivors of the "plague" and my constant supply of cigarettes to them made me even more liked. I am sure some of them are still alive today in Konjic and I wish then well!

PIX: Top to bottom (pix by Pasqualensa).

1. The River Neretva, and onserv the minaret on the top right, welI, I had the privilege of praying in this beautiful 12th century Ottoman mosque.
2. The newly re-constructed Old Bridge in Mostar over River Neretva.
3. Picture of the original bridge drawn in 1930 before it was obliterated.
4. The brave resistance fighters against the "Bubonic Plague".

Monday, September 03, 2007

So what if they are pink or purple, but they are Malaysians and I will die for them!

"His entry into politics took a circuitous route, for until he became Singapore's first Chief Minister for 15 heady months in 1955-6, he did not think that -- as a minority of minorities ("I am both a Jew and an Asian") -- he could steer the fledgling nation. But once in the political forefront, his driving ambition was to deliver Singapore freedom from the British." About S'pore first Chief Minister, David Marshall.

Hello folks!

Merdeka days should also be a time for us to be reminded of the sacrifices that different people or different community who helped built the country to be where it is today. The two Jewish Armenian Sarkis brothers, was a good example, left their place of birth due to various reasons, one may be from persecution. They landed in Penang and built a legend called E&O!
Do you know that there are many Malaysians of Jewish descent still living "undercover" in this so-called beautiful and magnanimous country?
Yes, many of them due to "accident" of birth decided to remain in Malaysia under an assumed ethnic identity, I am truly sad that they feel by "exposing" themselves they will again be persecuted in this country where Islam plays a very prominent role in policing how we breath, eat and fart! (Hey! Don't get sensitive I am a Muslim!)
I was gabbed by this sudden feeling of sadness and helplessness when I visited the Jewish cemetery in Penang a while back, It is so desolate and so far away from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv where these people would have like to be buried!! I couldn't help but to wonder what human spirit could possibly possess these people to do what they did! I was wondering how in heavens name did these magnificent people managed to trek down through Asia Minor from somewhere in Eastern Europe through India then finally sailed to Malaya. The descendant of one became a Chief Minister of Singapore.
I personally know a girl whose father is a bona fide Malaysian of a Jewish descent and the family live in Johore, and nothing more that will make me happy if they decided to go underground with their secret forever, but will make me a lot more happier if she decided to come out and tell us Malaysians that being one can also mean having Jewish blood living in this country, and I will rally behind them for sure! Meanwhile I have posted some pictures for the uninformed "hoi poloi" to see!


Sunday, September 02, 2007

They have every right for a vengeance!

Okay Merdeka Day Here we go!

Once upon a time when I was growing up, the "Mamak", or Indian muslims were the brunt of every racial slurs and jokes that you can possibly imagine. I attended the Princess Road School, then to Batu Road School then to Maxwell School.
At all these three schools that I have attended, the "mamak" suffered from the Malays and I am glad I am not one of them since my best friendwas a mamak by the name of Rauf. he lived near Ipoh Road.
When I asked my father why mamak were the brunt of racial slurs he could not give me a good answer and said he did not know. Even at an early age I have never like racial joke and being from Negeri Sembilan those bastards in Kampung Baru always mocked me by saying if they can marry my sister since it is cheap to marry a Negeri girl. So you live with this trauma and grow up hating something but on the whole you grew up with a very strong resolve.
The mamak, I always thought were not even victim of circumstances like the Jews in Germany pre-Hitler as the Germans perceived them as being on control of the economy.
The Malays of yesteryear were mean, especially the Malays from Kampung Baru. Outsiders who venture into the village will be beaten up, Indians or Chinese dare not step into the boundary of Kampung Baru unless they have a "death wish".
Rauf and I used to collect paper umbrellas after a football game at TPCA, and were the best of friends, but somehow I always detect the sadness in his eyes when we talked about what we will do when we grow up. This posting came about after a friend told me of his passing, and I am happy to remember that I have never call him with any mamak derogatory term, but we called each other names he called me Melayu puk%i mak, and I call him Mamak puk%i mak, but never in public!
Rauf and I, we hang out at Federal and Capitol Cinemas after school selling black market cinema tickets in full knowledge of the taiko there by the name of Rais, he died in an accident. For the 65cents ticket we will it for 75cents, then we split up the profit.
Back to mamak and Negeri taunting, today Rauf is gone, may he rest in peace, and today the mamak is back with a vengeance, they controlled the government civil service, a lot of director-generals of government ministries are mamaks, and they are aware of their upbringing to be where they are today one became a Prime Minister, so Rauf we have lost touch but the news of your passing reached me and I will pray for you! But Rauf did you remember what we did with all the paper umbrellas that we collected at the TPCA stadium? Yes, we gave them to the Sikh temple near the wet market in Kampung Baru in exchange for that delicious chappati and curry. May you rest in peace my friend, and you should know and be proud that your race is doing well!