Friday, October 26, 2007

Illegal immigrants: Among others, they are depleting our blood supply!

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, a respected senior Umno member.

Illegal immigrant in the USA have the audacity and temerity to demonstrate! But why not since there are many of them!

Malaysia sending back token illegal immigrants back to Indonesia due to public pressure!


"Illegal immigrants in Malaysia comprise a substantial portion of the Malaysian population, numbering as many as two million by some estimates. Most of them are from nearby Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Illegal migrants tend to take odd jobs unpalatable to the local populace, such as working in construction sites. Although their presence in Malaysia is against the law, the Malaysian government did not make a serious effort to deport illegal migrants until early 2005, when it was feared that displaced Indonesians affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami would swamp the country" source: Wikipedia.

ALREADY THE HEALTH MINISTRY people are grumbling over illegal immigrants threatening our blood supply destined for Malaysians! So what are we to do if the government is not addressing this major and serious problem.

Now that we have been in space, and have acquired submarines and sophisticated tanks to further enhanced our country's security we now have to deal with this festering illegal immigrant problem and to deal with it swiftly and as soon as possible.

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad was only half correct when he hit the panic button by saying "maybe the visa on arrival (VOA) will be revoked at the end of this year when Visit Malaysia Year is over".

Well, he is wrong! AND WE ARE NOT A XENOPHOBIC NATION! But the VOA should not have been implemented in the first place and we are not like Laos, Cambodia or Indonesia where we are really really hard-ups on tourists dollars, or Rupees or whatever the other currencies are.

We must abide by our law that requires those who need visa to apply before entering the country, this was non-negotiable until we started to become greedy to the point of compromising our security just for that mighty ringgit!

Malaysia is a different kettle of fish all together, while we are promoting tourism we are also discerning in our welcoming what kind of foreign visitors that we want for our tourism industry.Years ago in London I was told by the Greek Embassy there that I have to wait for two weeks for my visa,and I only had eight days to spare and they do not have VOA, and the gruff Greek official said I have to follow Greek immigration law, fair enough and so we went to Venice instead.

VOA implies we are so hard-ups for tourist monies, and meanwhile over two millions illegal immigrants in this country is creating havoc on our fragile infrastructure, such as blood supply, sewer systems and many more.

I hope at the upcoming Umno General I hope leaders will address this issue as one of our dire problems that we are facing vis-a-vis illegal foreigners who are not even afraid of our police and security forces. I was told our policemen are also afraid to apprehend big Africans that you can see loitering Chow Kit Road,and what chances do we have to have our security guaranteed! I will leave at that!

Just a bit of a trivia here. The problem in Lebanon which started in 1948, when civil war broke out, was when Palestinian refugees found out, or they thought they did , that they were more of them than there than the Lebanese and they thought they could just take over the country and unfortunately today, Lebanon needs to be professionally embalmed before being buried by sectarian bullshit there!

Here is another piece of information for us Malaysians to ponder upon from the comfort of their houses watching Astro that we never thought genocide in Bosnia-Heregovina, Rwanda, Darfur in Sudan, Timor Leste could never happened in our life time, well it did and what makes Malaysia so special?! No we are not!

No cheers today!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, you have made us proud!

Person of Highest Order!

The certificate says:" Know ye all that on 26th April 1997..........................defied all laws of physical science and common sense by hooking an arresting wire on board "Freedom's Flagship" - the oldest active ship on the United States Navy.
By exhibiting such fearlessness and composure, you are now awarded membership in the "The Order of the Hook". Signed by T.S. Fellin, Captain United States Navy.
The aircraft carrier's motto is :"Don't Tread On Me"
(I have to hide my name)

Hi people!

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar has changed the concept of merantau, or the Minangkabau version of walkabout, to a new height, pun intended!
I bet you when he was asked by his parents when was he going to merantau to see the world they didn't expect him to go gallivanting around the globe in a space ship!
One of the scary things that he experienced was that the 8.5 force of gravity that will render you helpless. Once I had the good fortune of being invited on board a moving United States Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Independence, under the command of Captain T.S. Fellin, somewhere in the Andaman Sea, that was one experience I could never forget.
As a journalist then I received a call from the the US Embassy official who said: "Your wish has been granted!"
So off I went to the Subang TUDM airbase and I was put in a US navy windowless Greyhound carrier and off we went and after two tries landed on the aircraft carrier via an arresting hook on a wire.
When we left we were told of the g-force that we will encounter upon taking off.
The G-force was only 2.5, but that was enough for me when we were literally catapulted from the carrier carrier for about a long brief moment I did not now where I was so it does not matter if the place exploded or I die for we would not know, and it didn't matter.
Hey! That was only 2.5 G-force, now imagine Sheikh Muszaphar will be experiencing 8.5 G-force, in a pub when you are totally drunk the G-force is only 0.25, and trust me if that Soyuz exploded he wouldn't know either. Its like you are floating in limbo and to me it was one of the most calming experience I have ever had, but quite scary!
Now back to Sheikh Muszaphar, the 8.5 g-force that he experienced is enough to qualify him as a real bona fide astronaut! When he went up he was riding on a controlled explosion of a megatons proportion.
Well done warih, you have also defied all laws of physical science and common sense and made it back to earth. Some people will be jealous of your accomplishment and success, they will call you all sorts, such as being gay and everything to make them happy with their unhappiness of your success but in my book you are one hell of a Minangkabau hero, gay or otherwise! So "don't let them tread on you" my man, you are one helluva guy who belongs to a very special Order!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ah! If only we have a strong leadership!

Top honcho of the little red dotter!

This could never happened under any other leadership of Malaysia! And no one form our side is hitting back!

Lee Kuan Yew had just accused Malaysian government of mistreating non-Malays by saying "if they would just educate the Chinese and the Indians, use them and treat them as citizens, they can equal us and even be better than us". A totaly false statement!

This Lee Kuan Yew is getting senile, and it looks as though senility dementia is creeping in on this number one red dotter. To begin with, unlike the Malays in Singapore who can only go as far as "not too far", here in Malaysia the non-Malays are part and parcel of the country. We have the highest non-Malays millionaires per capita in this country compare to any others in the region.

Secondly, we have no intention of being equal with Singapore, as being kiasu is totally not our culture and looked upon with total disdain by Malaysians. Thirdly, there is no time in future where Malaysia will allow Singapore to merge, although DAP stalwarts like Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang would love to see another day when their party will be again called PAP! Karpal, let Singapore bursts to the seams we will not be merging!

Dr Ooi Kee Beng is right , the thought of merger with or without S'pore's terms is definitely too appalling to all Malays, except for those who are on the payroll of Singapore government!

A note for us to remember here: Lee Kuan Yew retorts was placed in a very small column in the NST and I wonder why! And why did not anyone of our Ministers reply and to chastise Lee Kuan Yew over his insensitive statement, is also beyond my comprehension! Except for Gerakan making a token statement, which was okay! Dollah Badawi my Prime Minister! Where are you when Lee Kuan Yew is insulting us!

Selamat Berhuru Hara!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Never mind Malaysian or what not! The first astronaut from Malaysia is a Minangkabau! Yay!

How 'bout that, the First Minangkabau Astronaut!

Breaking News!

Forget about being the first Malaysian, Malayali, Hindu, or Chinese or what ever!! The first astronaut from this country called Malaysia is, guess what?!!......A MINANGKABAU FROM NEGERI SEMBILAN! Yes the first Minang! Utusan Malaysia confirmed it below:

"SEREMBAN 11 Okt. – Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan merakamkan ucapan tahniah kepada angkasawan pertama negara, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor dan berdoa semoga misi di Stesen Angkasa Antarabangsa (ISS) berjaya.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan berkata, pencapaian itu amat membanggakan dan seluruh rakyat gembira kerana angkasawan pertama negara itu berasal dari Negeri Sembilan...."

I was probably the first Minangkabau to hitch hike around the world in the late 60s, and congrats Dr Sheikh Muszaphar for being the first to go around the globe from space, you have done the Minangkabau sub-Malay species and the rest of Malaysians proud (Hey! My blogsite I can say it!)

PS. It is confirmed by three of his classmates, and was told he is not gay! Even if he is, so what he is still the first Minang to shoot up in space man, so much that you can say about yourself people! What a mind-boggling and mind-bending experience, eh!


Selamat Hari Raya!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nazri Aziz you lied to the people therefore you must go!

You are so arrogant and smug for an MP elected by the people! Why?!

This is very serious!

A Malaysian cabinet minister without portfolio, Nazri Aziz, who is a defacto minister in charge of the law of the country has lied to the Malaysian public and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must remove him from his portfolio.
Nazri Aziz said there is such thing as a Witness Protection Act, when no such Bill was being tabled by our Parliament and passed, so he is lying and he cannot plead ignorant over the matter and Malaysians demand that he be removed for trying to pull a fast one and to lie on the rakyat.
In other similar parliamentary democratic system such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada a minister responsible would have been asked to go!
So Nazri for a start please apologise to the rakyat and then you must go when the PM tells you to go or come this general elections, if we are not very careful, we can see BN with reduced majority and then some irresponsible people will create racial problem and we will all suffer. So I am a staunch government vanguard and sentinel, trust me if I can get seriously angry over this episode others will and can too. So arrogant Nazri do the necessary!


Thank you.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Rumour mongering spread by our enemies!??

Hi people!

The pictures above is my cell phone text message that I received just now and the sender is from an overseas numbers and the content is in the accompanying pixs that I took from my cell phone. I had to produce three shots since my phone screen cannot show the whole message so I took them in sequence! Give me some theory here as to why!
Even if it is true a finance minister from one of the Asean countries seeking psychiatric treatment so what! And why sent it to a Malaysian!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I may have a soloution for an everlasting Bangsa Malaysia....a Moratorium!

Tee Hui Yi may you have a wonderful life ahead of you and we will continue to pray for your good health.

Rajinder and Jagathiesan! The hell with all the unhappy people that are surrounding you both, just follow your hearts and Malaysians will always pray with you for your happiness!

On my solution to a true Bangsa Malaysia, if there were to be one, the answer is, a moratorium! A moratorium is a legal authorisation by the ruling party for a complete social engineering with a difference that we have never experience and seen before and. Under the present circumstance, this is the last chance for us to create that proverbial and elusive Bangsa Malaysia! Once and for all!
The government must allow a a moratorium for at least a year and large scale "social" intercourse between the three major races in the entire country must be allowed at all cost, and then we wait for at least a year, wait for the result voila and we will have a by product that cannot be discernible as belonging to just one race, be it a Malay, Indian or Chinese, or even the Sikh!
Why don't we sent batches of these various races of mixed gender in various camps and allow them to "socially interact". They will be exempted from the current draconian laws pertaining to unmarried male-female interaction.
And if we failed this last chance of moratorium, well all I can say is we can just stop this never ending defeat of trying to make Malaysia a much better "un-racially concious" place to live.
On other matter, one of my seriously racist friends, (actually I have four, one Chinese, one Indian and one Melayu, and one Serani).
Well the Chinese one call and said: "Yo! Chinese body Malay heart, man, what has this country come to!"
I didn't know what he was referring to at first and he said NST front page. Yes! my wife and I favourite topic of discussion, and she cried when the news said Hui Yi is getting a heart finally and she is a daughter to anyone who has a daughter. Well, done Hui Yi we will pray for you.
There is no such things as a racial body parts, they are all human body parts, but of course so many of you morons do not know this, including my racist Chinese friend. I do not know what happens to him he was a non-racist chap until these last four years, he did not want to talk about it, but we suspect it is about a girl.
Then there is this story of a Sikh girl and her Tamil boyfriend or husband. What has gotten into us why can't we in this country allow love to flourish. I look at the picture and the girl looks so happy and the guy is a good looking guy and I am sure a doting husband to her.
Here is my wish, I wish all the conservative racist Malaysian should just die quickly so life must go on.
Another good news is I can write all that I want to write in my blogsite and this has definitely reduced my blood pressure, thank you technology! And the hell with conservative racist pigs where ever you are!