Wednesday, November 28, 2007

They have legitimate grouses and Samy and MIC have failed them, I am sorry!

Hi people!

We have a helper for the last five years and her name is Nalitha and she is a Tamil from Teluk Anson, and if I say she is like a family to us, I may sound like a condescending liberal prick to a lot of you racist bastards, but no she is more than a family to us she is a permanent member of our exclusive family club, membership by marriage or invitation only!

I asked her did she go to the Hindraf rally and she answered yes! I was shocked she could have been arrested or hurt! She was there with her daughter and husband. When I asked why did she do it, and she said her people have no jobs when foreigners are taking over the country.
She said, in direct translation to Bahasa Malaysia : "How come Bangladeshi, Myanmarese, Vietnamese and Indonesian can have a better paying jobs than us Malaysian. Now you get on a bus you see these people no more Malaysians. May daughter was teased by a Myanmarese on the bus the other day, how can they do this and yet they come to this country and not respect us?"

You see Nalitha, is not the most literate person I have ever known but she is by far not stupid like the rest of those who rallied and protested the other day. She is a person that our family will die for not because she is our helper. but she is also our soul mate. And not much that can be said about the MIC or Samy Vellu who did not foresee the displacement of Indians from their "green dimension" or hundreds of thousands of rubber estate in the country that have been shaved and converted to either housing estates, industrial areas or being converted to palm oil estates.

I was told, and I believe my friend who said this, that the majority or most of those who rallied and protested were BN supporters, and they were venting out their anger over empty promises made by their community leaders.

The displacement of hundred of thousands Indians from rubber estates around the country should have been anticipated and contingency plans should have been made to ensure these sector of society be looked after, and we and did not and Samy did not, and MIC is to be blamed for not looking after its community!

If they had been looked after. such "exploitative racially motivated" rally would not have occurred!

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To see them in action is to make me feel safe, for sure!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa

The proverbial work horse: Hercules C-130! The safest transport airplane that was ever
invented, and been carrying our boys safe anywhere and anytime!

"Don't tread on me" can just be the most apt motto for our Ranger boys!

They take orders without question!

Our most remote outpost: Terumbu Layang Layang in the China Sea! And this is how far our territorial integrity stretches and it is well protected!

Being trained by the best and they are our Navy Seal, their job is? To die defending the country and Bangsar!

Some of our valuable assets, two of the many small fast boats that we have!


History of the deployment of our armed forces personnel on our islands and territorial waters in the east coast of Sabah started when a group of terrorist kidnapped 21 tourists from a resort of Pulau Sipadan, on Aprl 23rd, 2000.
The deployment of our armed forces personnel is referred to as OP PASIR, which is an acronym for Pandanan, Sipadan Island Resort. Since its inception, Op Pasir has placed armed forces personnel in majority of the islands of the east coast of Sabah except for two. The operation is a joint effort between the three branches of the armed forces, the army, navy and the air-force.
Last weekend I, once again, had the opportunity to visit these islands and saw our boys in action, and to see these young Malaysians in action make me wonder how lucky some of our rich and spoilt brats in KL who tend to complain about how difficult life is for them in the city of plenty!
Here's a tip, if your quality of life is good and you sleep well at night knowing our country is safe from being attacked, just thanks our armed forces personnel for a job well done to ensure security.
Bloggers around the country should put a strip on their blogsites to say "thank you guys for a job well done", and this will be much appreciated. "We do not want to be acknowledge but it is nice if we are, like your visit to see us here is proof you guys care," said a Royal Ranger Regiment commander of Pulau Berhala, off Sandakan, Sabah.
Our last leg was a visit to Swallow Reef, or Terumbu Layang-Layang, about 350kms from Kota Kinabalu. Here any visit by anyone is much appreciated by the Navy Boys. For one whole day and night we were treated with the best that the island can give. From Layang Layang we visited another lonely outpost at Terumbu Ubi, another one hour fast boat ride from Layang Layang.
So I came back to Kuala Lumpur and I slept well knowing that while there those brats who whine and complain, there are more of those who stand vigil like an eternal sentinel of the Biblical proportion, watching and calculating for a possible invasion of a major plague. These boys are our first in line of defence, they are my heroes at any given time, and they should be yours too!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thierry Rommel and Belgium will always remind me of Belgian Congo during the dark ages!

Leopold the ll of Belgium, and also known as the Butcher of Congo!

Patrice Emery Lumumba, the first freely elected prime minister of Democratic Republic of Congo, later he was murdered by what many believed to have been ordered by the sacked "white power".

Thierry Rommel the outgoing EU ambassador to Malaysia who has foul mouth, and could just be the direct descendant of Leopold II the butcher of Congo or of one of the brutal mercenaries!!

May just also be Rommel great-uncle being carried by Africans of Congo!

Leopold the ll of Belgium also the Butcher of Congo!


Once in Brussels in the late sixites I saw a sign at a pub door which says "No Africans are allowed", and of course I was shocked, and I not a bit surprise if the sign still hold true today.
Sad to say that today's Belgians are still caught in a time warp when the combination of that country drab weather (summer or otherwise), and cold people, do not help them regain their respect when there are xenophobic Belgians like Thierry Rommel, the farcical roving ambassador representing the European Union (EU).
Rommel, who has a foul mouth, no pun intended he has bad breath I was told, and at one stupid press conference he may just have destroyed a small percentage of a positive impression that Malaysians may have for his country.
Looking at his picture, Rommel will always remind me of a face of any Belgian mercenaries and the butcher King Leopold II, who raped and plundered and massacred millions of Congolese, when the country was called Belgian Congo and under Leopold as a private company.
Leopold was so brutal that the Congolese Africans had no choice but to fight back.
IN the 60s we heard about how sad it was for white nuns being "raped" and "killed" by the "animalistic Congolese" and we just assumed the black Africans do not need out sympathy.
Well the truth was they did what they had to do because the Belgians killed, tortured them like animals.
So when nationalist like Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of independent Belgian Congo, was assassinated many believe he was killed by the Belgian secret service, or even the CIA, or the Diamond cartel De Beer, for trying to free his people and to control his country's resources.
So Rommel, let me get one thing straight here, Europeans, as a race, have no compunction about killing or taking lives of others, you people have done it for centuries.
So do not open your mouth and tell your European lies again when you said Malaysia is living under Emergency rule and that there is no free elections, I have to draw a line here and I do not know who you have been speaking to, but you are wrong! I will not wish you a good life upon your retirement, but I wish that you will think of our sunny Malaysia when you are retiring and living in a home for the age somewhere in a drab countryside of Belgium that was built by the misery, sweat and blood, and tears of millions of Africans that your king and government have massacred! Good riddance, you fucking fascist!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I am not sure about a win-win deal with S'pore...let me say why!

Pedro Blanca, that stupid granitic outcrop that we will win back but at a cost of giving another big chunk of Malaysia to S'pore!


Singapore is desperate for space, its population is increasing, it needs more elbow room for infrastructure, it can only go sprouting up, only up to a point in the sky. Eventually, S'pore will have to come into Malaysia which ever way it can.
Iskandar Development Region (IDR) call it by any other name will be a grand metropolis for the republic, but I do not believe IDR will create " a new global metropolis that Malaysia can be truly be proud of", says the PM recently.
But with the amount of money coming in from the island republic into IDR, S'pore will ensure that it will have the control over the real estate, and I do not see how Malaysia can really get involve in running a very sophisticated metropolis created by S'pore money.
This is what I foresee, if S'pore sponsor IDR becomes a thorn in the the flesh of Malaysia, say twenty years from now and we want to eject S'porians out of the place, can we do it? No! S'pore will have to fight to protect its investment, with the moral support from the rest of the world.
In this case the rest of the world mean the US, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Europe (Indonesia and the rest of Asean do not count as the rest of the world, for they are and will forever be weak to assist Malaysia comes a head on collision between us and S'pore!)
My view is we should just develop IDR with our own money and for better of worse it will still be us if IDR flounder! Just my view.
As my father once told me to never had a wish to meet the Devil and think you can listen and out do him, for while he may appear benign, it is the nature of the Devil to take your soul at any cost if you are stupid enough to think that you can talk him out of it! Basically he was saying "don't play with the devil or you will get burnt".

Malaysia will win back Batu Putih from the International Court, for sure and I have no doubt about it. And did you know that S'pore designed it all along for us to win back that stupid granitic out]crop that will be underwater in ten years or so due to global warming and rise in water level, and somebody will come out a hero after that! And the bad news is Singapore will have even a bigger land mass from Malaysia, and you have already guess where!BTW! LKY is master at the game of chess!

Just a thought!

No cheers today!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who says Malays are stupid in the first place!

How can he allows himself to be quoted saying what he said?! I am so truly disappointed with him as my Prime Minister!


IN the first place who insinuated that Malays are stupid or weak, and a non-competitive group! We are gullible at best but never what the Prime Minister described us. Who said we have been afraid, may be we were a bit afraid of the police in the past, but that is because they were so fascistic and mentioned the Federal Reserve Unit or FRU, we will be shitting bricks. When I was growing up they were mean.
We are pathetic yes, that is because we are so loyal to our leaders and rulers and sometime we cannot help but to feel betrayed by the very people who are supposed to be looking after our interest. Malays have been misunderstood many times over, we have been accused of idolising nationalism, but that was not true because we have been idealising nationalism for our own benefit. To quote someone: "Since when is being a Malay and a Muslim is such a big problem for this country? Even to a point where our very own leaders (not all though) are also beginning to believe that being a Malay and a Muslim in this country is a big problem! Below is what being picked up by the internet for the whole world to read and those who do not know the background of the Malay race will now believe our esteemed Prime Minister on what he said about his own people! Now I am beginning to wonder whether if he is a Malay who should be in charge of the country biggest political party. FYI many Malays tries to be competitive but it is not easy to compete with the Umnoputra! Trust me I know a lot of Malays tried to capitalise on opportunities but that was just mere illusion. I am just fed up!
I am fed up because my race has been use as a punching bag by politician who love to put the fear of a psychological bogeymen into us, Malay politicians are still using that scare tactic to make Malays support them, but we have not been afraid for such a long time now it is just that you Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, you didn't know that, and still think that we are afraid and that we are a bunch of imbeciles, I do feel sorry for you sir!


"Malays 'not stupid or weak' and must become competitive: PM

Malaysia's majority ethnic group, the Muslim Malays, are not "stupid or weak" and should stop being fearful and learn to live without government handouts, the prime minister reportedly said Sunday.

"The feeling of being scared and apprehensive has dominated the thinking of the Malays for far too long... we are still scared even after 50 years of independence," Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

Abdullah said in an interview reported by the official Bernama news agency that Malays must not continue to rely on a four-decade-old system of positive discrimination which entitles them to a range of benefits.

"They must learn to stand on their own feet and learn to be competitive. We will help the Malays who are serious in wanting to do business and want to work hard," he said.

"I've said many times Malays are not stupid or weak," he added.

Abdullah said it would take a long process to change the mindset of Malays, who make up 60 percent of the population but lag far behind the ethnic Chinese community which dominates the business sector.

"I want the Malays to capitalise on the opportunities given to them," he said. "There are no easy ways to succeed in life. Only the educated, knowledgeable and the hard-working will succeed eventually."

The prime minister's salvo comes ahead of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party congress this week which is expected to tackle the issue of the positive discrimination policies that are criticised as ineffective.

Government data released in 2004 showed that 8.3 percent of Malays were still living in poverty -- earning less than 190 dollars a month -- compared to just 0.6 percent of Chinese and 2.9 percent of Indians.

After racially charged speeches at last year's assembly caused dismay among Malaysia's ethnic Chinese and Indians, Abdullah said the party must show this time that it was intent on benefiting all Malaysians."