Monday, December 31, 2007

Democracy is the best revenge YES! But not in a totally militarised Pakistan!

A Bazaar in Peshawar: Democracy cannot thrive in such places with abject poverty.


It is truly sad to hear Benazir Bhutto being shot dead, nobody deserves that kind of ending. When my someone text me a message saying she was killed, I wasn't sure if it was a prank. But then knowing the Bhutto family from what we know and have read, it was one full of tragic. You know the old adage that if you live by the sword you die by it.
I was once told, don't know whether it was in jest of for real, that Benazir's father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was killed at the behest of the drug lord of the world. We do not know who or what this drug lord was or is. Zulfikar tried to stamp the drug trade.
In the mid-nineties when I was a guest of the governor of Peshawar, General Bungash, and he told me that Peshawar and the whole of North West frontier is one uncontrolled provinces of Pakistan, where warlords reign supreme. Bungash actually burst out laughing when he was told by a United Nation body to tell the people of the North West frontier to grow spinach instead of poppy. The thing is, if Afghanistan and the North West frontier were to be free from opium growing the world will be plunged in a total chaos.
Yes! Drug trade is almost as importance as the weapon trade. While the civilised world abhor drug trafficking, but it is one of the most lucrative business of the world, and that I can see some foreign policy of any super power will help protect this "despicable" trade at all cost.
Already a senior Pakistan intelligence officer was denied his ambassadorship when the host country refused his appointment. This one, named by Benazir before she was killed, was involved drug trade and possible murder of several politicians in Pakistan.
Now back to Benazir, his son Bilawal who said in his most impeccable English accent that "democracy is the best revenge" for his mother's death, well this can be true if you live in Sweden, or Denmark or anywhere in Europe where democracy thrived.
But in failed countries like Pakistan, where sectarian conflict and opium rules, I just wish this young Bilawal has the best of luck in his quest to turn his totally militarised country into a democratic one.

No cheers today!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thank God! The animals weren't neglected!

They were saved by us, caring human species!


In any disaster, attempt must be made to save animals, and livestock. In Australia, in one of its great flood years back, livestock were rounded up and placed at higher points. In many of California brush fires, the National Guard were rounding up trapped animals, domesticated or wild, out of harms way.
I was relieved to know that in Pekan, Pahang, domesticated animals like cows and goats and even chicken were being rounded up as well by the local authorities and volunteers.
During the height of the flood in Pekan I saw hundreds of livestock taking shelter by the road shoulders. And these animals were given greens to eat, now this kind of humane act that will make me have more faith in us human kind! We have proven that as the one on top of the food chain we still care and will protect the helpless in times of trouble.
I was lucky enough to be at one of the disaster meetings, where everyone was taken by a HUGE surprise when Pekan member of parliament, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak said: "Those animals that I saw by the road sides must also be rescued and to be taken care off, at once!"
One committee member was overheard saying: "We actually never thought of it, my God he is right!"
So the fate of hundreds of helpless livestock was saved! My take is, we as a thinking human specie, we must not be selfish and to only think for ourselves. We are also sharing this planet with millions other species, so we have to care!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mat Kilau, Sitting Bull and Maori King Tawaiho were great people but......!

Mat Kilau

Chief Sitting Bull

Maori King Tawaiho

Lets us get certain facts straight here!

Mat Kilau, Chief Sitting Bull and Maori King Tawaiho were all great leaders! They fought the invaders without fear. Mat Kilau used the kris and spear, Sitting Bull used bow and arrow, King Tawaiho probably used his tongue and scary tattoo on his face to scare the invaders!
Well therein lies the problem! The invaders, namely the palefaces, were using gun powder and in no time hundred of thousands of Mat Kilau, Sitting Bull King Tawaiho were mowed down like a proverbial bowling pins, and in no time the vanquished became slaves and defeated people.
I have read how Malays revered their past warriors like Mat Kilau and their mind cannot move beyond the fact that, if it is true at all, while he might have lived until 122 years after revealing his true identity, he had done nothing else in between except telling stories of his exploits against the British!
I just want to point out that as a Malay, I am not going to allow my chequered past to prevent me from advancing through in life. I will not use Mat Kilau as my term of reference or a moot point in my life when competing with the rest of the world!
I want my people to master science and technology so we can have strong enough modern knowledge to withstand modern onslaught. I admire countries like Iran that has withstood modern onslaught with its scientific knowledge, I think Malays (I am sorry I did not use the term Malaysian for I am not sure it is appropriate anymore since multi-racialism in this country seem to have disjointed) should be more scientifically resilient and leave Mat Kilau story as just another one of our Aesop Fables, something we can learn from.
I just hope cucumatkilau who got detained is knowledgeable enough to fight for his race through science and technology instead of harping on the past.
Do you remember when a burly and fierce Berber who threateningly twirling his big scimitar at Indiana Jones?! Well Jones took out his small revolver and shot dead the poor bastard. The moral of the story is, I just do not want my Malay race to be a bastard, amidst the abundant of modern technology! But yes Mat Kilau can make a good story, that is all!

STOP PRESS: Pas is just another nationalistic Malay party which uses the religion, stories of past Malay warriors, to fight against the concept of a multi-racial party in this country, Pas wants to have a total Malay dominated party to rule the country now, and I do not think that is possible. In the meantime the Malays are easily duped. Pas should be prevented at all cost to rule anyone.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

A great big flood after three decades Part Two: Personalise the Disaster!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa
A campaign to love our river has taken a new twist!

This tom cat was saved from an attic of a house under water!

Was a nice house by a small stream.

These old folks decided to stay home and not go to a relief center, but they make do with help from flood relief workers.

Too old to move and he decided to stay at a relative home nearby, a medical teams make their round to help the sickly.

Not a five star dwellingbut will do for now for these Orang Asli families.

She has seen better days but she is not complaining, this beautiful lady is staying with some relatives in a house cut off by the flood.

Hi folks!

The flood in Pahang has caused a lot of trauma especially for children and old folks. For those who are too weak to leave their homes for the designated relief centers are well taken care off. Most of these folks moved to higher ground and living with neighbours and friends.
For those who have chosen to move to designated relief centers found the temporary living quarters a daunting experience, however, over time they have to come to a certain reality that they have no other choices. I have posted some more pictures of the flood and the victims and hope we can personalise their plight and help on which ever way we can. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A great big flood after three decades!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa

Brace ourselves! This is only the beginning!

No shortage of food supply, but more needed!

Najib: Their safety and well being are of paramount concern.

No, this is not a lake, it was a padi field.

Volunteers from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). They came with their "stuff" to help without being asked to!

Hey you have to travel right?! Every which way you can!

Imagine the devastation!

Now you can see it!

Hey what can I say, life's a bitch, eh!

Hi people!

I was in Pekan, Pahang, during the flood period which is still ongoing, and nothing could have prepared me for what I saw there! An inundation of an area of a Biblical proportion!

You have to be there to see it and to believe it. It is not even the second wave yet for the flood, but when I left the water was still rising and it will get even worse and least until January, according to the weatherman.
Except for one death in Pekan, the 9,000 people affected or being relocated to the higher ground are out of harms way and there's plenty of food being supplied. So far Pekan itself is cut off from the main transportation arteries, but supply of basic essentials is constantly coming in, by air and by boats
According to the Member of Parliament for Pekan, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, while people have to make do with a slightly cramped iving quarters their well being is taken care off. "There is no shortages of food and medical supplies. Come what may, Najib also said he will be spending his Hari Raya Haji in his constituency as a matter of tradition. "Except it will be a wee bit wet," he smiled.
The second wave of the big flood is expected to come and every precautionary measure is being considered to ensure the people's safety. However, more donation is needed, especially clothing, for the flood victims.
For those interested, donation or inquiry can be made directly to Balai Polis Paloh Hinai, in Pekan, Pahang (along the Kuantan-Segamat highway), by contacting OCS Sarjan Nordin at 019-9938957, or you can call the Dato' Shahlan Ismail, Special Officer to the Deputy Prime Minister at 019-2696011.

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The pseudo-bleeding heart liberals are making me sick!

Pix courtesy of AP

Hindraf complaint by protesting.

This is it my friends!

They came in their luxury cars, some with drivers, after leaving their posh condos and luxury houses after having their continental breakfast (some did confessed) because nasi lemak make them "gassy", then they took a deep breath and tricked and duped the masses into following them in a protest to mock the government of the day, by demonstrating.
Some even claim their respective community is being "ethnically cleansed" and that their "people" are being discriminated upon, but as we now know all of these allegations are not true. Some so-called leaders of their respective groups will stoop to nothing to get publicity, one even appeared on Aljazeera answering pseudo-intellectual questions from from heavy exaggerated English accented Anglo-Asian host who sometimes manipulated the questions without the guests knowing it.
Then our guest, a prominent former DPM will mimic the English language to give his answer to the Aljazeera host, not impressive anymore please! One leader allowed himself, or planned his interview with a newspaper tabloid from across the causeway and spoke rubbish of the bad treatment of his people and of his country of birth. I am saddened by the fact that our alleged friend, the Singapore government, did not even bother to exercise some kind of a moral suasion to the said tabloid not to print rubbish and lies regarding its neighbour.
All of these bleeding heart liberals, mainly lawyers, are just bored with what to do with their money and property and what best to do then to plan to overthrow the government of the day, now that is playing a very dangerous game.
To say the Indians are being marginalised and ethnically cleansed is to say after 50 years of independence the system does not work for everyone, and that is a sweeping statement. But to say that after 50 years that we need to change our mindset a bit the answer is YES, but NO to a racially (Hindraf) and selfish (egoistically inclined-lawyers) reasons!
I shall voice out my feeling and be damned if I, as an individual, will allow such thing to happen in this country where it is the poor Malays who really are at the bottom of this country's economic ladder and they are making do with life and not complaining and have no desire, YET, to get involved, in a big way, in a racially motivated gathering! Lets hope that will not come! If it does it will be bigger that anything else that anyone can ever imagine!

May peace be upon all of us in this country!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Write it! BLOG it! and Send it! Nice Ad!

Pix by: Pasqualensa

This is a very big Nokia billboard that I saw while in Singapore and I thought it is nice to share it with Malaysian bloggers. It is nice to know a secure regime like Singapore is not afraid of anything! The billboard is also a reminder that blogging is here in the world to stay. And the internet has made it possible for people around the world to communicate, or as a source of an independent news. Blogging has also made it possible for people around the world to know of any event anywhere in a jiffy!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I can't rule out violence! Says Uthayakumar, in an interview with a foreign newspaper, long before that so called peaceful demo!

This is the headline which appeared on Monday 3rd December, 2007 on the front page of Singapore's tabloid "the new paper".

The front page headline says "I can't rule out violence" and I was there to have a short break but instead I was a bit angry with Uthayakumar for saying that. With a picture of him with a clenched fist he gave the interview, which Rocky's Bru has explained in his blogsite, I thought I can reprint the pictures!

No cheers today!